If you want to become a globetrotter, start early they say! So that’s why we made a list of the TOP 5 child friendly cities for you to discover. In these places, your family weekend trip will turn out fun for sure!

Short trips or weekend trips help to bring a breath of fresh air to your life and let you escape everyday life for a little bit. In these five child friendly cities, you are sure to have an absolutely splendid time with your kids. Luckily enough, the growing offer of cheap flights and attractive offers make it affordable for the whole family. Travel dreams come true! The perfect occasion for your weekend getaway and spending some time together. It’s always bonding to experience new things with your family.

The true travelers among you probably already know the best days to go away. Take extra days off to bridge single working days between a bank holiday and the weekend. Then pack your suitcases and kids and say hello to your needed change of scenery and travel to one of these top child friendly cities. A little getaway brings new energy to then go back to everyday life with a fresh, cleared up mind.

How about a little getaway to the ocean? The fresh sea breeze and the feel of the wide horizon are guaranteed to bring you calmness and chill. While kids are building sand castles and collect shells and stones, you can just take a deep breath and let life happen.

I’m sure you all know the freeing feeling of freedom & calmness, that you get when you’re near the sea. If you love a city trip or hiking the mountains – in our list of 5 child friendly cities & destinations you are sure to find what you want.

Top 5 Child friendly cities
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Child friendly cities #1
Stroll through Copenhagen, Denmark

TOP 5 child friendly cities you need to check out!Copenhagen is a true paradise for families. It’s the perfect mixture between traditional and modern – while the buildings are glowing in all colors, the scenery is picturesque and the castles look like out of a fairytale. If you decide for Copenhagen, you definitely won’t regret it – the Danes are super child friendly. Denmark is known for their orientation towards children and you will also see a lot of young Moms and Dads strolling around. On top of that here are the two oldest entertainment parks. Your kids will never want to go home again! 😉

Even the journey there can be an exciting one for you! For example, you could take the train instead of the plane. The whole ICE train will be transferred onto a ship and is shipped over the Baltic Sea to the Danish mainland – this is an adventure for young and old alike. Don’t forget that Copenhagen might not be the cheapest destination. Going & eating out, drinks, as well as accommodation, are quite expensive.

Another extraordinary experience in this child friendly city is the cat café. Children and adults who are fond of animals will love it! The cats are just hanging out with the guests at the café and can be stroked, which by the way apparently has a calming effect. If you’re then ready for a little adventure, we have a little secret tip for you. The artist Thomas Dambo hid 6 giants in the forest in the west of Copenhagen. They mark his favorite spots in these woods. They are not really too hard to find since they are over three meters high. 😉 But it is still a great getaway from the city for a day and to still make it exciting for kids, there even is a treasure map.

Need some bad weather plans? Then you should check out the largest Aquarium of Northern Europe – with over 20.000 animals and about seven million liters of water. There are also various events like feedings and different tours giving a lot of interesting information about sea animals.

Everyone who wants a little adrenaline kick should go to the amusement park Tivoli. Also Hans Christian Andersen was a big fan of it. The Danish writer is best remembered for his fairytale and got his inspiration from Tivoli, just like Walt Disney. Especially at night, all the colorful lights create an exceptional atmosphere, but also during the day the nostalgic flair prevails.

If you’re seeking the ultimate thrill and decide to take one of the modern roller coasters, or if you like it chill and take the ancient historical roller coaster – Tivoli has got it all. You can even find a wooden roller coaster from 1914. There are only seven in the world, that still have a man on board, who is responsible for braking. Tivoli really offers something for everyone.

To bring a bit of royal flair to your weekend trip with your family, you should drop by the Amalienborg Palace. When the flag is hoist, the Royal family is present. Every day at 12, the Changing of the Guard ceremony takes place. A spectacular watch and a good break in between your city stroll!

A little hint – even the public transport is child-friendly, each adult can take two kids up to 12 with them for free on public transports.

Child friendly cities #2
Relaxing in Lissabon, Portugal

TOP 5 child friendly cities you need to check out!If you’re into southern flair and relaxing, you should take your kids to Lisbon. Lisbon is a wonderful city and easy to explore. It’s also way less touristy than other capital cities like Paris or Rome.

The mild climate makes it possible to even visit it in colder months, for example, a light jacket is still enough in November. And on top of that, it is also super inexpensive. Many restaurants offer activities for kids, while the parents get a taste of the great wine and coffee menu. Your perfect day can include a tram ride, a picnic on the riverside or a visit to the castle ruins.

The river promenade of the Tejo river is the perfect place to have a picnic – it’s beautiful and the wide steps invite to sit and relax. Colorful boats are sailing around, buskers set the mood. Even to watch the sunset, it’s the perfect spot.

Lisbon is also called the city of seven hills. So be prepared for some hilly walks! Another beautiful adventure is taking one of the “elevators” that connect the different parts of the city. The elevators look like little trains and are similar to the trams that run all through the city and make for its charming flair. By the way, in Lisbon, you can also find the second biggest Marine Aquarium in the world. I can promise you one thing: You won’t get bored here!

And for all you out there with a sweet tooth… Try the Pastel del Nata! YUMM!

Child friendly cities #3
Spectacular Middle Ages in Tallinn, Estland

TOP 5 child friendly cities you need to check out!If you & your kids are into folklore & the Middle Ages, you should bring your family to Tallinn. In the blink of an eye, you land in another age. Especially the city center seems like out of a movie scene. The medieval town center has crooked houses & bumpy alleys on offer. It’s perfect for your small ones with a lot of fantasy. On the streets, maids in long, wide dresses sell roasted almonds & caramel. Hello Middle Ages!

And if the weather isn’t so perfect, you should check out the puppet museum. It is home to puppets, teddy bears and a lot of other toys, from traditional variations to Teletubbies – there’s heaps to discover.

If you want to do a day trip, you should check out the coast of Keila-Joa. From sandy beaches to waterfalls, as well as wild woods: It’s a real natural paradise for all outdoor freaks and active kids.

Are you kiddies brave? Then you should go to Northern Europe’s highest lookout point – the Tallinn TV tower. Only up to four people can walk around on 175 meters at once. The whole experience takes 30 minutes and you certainly need nerves of steel. Since the window under your feet is see-through it seems like you’re floating – a nervewracking experience, which is only allowed for kids from 13 years old. Younger ones can take the elevator the 21st floor though.

In the outdoor area of the TV tower, there are even more attractions for children: a light game, a planetarium, a small cable car, and a climbing path.

Child friendly cities #4
Nature overload on Lake Garda

TOP 5 child friendly cities you need to check out!If you like windsurfing, riding, hiking or just want to relax – it’s all possible here. Lake Garda is only a stone’s throw from Germany and therefore the closest oasis possible. There is no faster way to indulge in warm summer nights, all-time-sun or yummy gelato. Dream the day away with an aperitif while watching your kids splash in the water. And all of that on the lakeside, with Mediterranean flair and perfect swimming conditions in stunning nature. The offer for families is bigger than anywhere else. Not without reason, it’s one of the most popular holiday regions of Italy for families & offers something for every budget. If you’ve once lost your heart to this Mediterranean paradise, you will stay loyal and don’t worry, there’ll always be things to do.

Here is some advice for you:

Great destinations are for example the Giardino Botanico André Heller near Gardone – a mix of botanical garden and art park. View installations, climb on hills – here you can easily spend half of your day. There are mazes made out of plants and stone figures spitting water – this park is the actual paradise for young and old.

No matter what kind of traveler you are, if you like the lake or the mountains, if you’re young or old, adventurous or relaxed – there’s so much stuff to do. If you move by car, bike or boat, it will be an adventure for sure. Even historical cities like Verona or Venice are close and easily reachable. Enjoy the small alleys & idyllic places.

The good thing is: the next pizza or ice cream is never far away. Livin’ the Dolce Vita!

Child friendly cities #5
Zadar, Croatia

TOP 5 child friendly cities you need to check out!Zadar is THE dream destination of Croatia. Directly on the promenade, you can find a great playground and a sea organ. You’re wondering what that should be? It’s a sound art object and an experimental musical instrument, which plays music by way of sea waves and tubes located underneath a set of large marble steps. The stronger the waves, the louder the sounds. Listen to the waves rushing and watch the sun salutation of Zadar. This is not only exciting for your small ones!

The sun salutation is an installation of multiple glass platters with solar cells and it looks as if it communicates with light rays & nature. This installation is connected to the sea organ, and especially when it gets dark at night, the reflections look the most beautiful. The sound of the organ and the play of lights make for a stunning evening plan, for adults and children alike!

For your older kids, it might be worth thinking about doing a kayak tour, for example to one of the nearby islands. You can wander the streets, and stroll around in the city center – the streets are wide enough for pushchairs too. And obviously swimming on the beach! The perfect holiday for relaxation or adventure – whatever you feel like!

In general, Croatia is a great destination for families and also offers other child friendly cities. Depending on what season you’re visiting, you might be able to watch dolphins, take a shower in a waterfall, climb mystical stalactite caves or just snorkel through the breathtaking underwater world or visit impressive theme parks. You can’t do anything wrong here!

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TOP 5 child friendly cities you need to check out!

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