Australia, where the beer flows as freely as the kangaroos do, where beaches juxtapose deserts and aboriginal rocks and natural wonders contrast modern metropolis.. Simply one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, Australia seizes the imagination. There is something about it that just draws you in, be it allure, be it charm, or be it the ultimate joie de vivre that permeates throughout the entire continent – Australia is everyone’s favorite. That’s why we put together this list of awesome travel tips for Australia!

Backpackers, luxury travelers, climbers, campers, couples, students….Everyone loves them a little bit of Australia. The country caters to the needs of every traveler’s dream with its exotic wildlife, its wave pounded beaches, great reefs and the promise of an endless summer.

Australia is where the living is easy, the adventure is abundant and the cities are peppered with natural wonders. Whether you want to chase a surf, swim with sharks, try incredible cuisine, go on an adventure, revel in a hipster lifestyle or unwind at a vineyard – you’ll find it all in Australia.

From the utterly hip cities with world-class architecture, food, literature and performing arts to the open road where the promise of an adventure is in every corner and campervans are just another car. Keeping in mind the fact that Australia is vast, we’ve compiled a list of the top attractions and cities to visit!

Travel Tips For Australia
Visit The National Parks

Travel Tips For Australia
Australia is blessed with over 500 national parks that span about 28 million hectares of land. Those unspoiled sprawling landscapes are home to all types of diverse plants, diverse rare animals and World Heritage Sites. To top all of that, you can also spend your visiting the unique environment and learning about the heritage, and the culture that comes with all of them.

One of the most famous National Parks is Kakadu.

This national park easily sets the scene for adventure travel, exploration and adrenaline-inducing experiences. Not only is it an incredible landscape that sprawls thousands of kilometers, it’s also a World Heritage list when it’s comes to the natural wonders that it offers and the cultural riches as well.

How do you explore it?

Firstly, take it from us – take your time with it! Kakadu is a place that is begging to be explored, and all you have to do is appreciate the beauty of it and take it slow. Revel in the nature and wildlife, or head to over Arnhem Land to learn about the aboriginal culture.

What can you see and do?

  • Jim Jim Falls – Perched in red-ochre landscapes, and nestled between pristine water is a 900-metre walk that leads to the dreamy falls.
  • Check out the twin falls or the Nourlangie.
  • Catch a barramundi yourself and make yourself dinner.

Travel Tips For Australia
Sydney Opera House, Sydney

Travel Tips For Australia
So many of the major cities in the world are renowned for their iconic symbols. Barcelona has its Sagrada Familia, Paris has its Eiffel Tower, London has its Big Ben, but Sydney has its Opera House.

The Sydney Opera House soars majestically from between the water, acting as a symbolic characteristic to Sydney – reminiscent of gorgeous sails, and old boats. It’s the perfect juxtaposition between history and modernity; the history perched inside of the Opera House, and the modernity that comes with its eccentric design.

Whether you are an architecture buff or not, this World Heritage Site is bound to blow your mind. And unlike a lot of the world’s iconic symbols, you can actually enjoy your time at the Sydney Opera House.

Designed by the Danish architect, Jørn Utzon, the structure was inspired by a sailboat and it sprawling with theatres, music venues, acoustics and a lot more. Apart from the palm-studded Royal Botanic Gardens,. You can take an hour-long tour of the opera house, revel in the beauty of the place, or walk amongst the 1,000 rooms. Dine with a view at one of the world-renowned restaurants with gorgeous panoramic vistas, or attend a show in one of the halls.

Travel Tips For Australia
Sydney Harbor Bridge

Travel Tips For Australia
Sydney’s other most iconic attraction its harbor bridge. Just like the Statue of Liberty, the Sydney Harbor Bridge acts as another of Sydney’s symbol. Linking the north to the city center, there are quite a few different ways you can explore the bridge.

You can climb up the bridge, specifically at twilight where you can see daylight, sunlight and nighttime in one. Experiencing the spectacular views of the Sydney Harbor Bridge is simple after you climb up the 200 steps to the lookout.  You can also take the BridgeClimb tour which is a guided walking tour above the bridge. By above the bridge we mean 439 feet above sea level!

Travel Tips For Australia
Great Barrier Reef

Travel Tips For Australia
If you’re looking for the world’s most stunning natural wonder – look no tufther. The Great Barrier Reef is simply the most stunning in the world, and remains the largest thing seen from space.

The diversity of marine life that co-exists in the Great Barrier Reef is simply mind-blowing, and offers a plethora of adventure opportunities – from luxury trips, adventure trips or even casual unwinding ones.

From the Whitsunday islands to the rainforests to the sun-basked islands – you’ll never get bored at the Great Barrier Reef. Thousands of species of marine creatures, including turtles and birds only found there and there are plenty of marine parks as well.

Stretching 2300km, the undersea ecology and its diversity leaves you with 2,900 coral reefs, 600 islands and over 1500 species of fish attracting about 2 million visitors annually.

So what else can you see there?

– The clownfish and the purple fish.

– Go to the sand bar of Cairns and enjoy gorgeous aerial vistas.

– Take a glass bottom boat trip and revel in the gorgeous undersea life.

– Drive at the Great Tropical Drive.

Travel Tips For Australia
Fraser Island

Travel Tips For Australia
Also known as K’Gari (which directly translates to paradise), Fraser Island is the direct personification of a heaven on earth. A sand island that boasts a juxtaposition between its vigor and ruggedness and its sprawling azure water and powdery sand – Fraser Island is otherworldly.

Blue lakes, crystalline creeks, picturesque vistas, woodlands, forests, mangroves and a lot more are simply part of the unique ecosystem enjoyed by Fraser Island. The wild beaches with their contrasting towering lakes, the wildlife and the island all ensure that your stay in Fraser Island will be as diverse and rewarding as ever.

What to see there?

  • Lake MacKenzie – This is probably the most popular area on the island, with crystal blue waters and white sands.
  • Lake Wabby – Apart from the beautiful scenery, the best thing you can do at this sand dune is to bring a body board and slide off the sand dune into the lake.
  • Indian Head – If you climb to the top, you’re bound to be rewarded with incredible views of the water.
  • Maheno Shipwreck – Only a few km away from Eli Creek, the shipwreck that dates back to 1935 can still be seen.

Travel Tips For Australia
Drive Down Ocean Road

Travel Tips For Australia
The Great Ocean Road is most definitely a major tourist attraction in Australia and is one of the top things to do there. It’s actually considered one of the major road-touring routs in the world.

You’ll casually be passing along isolated beaches, lighthouses, towers, rainforests, quaint little towns, and it’s the perfect way to escape the crowd and just go ahead and explore. Snaking through the coast of Victoria, the Great Ocean Road offers an unmissable experience for all.

Travel Tips For Australia
Explore Melbourne

Travel Tips For Australia
Melbourne is a haven for anyone who wants to experience Australia the “local” way. By that we mean, you’ll get to discover all the coolest new bars, revel in gorgeous festivals that fill up the year’s calendars, gravitate towards adventurous areas, and enjoy the pure unscathed mixture of hundreds of diverse cultures.

Melbourne captivates you subtly – its allure is in the little things. It’s not about big shiny opera houses or vast coral reefs, it’s about the streets that bustle with life, the thriving art and culture scene and most importantly, its people. Enjoy the bar scene, the plethora of live music options, the young and trendy crowd and just explore!

Check out the:

  • Federation Square Where you can enjoy live entrainment and intimate indoor venues.
  • Royal Botanic Gardens – One of the top attractions in Australia, you’ll be met with over 40 hectares and 50,000+ plants. A great place to unwind.
  • National Gallery of Victoria – The oldest public art gallery in Australia!

Travel Tips For Australia

Travel Tips For Australia
Perth enjoys an incredible remote location that blesses it with vast expenses of wildlife and greenery. Skyscrapers soar out of little quirky neighborhoods, beaches extend for hundreds of kilometers, and locals escape daily to revel in the beach and sunshine.

Perth is actually considered the embodiment of what Australia is – with its rugged vibe but squeaky clean skyscrapers, its modern streets and the contrasting oceans and forests.

Things to check out:

  • King’s Park and Botanic Garden
  • Perth Zoo
  • Hillarys Boat Harbour
  • St Mary’s Cathedral

Travel Tips For Australia

Travel Tips For Australia
Queensland is the second largest state in all of Australia and offers all different types of holiday destinations – it has the tropical weather, the beaches and the relaxed vibe that makes it the perfect resort. It effortlessly blends the charm of Miami with the energy of Las Vegas, the beaches of the Caribbean and the elegance of Europe all together to create a one-stop destination.

Tourists and locals alike flock to Queensland to enjoy the unsullied tropical rainforests, the beaches and the rolling hills while sun seekers ache to go there for its palm-tree lined beaches.

As you can probably tell, Australia is an incredible place to be in, from its gorgeous beaches, wildlife, bustling cities to its happy go lucky people – the continent practically has it all! Let us know where you’d rather visit in Australia in the comments!


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