In the Northern Hemisphere, the world is shrouded with the magical white blanket of snow, and fluttering of small ice-crystals regularly rain from above. There’s this whimsical kind of magic to it, something that invites you to dream of Aspen mountains, winter-draped pine trees and warm chalets. Skiing becomes in-season, and what better way to do that than to revel in the best Après Ski towns around the globe? If you’ve got your passport ready and you’re itching for a winter travel, here are a list of Après Ski Destinations you should go.

Après Ski Destinations #1
Eden, USA

Après Ski Destinations
Its very own Powder Mountain has a long-standing reputation for its abundant trails. This winter spot favorite offers a fantastic view of the snow-capped mountains, which makes it a go-to by crowds every year.

Après Ski Destinations #2
Lech, Austria

Après Ski Destinations
The modest altitude of 1,450m of the area does not stop tourists from visiting this quaint, exclusive town. Among its famous patrons? Princess Diana. It has been regularly visited by the Dutch royal family and Princess Caroline of Monaco. With an impressive amount of snow covering its pretty chalets, this resort might just be the perfect starter spot for your ski adventure.

Après Ski Destinations #3
Appi Kogen, Japan

Après Ski Destinations
This less-than-three-hundred hectares of ski area is carpeted with fresh snow, allowing seasoned skiers to enjoy the ungroomed slopes down Mount Nishimori, while beginners can try their luck in the gentler Yamabato pace.

Après Ski Destinations #4
Mont Tremblanc, Canada

Après Ski Destinations
Delight in the traces of the European ski scene in this Canadian town, thanks to its French roots. Beautiful chalets line up the streets, looking like a sweet Christmas painting, but late at night, the local brewery overflows and dance parties ensue, making your stay remarkably enjoyable.

Après Ski Destinations #5
Zermatt, Switzerland

Après Ski Destinations
Get a warm welcome from the frosty, photogenic Matterhorn as you arrive. Weathered chalets and snow-covered cobblestone paths will tickle your fancy for some age-old adventure. Enjoy the slopes from November until April, where you have the chance to enjoy the winter season thoroughly.

Après Ski Destinations #6
Cortina, Italy

Après Ski Destinations
Host of the 1956 Olympics, Cortina does not come short when it comes to skiing. Here, you’ll find visitors relishing their brunches or strolling at the shopping centers after their snow sports. The scenery is spectacular and there’s less traffic; it’s the quiet you’ve wanted for your winter getaway.

Après Ski Destinations #7
Pyeongchang, South Korea

Après Ski DestinationsThe host of the 2018 Winter Olympics sure had it solid; more than four kilometers of terrain offers biathlon ranges, while a short walk off the site leads you to Samyang Ranch and the charming Odaesan National Park.

Après Ski Destinations #8
Sun Valley, USA

Après Ski Destinations
America’s favorite ski destination does not run short with remarkable panoramas and pleasurable company. Why, this is the place that famous poets and Hollywood celebrities flock and devote their winters. This bustling region covers all your snow-season needs, from ski slopes to chairlifts to a friendly community that will keep you warm during the cold.


Après Ski Destinations #9
Val d’Isère, France

Après Ski Destinations
Paired with a sublime nightlife and a satisfying dining scene, your winter holiday in this skier’s paradise will surely be a memorable one. At night, the town glows with a bright orange shimmer against the bluish, snow-capped slopes, where the central resort is flooded with all sorts of amenities to make your stay comfortable.


Après Ski Destinations #10
St. Moritz, Switzerland

Après Ski Destinations
Perhaps it’s just right that we dedicate a spot to the oldest winter holiday resort in the world. Here, the sun shines on an average of 322 days a year. With its “champagne climate,” tourists can revel at its world-class hotels, inviting shopping areas and an array of leisure centers for the elegant and the elite.

Relish the season while it lasts; journey into any of these getaways and have the time of your life, even in the midst of the cold! And take even nicer Pictures with these tips on winter photography!


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