Abstract photography is very exciting as it doesn’t follow many photography rules. It often leaves things to your imagination giving you the freedom to venture into your artistic side. This way, you can express your emotions and ideas through your photographed image elements.  In this type of photography, you have to go past the normal way of representing an object, particular element or scene. This will reveal any details that would normally be overlooked in an ordinary photo. In this article i will show you some great tips for abstract photography!

At a glance, abstract photography seems really difficult but in essence, it can be very easy to create beautiful images if you integrate a couple of techniques in your photography. Using the tips and techniques below, get busy creating moving abstract photos. Of course, a little practice will go a long way especially if you are new to this. Remember, you are not really taking a picture of the object but rather a part of it.

Tips For Abstract Photography #1
Selective Focus Technique

Tips For Abstract Photography
This is a very easy to master technique and it can be very effective. Start by selecting a large aperture which will enable you to achieve a narrow depth of field. Then, focus your camera on your major point of interest in the scene or image.

When applying this technique, you can make this image even more recognizable by doing two things. First, ensure that the color of the background is not similar to that of your center of interest. Secondly, you can use curves to point on your center of interest of the image. This will make the center of interest very strong hence standing out.

Tips For Abstract Photography #2
Use Of Shadows And Light

Tips For Abstract Photography
As in any type of photography, light is crucial. In abstract photography, however, you can use light to cast shadows which make your images that much interesting. You can use the interplay of shadows and light to make your image dramatic. Shadows ensure that the forms are defined. They serve to highlight forms and make them more prominent.

Tips For Abstract Photography #3
Use Of Texture And Curves

Tips For Abstract Photography

Textures and curves are arguably, the backbone of abstract photography. they transform an ordinary image into something completely different. One way of capturing this is to zoom in on your subject such that you photograph the surface details.

Curves will always tend to be the main center of interest. Try using curves that bring out a touch or simply grace of the image. They always work best. The curves should flow in a smooth manner rather than disorganized curves that run aimlessly in all directions. But then again, it’s all about displaying your view of the subject so this rule can sometimes be broken.

The use of texture can be quite similar to the use of curves. The two can at times be used together in some images. In order to create noticeable impact on your image, the texture you apply should be a very resilient characteristic of the main subject in the image. The texture and curves you employ should work in harmony in enhancing your abstract image.

Tips For Abstract Photography #4
Form And Color

Tips For Abstract Photography
Good abstract photos are those that combine color and form perfectly enough to enrich your images with emotion and flavor. Simply put, form is the shape of an object.  Form creates the main structure for the abstract image. Color is the eye-catching element of the picture. It creates and holds the viewer’s attention. Your abstract image should start with great form as this brings some instinctual art. When it comes to using color, you can either use intense colors or just contrasting ones. As I said, you have so much freedom, so let your imagination run wild.

Tips For Abstract Photography #5
Move Your Camera

Tips For Abstract Photography
This technique creates a blurring effect in the image. It mainly entails using of different amounts of shutter speeds. You can do by adjusting your camera while in the Shutter Priority Mode. You can as well move the subject matter as you take your photo.

Tips For Abstract Photography #6
Get Up Close

Tips For Abstract Photography
When you shoot an image closely, you reveal finer details that may normally not be captured. It as well ensures that your entire frame is filled with the details of the subject. This will remove any unwanted backgrounds. This is actually one of the important features of abstract photography. You can also just crop out any sort of unnecessary distractions from the image. This technique is the core of abstract photography as it creates a literal representation of the subject. This brings a different dimension of the object and enables you to shoot past it.


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