Do you consider yourself an adventurous person? Or maybe you are often on the road be it for business or pleasure. Whatever your reasons for traveling, we can all agree that constant planning and getting lost can dampen the mood for any journey. With good travel apps, all the planning and mapping is left to your phone while you sit back and discover new sites. In this article we tackle everything travel apps including what they are and of course, we review top ten apps to have when traveling. Sit back, relax, and let your phone guide you to your next destination.

About travel apps.

Travel apps have not only promoted the travel industry in the recent past but they’ve also made traveling much easier, safer and more fun. Travelers and tourists can get their traveling arrangements done at the convenience of their phones without having to visit any websites for flight bookings. The travel apps make it possible to locate travel agents and guides and plan journeys easily. Getting the routes and mapping them to your destinations has also been made easier.

Worried about where you will spend your night? Have no fear, travel apps are here. You can also reserve a hotel very fast and easily using travel apps. There are also notifications on travel updates that the users receive during the journey and prior to traveling.

Additionally, the security information cases where there are emergencies are conveyed via notification of the travel apps. There is also the ability of some travel apps to offer overseas banking to its customers. This is just a sneak peek of what travel apps can do. To find out more, below is a review of top ten travel apps available today.

Best Travel Apps
#1 Citymapper

This is an application that helps you to locate your destination in cases where you might not be sure or are lost. The advantages of this application lie in its ease of use, comprehensiveness and the more detailed information that it offers as compared to Google maps. There is a high level of accuracy that is associated with using Citymapper. It offers real-time updates on departures and traffic disruptions if any during the time of travel. There is also the additional provision of Uber integration and cycle routes. Moreover, the app provides you with the amount of time that your journey is likely to take.

Best Travel Apps
#2 Kayak

This is an online travel app that helps in planning for your journeys and providing information on the destination. The app searches across many other sites for rental cars, hotels as well as flights that may be helpful to you. The app offers exclusive deals with discounts and in addition to this, there is the price alert that advises you on whether it is prudent to buy then or wait. In addition to this, it acts like a trip planner as it offers details that include the hotel confirmations about accommodation and the hotel or gate numbers. Other services that include apple watch are also available.

Best Travel Apps
#3 Duolingo

Worried that you might not be able to communicate with the locals? Duolingo has your back. This app contains multiple languages found in different regions and helps you learn them within the shortest time possible. The app offers a great and fun way to get the basics of every new language. You may not get to know the language in details as the app gives you an overview of what you are most likely to experience. You will be guided through your lessons by completing different levels of training before proceeding to your next one.

Best Travel Apps
#4 The Hopper

This is an award-winning travel app that enables you to access the cheapest plane tickets. It has a provision for you to identify the cheapest dates to fly and this is presented in the form of a month-view calendar. The advantage of this app is that it can notify you on when to buy the cheapest tickets through push notifications, unlike other apps. You can save a lot of money by using Hopper as it tracks billions of flights that helps in predicting the rates of tickets. The interface is user-friendly and amazing is the fact that you can book a flight within minutes.

Best Travel Apps
#5 Airbnb

This travel app  helps you to cut down accommodation expenses that could have been used in hotels by helping you to stay with a local in their home. Most people find the experience offered more authentic and closer to the feeling of being home rather than in a hotel. The feature ‘Trips’ in the app offers you a wide variety of experiences to choose from during your stay while visiting. The experiences may include the curated events that you can take part in with the local guides who are available. It is anticipated that the app will in the near future give the provision for you to plan your day, book a car and many other events.

Best Travel Apps
#6 Splittr

As the name suggests, this travel app that helps you to split bills as you travel. It provides a simplified platform that enables sharing of costs between your friends and yourself. The app gives the ability to enter expenses and the person who paid them. It is suitable for multi-destination trips and the advantage is the fact that it offers to mix currencies, therefore, catering for the many destinations.

Best Travel Apps
#7 Live Trekker

This app keeps track of your journey using a digital journal. You can later look back on how you traveled and the information is presented in the form of an interactive map. The app works by marking a red line along the exact route that you use as you continue your journey. It has the ability to keep track of your attitude of the place as well as your speed. It also takes travel photography seriously by allowing you to attach some photos and videos to your journal.

Best Travel Apps
#8 Wolfram Sun Exposure

This app gives you the maximum time that you can spend in the sun and this is calculated by first entering your skin type.

Best Travel Apps
#9 MyPostcard

The MyPostcard app is your go-to app for sending your own, personalized photos as printed postcards – anywhere in the world. Basically, you download the app, browse through thousands of personalizable designs or start designing your own postcard directly. They print and send it for you.

Best Travel Apps
#10 Hotel Tonight

This travel app offers reliable service on last minute hotel deals. The company connects you to hotels that offer it discounts and your booking is usually done within seconds.


No doubt, travel apps have made the travel scene much more fun and interesting. They have also contributed to easing the traveling burden no matter where you are in the world. It goes without saying that they are a must have investment for travelers. So, if you like traveling, consider the apps above and pick the one that addresses your travel needs best.


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