Comedian and TV host turned podcaster – thatโ€™s got to be the perfect combination, right? Mike Siegel of the Travel Tales Podcast is both funny and fluent, and able to draw his guests out in seconds. Guests may range from semi-famous to – pretty cool – ordinaries, but they are all travel experts in their own fields.

Each hour-long episode takes a part-interview, part-chat format and provokes some genuinely inspiring answers. Besides which, the ability to make travel insurance โ€˜funโ€™ is not to be underestimated. Whether heโ€™s chatting to Croatian tourism Champion, Nena Komarica, or insurance man, Phil Sylvester, conversations remain light, if sometimes bordering on, well, ewww – take for example, this example of a crazy insurance claimโ€ฆ

A man goes to a doctor in India with something – ahem – wriggling inside his leg. The treatment consists of a piece of meat tied to his leg to entice the hatchlings out, to be used alongside a course of antibiotics – which works, amazingly! And if you think the most surprising part of this story is the insurance actually paying up? Well, who are we to disagree. They didnโ€™t cover the meat though.

But not to worry! Not all chats travel down this particular road ๐Ÿ˜‰ And itโ€™s clear that Mike considers his questions very carefully.

When asking Nena whether she could possibly have envisioned the Croatia tourism industry – one of the most successful in Europe – of today, he considers her youth – in what was then Yugoslavia – and how she has seen whole governments fall and change. Make sure to listen to this episode to discover for yourself why Nena is named a champion in the Croatian tourism industry.

Mike even manages to indirectly address some audience questions. He sums up some of the questions heโ€™s asked most often – and even successfully holds some of his more slippery guests to the question.

A nice balance of funny, light-hearted banter to useful or interesting information is definitely struck. Because the guestsโ€™ niches of expertise vary so much, each episode covers completely different topics. Luckily, a little description beside every podcast episode saves you from delving into something youโ€™re decidedly not into, but more importantly allows you to track down anything you really are interested in.

I hope you enjoyed the Travel Tales Podcast, the first of our favorite travel podcasts. Make sure to have a listen while you attempt to contain your excitement until our next podcast of the month... ๐Ÿ˜‰


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