You have been working too hard, I bet you deserve a rest. Maybe things haven’t been going as you planned, cheer up, there’s always a next time. Perhaps it’s your nagging wanderlust pushing you to discover and visit more places under the sun. Heck, maybe it just hit you that you are getting older (ain’t we all) and you haven’t seen enough of the world. No matter your reasons for wanting to travel, I say travel! Make the world your little oyster by packing up and hitting the road. And what better travel destinations to visit than our recommended top ten places you ought to see before you kick it. Pick one or two destinations and start making the most of life by traveling. Besides, life is too short not to live isn’t it?

Travel Destinations Tip #1
Iceland Highlands

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Other than the beautiful highlands, there are two main reasons to visit Iceland. One of the main ones is the beautiful view of the northern lights. While you can view these from a few other destinations around the world, Iceland has the best view thanks to its highlands.

However, there is a catch, these lights are not available always so you have to schedule your trip around September to mid-April in order to see them. In some few instances, the northern lights can be seen in mid-August just as the midnight sun is coming to an end.

Speaking of, the midnight sun in itself is a spectacle to behold. It occurs from mid-May to late July where the summer nights are light throughout. You will get to see and even photograph this unique experience.


Travel Destinations Tip #2
The Great Barrier Reef – Australia

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You haven’t lived until you have taken the Great Barrier Reef off your bucket list. It is one of the natural wonders of the world and for good reason. It is the largest collection of coral reefs in the world (1400 miles), so big that it can be seen from space. This reef is home to many exotic and beautiful creatures and is great for diving. Why not take some great underwater pictures while at it?

Travel Destinations Tip #3
The Swing At The End Of The World – Ecuador

Travel DestinationsThis one is for all you adrenaline junkies. The swing at the end of the world is a great tourist attraction in a park in Casa De Arbol, Ecuador. It is unknown who constructed it which makes the ride much more worthwhile. Its purpose is to view the active volcano, Mt. Tungurahua and take cool pictures while at it. If you are into bucket lists, this should be on it. I mean, what better way to kick the bucket than hovering at the end of the world?


Travel Destinations Tip #4
Rome – Italy

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If you are a sucker for art you will fit right in with the Romans. The Eternal city is a must visit for anyone who hasn’t been. It is rigged with so many stop points your head will spin. Start with visiting ancient ruins such as the Coliseum and the Forum to get inspired by great architecture. Take a trip down to the Vatican City and see the mighty St Peter’s Basilica while getting a chance to master piece art in the Vatican museum. Make sure you have some of their wine before you leave. It is to die for!


Travel Destinations Tip #5
Paris – France

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I bet a good number of you have been to Paris making it difficult to decide if it should be at the top of the list or somewhere in between. Nonetheless, Paris is one place you don’t want to miss out on. This is because it offers everything from art, fashion, culture and a bit of architecture. Take a day to visit landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the ancient Notre-Dame Cathedral. This is another destination that has the best of wines in the world. Their designer boutiques are also worth visiting. Simply take some time off and go visit Paris. Stay for some days to get the best of it. If not for the art, beauty, and nightlife, at least do it for the food.


Travel Destinations Tip #6
The Pyramids of Giza – Egypt

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Being the largest of the three pyramids of the Giza complex, this architectural and historical site is truly worth visiting. It is one of the ancient wonders of the world and one that has withstood the test of time without being hugely affected. However, in recent times, it has become harder to visit this site due to insecurity in the area. Let’s hope this changes soon.


Travel Destinations Tip #7
The Sea Of Stars – Vaadhoo Islands Maldives

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Other than the great beaches and beautiful reefs offered by the Maldives Islands, the sea of the stars is truly a sight to behold. Who thought a chemical reaction could result in something so beautiful? Well take a trip to Vaadhoo Islands and see it for yourself.


Travel Destinations Tip #8
Victoria Falls – Southern Africa

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This is one of the wildest falls in the world and is worth flying all the way to Southern Africa to visit. It originates from the Zambezi River and borders Zambia and Zimbabwe both which are beautiful countries filled with culture. If you visit between August and mid-January, the water will have reduced allowing you to sit at the edge of the fall in what is known as the devil’s pool.


Travel Destinations Tip #9
Ha Long Bay – Vietnam

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If the serene waters don’t catch your eye, the limestone islands at Ha Long Bay definitely will. This paired with a rainforest and boat tours will be calming enough to melt your stress away. Better yet, get ready for some sporting activities such as diving, rock climbing, and hiking. Make sure you pay attention to the uniquely shaped Islands which you will come across on your boat ride.


Travel Destinations Tip #10
The Grand Canyon – Arizona

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Curved by Colorado River, the Grand Canyon is one of the exciting sites to visit at the Grand Canyon National Park. You can visit numerous view points within the park including the Colorado River. Don’t go home without seeing the sunset and sunrise from Lipan Viewpoint.

If you have time, check out the smooth Antelope Canyons which is just a few hours away from The Grand Canyon.

Parting shot.

There is nothing much to say, the sites speak for themselves. Just make sure you have loads of fun and take many pictures. Bon voyage!


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