A good photographer never leaves their camera behind during a journey. Seeing that you have decided to do some research on travel photography, I will assume that you are a good photographer. To capture great travel photos, you have to be swift not to mention know your camera well enough to change through settings without missing a shot. Challenging right? However, travel photography is not new. It is not rocket science either. By adopting some tips and a little practice, you will get the hang of it. The result will be breathtaking photos of all sorts f things including, people, places, events, culture and so much more. Join me, as I take you through tips for taking amazing travel photos.

Travel Photography – Tip#1
Take a lot of photos

Travel Photography

To get a perfect shot you will definitely need to take many photos. Experiment and try different locations, compositions, lighting, and perspective for every photo till you get the one you like. By trying different things and moving around your subject and background, you will get to know what works and what doesn’t. Be dynamic and bring something different to every photo whether it is approaching it with different angles or taking a bigger risk. The good news is that if you are using a digital camera then taking many photos has no drawbacks as it does not increase your cost.  Challenge your creativity and photography skills and think outside the box all the time. While it might be particularly tempting most times to just shoot everything at eye-level, it is very rewarding to try different angles with every photo you take to give you a perfect shot.

Travel Photography – Tip#2

Travel Photography

There is something about patterns that is extremely appealing to the human brain.  We are drawn to patterns in colors, shapes of clouds and symmetry in buildings among many other things. To make your travel photographs unique you need to master the art of patterns and composition well. You also want to follow basic rules such as ensuring your camera is level so that you don’t get wonky horizons and minimize on the movements so that ultimately you don’t get blurry images. Experiment with different compositions every time and try including the foreground, middling ground and backgrounding elements into your shoot. You can shoot from different distances starting from a wide shot and then tighten things up. This, of course, depends on what you encounter on your journey.

Travel Photography – Tip#3
The rule of thirds

Travel Photography

If you went to photography school, or you are keen on photography tips and tricks, you probably heard of the rule of thirds. No? Well, simply put, this is a rule that is often used to get a good composition. To apply it, mentally dividing your image into two horizontal and vertical lines. Then, place the most important aspects of your photo along the lines. It usually gives the photo balanced feeling and prevents capturing distracting images. Although you are not supposed to use his rule all the time, it comes in handy in travel photography since you don’t know what scene you will tackle next.

Travel Photography – Tip#4
Proper timing to coincide with the natural lighting available

As a photographer, never underestimate the impact of proper lighting on your photos. The secret to perfect lighting is to avoid direct light at all costs as it is too harsh on your sub and creates shadows that make it hard to expose your subject. You certainly want to take advantage of the golden hours, especially when the sun is relatively low on the horizon. This is the time where it produces warm and soft light making your photos breathtaking. Those early morning photo trips will totally be worth it mainly because when you get a photogenic spot since the light will favor you plus you will have the added bonus of not having many people around. Remember that this is a trip, anything is possible. So keep your eyes peeled and your finger on the shutter button.

Travel Photography – Tip#5
Know and use your camera settings well

There’s no telling what will come your way when traveling. Hence travel photography is so unpredictable. It, therefore, goes without saying that you will need to come prepared. If you can carry with you different lenses for all the different, amazing scenarios you will come by. Two lenses that you ought to have with you no matter what are the telephoto lens and wide angle lens. You will be interchanging then throughout your journey.

You also need to know your camera inside out if you are going to seize the moment in your shots. Understand how shutter speed, ISO, and aperture work in different settings. If you are still learning the ropes of photography, set your camera on auto and adjust the settings as you go. Carrying your tripod may be a lot of work but then again, in some settings where your camera needs to be still, you have no option but to pack it up. My advice is to gauge where you will be traveling to. Will there be enough time to set up and shoot, if so, pack up your tripod?

Travel Photography – Tip#6
Research your location

Travel Photography

This is absolutely important if you are looking to showcase beautiful photos of your destinations. It will also help you determine what gear you will be needing hence saving you the trouble of carrying unnecessary stuff. You can get valuable information from photographers who have been there before or through a little online searching. As you study up on the place, think of ways to capture the sceneries from a new perspective.

To wrap it up…

There are millions of places, people and cultures waiting to be discovered. Grab your camera, hit the road, and start telling your story using photos. Just make sure you follow the tips I have given you above and most importantly, be as creative as possible. I doubt there is anything else left to be said. If you have any questions, comments or experiences, please share them with me. Otherwise, as usual, it has been a pleasure!

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