One of life’s great rites of passage is visiting Europe, a continent that attracts millions of tourists yearly, one with incredible cultural heritage and an endless array of things to do. With over three thousand years of culture, the continent has been high on the bucket-list of every dreamy-eyed traveler, promising one of the most memorable experiences a person can have in their lives, and making sure your trip there is a unforgettable one. So where start an article about the Top 10 Travel Destinations in Europe?

From the romantic streets of Paris, to the gritty alleys of Berlin, from the siestas and fiestas of Barcelona to the quirkiness of Amsterdam, Europe has got an appeal that transcends all boundaries. Not one city is similar to the other, and you can get an array of temperate climates, a variety of landscapes, and a blend of completely contrasting cultures – all that blended with an ease of crossing borders and hopping from one city to another; an advantage only unique to Europe.

One remarkable experience after another, there’s so much to see in Europe it would be practically impossible to pin down exactly where to go. This haven for travelers has experienced the most important historical events – from the Industrial revolution, the Renaissance, the thriving of the Roman and Greek empires, and much much more, making it an attractions galore that celebrates all things art, culture and history. With that being said, some destinations in Europe are timeless, constantly topping every traveler’s list year after year, and never disappointing! Here are the top 10 unmissable destinations in Europe.


Top 10 Travel Destinations in Europe #01

Top 10 Travel Destinations in Europe
How we all dream of la vie parisienne in the City of Light, an enthralling place with a sense of grandeur looming over its every alley and neighborhood, an enchantingly romantic city that could well be the most beautiful in the world; it’s practically impossible not to fall in love with Paris.

A beacon of culture, a bohemian city with jazzy bars and petite corner cafes, a sophisticated city with a classic allure, stylish boutique shops and an unparalleled sense of fashion, a city with an inspiring splendor carved into its history – Paris is a city that has it all.

Poets, artists, painters, writers, aspiring designers, creators and masters have long come to Paris to fuel their inspiration, they’ve long written and praised the beauty of Paris with its museums, centuries-old churches, and unbeatable cuisine. With thousands of years of history to boast about, Paris exudes culture, class, and all things fine, it’s a city that boasts cultural riches, literature, and unbeatable attractions.

Whether you choose to revel in the historical side of the city, ogle at the blocks of Rococo and Neoclassical design architecture, get lost in its cobbled streets under its glowing streetlamps, or walk by the River Seine that snakes its way through Paris’s hidden secrets – Paris offers all sorts of enthralling experiences. Do you want fashion-centric trip? A bohemian artsy experience? A romantic one? A cultural and historical one? Paris has got it all.

Visiting Paris will surely result in a sensory overload, with the aroma of freshly baked croissants, the clink of the spoon in an espresso, the blend of all accents merging together, the sight of Parisienne ladies walking their poodles, the echo of a street performer’s violin, and the seduction of l’amore in its streets.

With over 20 arrondissements, you can visit the hilly streets of Montmarte, hang by the Eiffel Tower, get cultured at the Louvre and Orsay, shop at Avenue des Champs-Elysees, wind down at its Jadrdin des Tuileries or simply sit at one of its corner cafes that date back hundreds of years ago, visit its world-class art galleries and enjoy this city’s anchored-in-time appeal.


Top 10 Travel Destinations in Europe #02

Top 10 Travel Destinations in Europe
Probably most famous for its Red Light District and its weed coffee shops, Amsterdam offers so much more than that and should be high on your travel list.

60 miles of canals ramble between 17th century buildings and historical monuments dating back to the 18th century still stand proudly, Amsterdam is a city of colors, of vibrancy, a city that reflects nothing but the good life.

It is one of Europe’s best preserved cities, with its center still looking pretty much the same it did in the 1600s shedding a light on the Dutch Golden Age where the wonderland of canals lined with trees still looked the same.

Revel in Amsterdam’s spirit of “live and let live”, experience a night in a houseboat, visit historical architecture, go on canal boat cruises, hop one from art museum to another, chill by one of its beautiful parks and if you’re lucky enough to be there in summer then laze by its manmade beach. The Venice of the North is a place where you can get lost in the maze-like streets of Jordaan, visit the Anne Frank house where the Frank family hid from the Nazis for two years, and visit a floating flower market that bursts with colours all spring long.

What’s stopping you from visiting one of Europe’s most eccentric cities?



Top 10 Travel Destinations in Europe #03

Top 10 Travel Destinations in Europe
Shaped and molded by the drab Cold War, a city with the most turbulent history of any European capital in the world, Berlin stands proudly boasting an exclusive juxtaposition between glamour and grit and rawness and class.

Land of all things debauch, weird, eccentric, gritty and ground-breaking, Berlin is bound to mesmerize anyone – an old city that constantly reinvents itself, introducing cutting-edge architecture, a fabulous gastronomic experience, intense arties, and a growing museum-scene.

Berlin is one of the largest cities in Europe and yet does not let the big-city pretentiousness gets to it, still keeping its small town vibe and offering everything from museums to fashion shows, nightclubs that keep going for two days straight, and an unparalleled energy. In Berlin, everything is possible, you can walk around leafy boulevards, or admire its Neo-classical buildings, you can let yourself go at its hip techno scene, or discover its poignant monuments dating back to the war – Berlin’s ambience is whatever you want it to be.

The multicultural metropolis follows the “live and let live” motto, evolving into one of the best cities in the world for tolerance, equality and prosperity – in Berlin, everyone lives in a seamless harmony together; the immigrants, the punks, the bohemians, the businessmen, the old and the young, all helping Berlin progress daily. Berlin is a city that has grabbed the world’s attention, and will surely grab your attention!



Top 10 Travel Destinations in Europe #04

Top 10 Travel Destinations in Europe
Land of mythological beginnings, haunting ruins,  pretty piazzis, whizzing vespas, delicious pizza and a magical vibe that will keep you coming back for more – Rome is an exquisite place to visit!

The birthplace of Leonardo and Michelangelo, city of contrasts with Renaissance palaces standing next to historical Roman forums and Roman columns contrasting Baroque churches. It’s where every street, landscape, building and attraction breathes history in this urban forest, taking you back on a journey through time when Rome was the caput mundi (capital of the world).

An awe-aspiring place to be, Rome is a living breathing museum that will take you through journeys spanning several eras with their respective masterpieces – the Colosseum, the Baroque churches, the Renaissance buildings, the Roman Forum, and the works of some of the greatest artists in the world that have inspired the art scene in the entire world.

Rome’s skyline gleams with priceless treasures, incredible antiques, and dozens of archaeological sites that will help you experience the history first-hand, you’ll visit gilded churches, and top museums, and learn about some of the top Italian masters.

It’s not only about historical, ancient monument, Rome is a city that vibrates with a type of life that cannot be put into words – imagine eating pizza by a medieval quarter, with the backdrop of Renaissance palaces and beautiful fountains, as vespas whiz their away way and the streets almost speak with the amount of secrets they keep….Being in Rome is like falling into a post-card, a story-book, a beautiful mystery – it’s romantic, it’s inspiring and it’s magical.


Top 10 Travel Destinations in Europe #05

Top 10 Travel Destinations in Europe
Prague is a replica of the setting of every fairy-tale you’ve read, an unparalleled picturesque city that has been attracting more tourists than ever in the past few years. Dotted with medieval buildings, graceful bridges, a romantic riverside and several architectural wonders – this fairy-tale city is nothing less of extravagant. The only missing aspect to my trip to Prague was having classical music echo around me as I walked through its highly romantic narrow streets, passed its churches, and reveled in its Old World charm.

If you’re looking for a European city with romance, with charm, with beauty then Prague is the place to go, offering all of this and more at extremely affordable prices. You’ll pass through its maze of cobbled lanes, explore the Bohemian art that spreads through the city, check out the contrasting Renaissance, Gothic, Romanesque, Baroque, Rococo and Art Noveau designs that seamlessly blend together to create a postcard-perfect destination, and climb its daunting hilltops.

Prague boasts a sense of grace without the pretentiousness that comes it with, standing elegantly as the sun sets behind its church domes, its preserved castles and its synagogues.

Visit the Gothic convent of St Agnes, cross the Charles Bridge, hike up the biggest castle, explore the thousands of spires, get lost in the Old City or row a boat down Vitava River!



Top 10 Travel Destinations in Europe #06

Top 10 Travel Destinations in Europe
If you are an explorer, a lover of wandering,  a rover, then Budapest if for you – the Paris of the East is a city that has been growing as a tourist destination in the past few years, one that elegantly and effortlessly blend the charms of the East and the West together to create a genteel romantic vibe all over the city.

The past is perched into the city halls, and memories of its turbulent and grand past are just around every corner. Elegant boulevards are lined with art noveau buildings, cafes are dotted along prominent courtyards, and the sunlight dances down sunlit cobbled streets.

Incredible beer, a great food experience, and the most important of all – the bathhouses! The bathhouses come in all different designs from Turkish-era ones to modern and art nouveau ones, they’re open all the time and an authentic experience you cannot miss out on. Explore Buda with its hills, and hot springs, and then head to Pest, where history is felt through every street and the bohemian drinking scene is unlike no other.


Top 10 Travel Destinations in Europe #07

Top 10 Travel Destinations in Europe
Visual riches scattered around nonchalantly across the city, dreamlike attractions incite a sense of awe and magic into your soul, fantasy vibes loom over the entire city – nothing truly prepares you for the first time you visit Venice.

The gondolas floating effortlessly in the canals, the marble palaces reflected unto the lagoons, the blend of architecture from different eras, the rawness of the city – the city is completely tethered to its past, with winding quintessential alleys, secret piazzas, and the sound of violin echoing from the end of the streets.

A quaint little city that has been completely pedestrianized, Venice is refreshing to see – there’s simply no other place in the world like it. Napoleon was not exaggerating when he called it the “drawing room of Europe” with its Venetian architecture, sun-lit canals celebrations, cafes and bustling markets!


Top 10 Travel Destinations in Europe #08

Top 10 Travel Destinations in Europe
The sun, the sea, the sangria, land of la vida loca, las fiestas y las siestas! This unequivocally Mediterranean city has been topping every travel list since the beginning of time, a city with a polychromatic appeal, a vibrant buzzing life, a colorful allure – Barcelona is where you can go to dance with life.

Nothing comes close to Barcelona, no matter where you go. You can have 6 completely different experiences in the span of one day – from sipping a cold mojito on the sands of the beach in the morning, to getting lost in the narrow alleys of the Gothic quarter in the afternoon, to visit modern contemporary art galleries in the evening, and partying the night away until the wee hours of the morning.

It’s a city of authenticity, charm, bizarreness, and a city you can never get bored at – the boundless mixture of cultures, the spirit of Gaudi looming over the city, the cathedrals, the churches, the museums, and all the shadowy lanes ending in pristine beaches – Barcelona is a city with timeless possibilities.


Top 10 Travel Destinations in Europe #09

Top 10 Travel Destinations in Europe
Known for its lemon-yellow exteriors with trams running up and down the hills, Lisbon is a quirky little city in the heart of Europe that boasts splendid palaces, museums, and intact quirky neighborhoods that perfectly juxtapose traditional and modern.

European-style houses stand next to Gothic churches, Manueline palaces contrast bustling plazas, and cobblestone streets end in nostalgic monuments. With its rich, turbulent history, Lisbon was left with centuries worth of art, and an art and architectural scene that was inspired by dozens of dynasties and empires. Its beauty is effortless, its appeal infectious.

It’s a place where you can visit simple houses and grand castles, drink a cappuccino at a café then head to over to mystical palaces with panoramic vistas of the ocean, visit its bustling main streets near Alcantara then explore its little town up in the hill – Lisbon is an activities galore.


Top 10 Travel Destinations in Europe #10

Top 10 Travel Destinations in Europe
The birthplace of mythology, land of myth and mystique, land of ancient fables and legends – Athens, the cradle of western civilization and beacon of the intellectual world is an unfishable destination. With every step you take in Athens, you are reminded of the grandeur of thesis ancient city, and an ancient monument awaits at you every corner.

Gritty, raw and historical – Athens is by no means a picturesque, post-card worthy city, but it’s one that boasts such rich cultural, historical and architectural attractions that it cannot be ignored.

Effortlessly juxtaposing the ancient and the modern, where glass museums have sweeping views of ancient temples, and nightclub districts end in ancient plazas, when graffiti covered walls are right next to marble columns and theaters are right in the middle of bohemian districts, it’s a constant journey back in time, an open-air museum that will allow you to walk the same streets Plato used to teach in and visit the same places Sophocles used to hang out in.

In Athens you’ll be so immersed in the ancient life, you’ll be surprised at the modern life slowly sneaking its away back to you every once in a while – the City of Gods is a perfect destination to visit.

Top 10 Travel Destinations in Europe.


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