With so many great travel blogs out there, it’s hard to decide which one you should read. That’s why we put together this list of nine of the best travel blogs out there. It’s based on blogs that are regularly featured in other top blog lists.

Best Travel Blogs #1
The Blonde Abroad

Travel blogs - The blonde abroad

Follow Kiersten, a California native who left her career in corporate finance to travel the world. She’s been to 54 different countries and provinces, and writes about all her excursions on her blog The Blonde Abroad .

In addition to documenting her travels, she also blogs frequently with suggestions for different places to travel. Whether it’s what you should do in a certain country, tips for traveling solo, or where you should go if you want to propose in a nontraditional location.

No matter what you’re looking for, her blog can help you find it.

Best Travel Blogs #2
View From The Wing

Travel blogs - View From The Wing

Unlike traditional travel blogs that talk mostly about what to see and do during your travels, View from the Wing takes an analytical approach to planning your trips in the first place.

By focusing on credit card offers and point systems, this blog gives an inside look into how you can maximize your frequent flyer and hotel points to plan the trip of your dreams.

Best Travel Blogs #3

Travel blogs - Migrationology

One of the best things about traveling the world is getting to try the different foods that each country and locale has to offer. That’s where Migrationology comes in.

Migrationology is the brainchild of Mark Wiens, a full-time travel eater. He provides some of the best advice on what and where to eat during your travels. From the best flights for airplane food to the best street food to eat in Mumbai, he’s got you covered.

Best Travel Blogs #4
Expert Vagabond

Travel blogs - Expert Vagabond

Some people travel to relax, but others travel for the adventure. Matt Karsten belongs to the latter group, and he created Expert Vagabond to share his stories, tips, videos, photos, and more.

In his blog, you can find everything from swimming with whale sharks to exploring underground rivers and caves. But also helpful tips like how to make sure you don’t get kicked off your international flight if you buy a one-way ticket.

Best Travel Blogs #5
Never Ending Voyage

Travel blogs - Never Ending Voyage

If you’ve ever had the fantasy of selling everything and traveling the world, this is the blog for you. After doing just that in 2010, Simon Fairbairn and Erin McNeaney took to blogging about their nomadic experiences in Never Ending Voyage.

They blog about how to experience living in — rather than traveling to — new places, and how they’ve managed to stay abroad for so long.

Best Travel Blogs #6
Roads & Kingdoms

Travel blogs - Roads & Kingdoms

If you’re a fan of a dash of politics with your travel, this blog is for you. Though Roads and Kingdoms features everything most other travel blogs do — including travel tips, experiences, and food — its political perspective makes it unique.

Rather than just viewing each new place as a place of relaxation and retreat for travelers, this blog talks about the political environment in different countries as well.

Best Travel Blogs #7
Wandering Earl

Travel blogs - Wandering Earl

Earl, whose real name is Derek but whose middle name is Earl, has been traveling and living around the world since 1999. He’s been in six different continents and more than 88 countries during his travels. His blog Wandering Earl reflects those experiences.

Best Travel Blogs #8
Travel Mamas

Travel blogs - Travel mamas

If you’re a parent, you know how difficult it can be to get your child to behave in your own home. When it comes to traveling, the difficulty level rises tenfold.

Thankfully, Travel Mamas is there with everything you need to know about traveling with children of all ages. Everything from products to help your kids travel better, to cruises and theme parks your kids will love, to tips and tricks for traveling as a family.

Best Travel Blogs #9
Nomadic Matt

Travel blogs - Nomadic Matt

This blog is similar to other travel blogs with tips on places to go and what to do there. One difference is that it’s one of the most genuine blogs on the subject. Many blogs have sponsored posts and trips, and travels are funded through agreements and sponsorships.

With Nomadic Matt, every post is from Matt himself or one of his guest bloggers, and features content specific to the trips they take and fund themselves.


P.S.: If you’re about to take a trip soon, we can hook you up with some great tips for taking landscape-photography!



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