Traveling is one of the most unique experiences that you can have. When you travel, you’re not just exploring new locations, meeting new people, trying new things, or learning about different cultures. You’re creating memories that you’ll want to last a lifetime. One way to preserve those memories and experiences is by keeping a travel journal. While that may sound difficult, it’s actually quite easy. Keep reading for some travel journal inspiration to help you get started.

Keep It Simple

When creating a travel journal, it’s supposed to feel like a fun part of the overall experience. What it shouldn’t feel like is a tedious chore. The best way to achieve this is by keeping the written parts short and simple. Quickly jot down impressions, thoughts, and emotions as they come to you. Describe things in a few simple yet powerful words before moving on to the next thing.

By not dwelling on one thought or idea too long, you’re enabling yourself to capture more of your experience. This allows you to actually experience more as well.

It may help to think of it as a ‘verbal snapshot’. Many things can help you tell the story of your journey, and words should only be part of it. By forcing yourself to keep things short and concise, you’re actually imprinting that moment deeper in your memories. For this travel journal inspiration, try following Twitter’s model. The fewer characters, the better!

Create Lists

Lists are a great source for travel journal inspiration. They can show where you’ve been, what you brought, and what you bought. They also can help you keep track of things you want to do, see, visit, buy, or eat. A packing list is a perfect example. By creating one and following it, you’re ensuring that you’ll be prepared for anything. That way, you’ll be able to handle any situations that arise and get the most out of your trip.

By putting that list in your travel journal, you’re taking that whole concept several steps further. You can keep track of what you brought with you, allowing yourself to know if anything’s gone missing or needs to be replaced.

You’ll also be able to note anything you might have missed or forgotten about and be able to use that knowledge for future trips.

Collect Tidbits

Souvenirs are a great memento of a trip, but they don’t always tell the whole story. This is why collecting small interesting tidbits is a great travel journal inspiration.

Travel and tourism brochures often have maps, which would be great to paste into your travel journal. Not only can you use them to plan your trip, but they’re a great visual aide for showing where you’ve been. They’re also great for annotations and notes.

Ticket stubs are another great addition to your travel journal, whether you paste them in or create a special sleeve for them. They’ll make a fun reminder of movies, events, and attractions you’ve visited while traveling.

The ideas are nearly endless. If you can attach it somehow, then you can add it! Try business cards, pieces of interesting fabric, beads or buttons, or even dry tea bags! If it catches your eye and has meaning to you, then why not?

Keep A Travel Itinerary

This goes hand in hand with the lists mentioned earlier. Spontaneity can certainly make a great adventure while traveling, but so can a planned trip. By planning your itinerary, you can make the most of your time spent. This is especially good if your trip is going to be short, or there’s a lot of things you want to see.

You’ll be less likely to miss things that you want to do or see. If you do, you can mark down why, which will help for planning future trips. Sticking to your plan can also make your trip safer, in some cases.

That doesn’t mean you can’t sometimes go off plan by skipping something or visiting a place that is not on your list. Just make note of it, and you’re good to go.

It’s also likely that you’ll end up running across new things you want to do or see, but you can’t always do everything! By marking them down as you go down your list, you can remember later what it was, where it was, and why you wanted to do or see it.

Use Physical Photos

Digital photos are a quick and simple way to catch snapshots of your favorite things while traveling. They travel light, and you don’t have to worry about storage!

The problem with digital photos, however, is that they’re hard to add to a physical travel journal. One way you can solve this dilemma is by taking them as you go, printing them out later, and then adding them at the appropriate places.

This method works fine, as long as you remember which picture goes with which event. Another way you could handle this would be to carry a Polaroid camera with you, and attach the photos as you take them.

Of course, you have to make sure you’ve brought plenty of film, but it’s a great way to quickly capture moments, feelings, and events. Besides, there’s just something nostalgic about a Polaroid photo, no matter how new it is.

One last idea would be sketches. You don’t have to be a renowned artist, you just need a little patience and practice. Sketches are a great way to quickly capture something that’s caught your attention. It could be an interesting door, a pretty flower, or a neat pattern. It’s about whatever strikes your fancy.

What’s Your Travel Journal Inspiration?

By the end of the journey, your travel journal may end up being the best souvenir of all. Once you get home, life, stress, and even time will sadly intrude, and eventually dull your memories of the amazing trip you just took.

When you create a travel journal, not only are you helping to preserve that feeling, but you’re creating the ability to share it with others as well. They’ll be able to see the photos, read your thoughts, and see it the way you did. Family, friends, and future generations will love sharing that experience with you for years to come.

While you’re traveling, don’t forget to take photos that you can turn into postcards for them! Even if they can’t be there with you, they can still enjoy a memento that’s customized especially for them.


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