Traveling the world is truly an experience that all humans should try to accomplish in their lifetime. The beauty of traveling is that it opens your eyes to other cultures and the profound ways in which people live their lives. It can keep you humble while creating a more well-rounded individual. There is so much opportunity to marvel at crazy landscapes or eat incredible food you would never even think about trying in your homeland. It’s a common misconception that you need lots of money to travel. To travel without money is possible. In reality, you only need lots of money if you want to travel AND live like royalty.

There are people with way less money than you traveling all over the globe while living their lives to the fullest. Here are some ways you can do the same without draining your wallet.

Travel without Money – Tip #1
Rent out your home

Housesitting bei Reisen ohne Geld

If you don’t want those bills piling up while you’re on your big adventure, consider renting out your home temporarily. This is a great way to save money and make sure your property is being looked after. If you don’t have a friend or family to take up residence in your home, there are lots of websites that make it simple to find trustworthy people who need a place to stay. Take a look at Airbnb or Holidaylettings to get started.

Just remember to carefully examine all the rules and make sure the person(s) you find is a good fit!

Travel without Money – Tip #2
Look into house sitting

Travel Without Money

Similar to what you did with your home when you left on an adventure, you can find others looking to do the same thing.

There are websites like Mind My House and Housecarers that connect homeowners with travelers all over the world. In addition to having a nice place to stay, you can even make some extra money.

These are secure environments where owners are looking for extremely reliable sitters. If you make the cut, you can live very comfortably while immersing yourself into another culture.

Travel without Money – Tip #3
Couch surf

Travel The World

By now you’re probably familiar with this term. Thanks to the internet, it is a rapidly growing concept within the hospitality exchange.

The best part about couch surfing is that it allows you to have cheaper (or even free) accommodations while meeting new people and getting a feel for the everyday way-of-life in the area. Look into sites like Couchsurfer or GlobalFreeloaders to get an idea of what’s available.

Even though these sites operate on ratings, be careful about where and whom you stay with. If you’re getting a bad feeling in your gut about a person or place, don’t take an unnecessary risk.

Travel without Money – Tip #4
Find quick work

Travel Without Money

An awesome way to pay for your travels is picking up little side jobs and day work. There are all sorts of small tasks you can do in exchange for food, money, or housing while getting to enjoy all the thrills of being in a different country and meeting new people.

Work Away for example, is a platform that aims to promote fair exchange between travelers on a budget or anyone else looking to work or volunteer.

It’s easier than you think to find odd jobs in other countries. Projects can last days, weeks, or months. You’ll only work a few hours a day so you can still spend the majority of your time enjoying life abroad. In addition to putting your skills to good use, you will more than likely learn a thing or two in the process.

Travel without Money – Tip #5
Find online gigs

Travel Without Money

Perhaps one of the best things about the digital age is that you can basically work from anywhere with internet connection and an outlet to plug in your computer charger.

Look into sites like or Upwork and find jobs that match your skillset. This will allow you to make some extra cash while you’re hanging out a coffee shop or an internet café. There are all sorts of online gigs available for everyone. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there!

Travel without Money – Tip #6
Teach English

Travel Without Money

As everyone knows, English is a very sought after commodity. If you’re a native speaker, you are much more valuable than you think. English is the international language for business and there are places all across the globe that would be extremely appreciative if you helped them learn the basics.

It doesn’t have to be long commitment either. A lot of institutions are sympathetic to the fact that a good deal of the teachers are travelers looking to help in any way they can. Check out to find teaching jobs all over the globe.

Final thought.

Many would make the argument that traveling on a budget is a better overall experience than staying in fancy hotels and covering all the touristy bases. In the process of finding cheap places to stay and short-term jobs, you’ll meet all kinds of interesting people while being exposed to so many different mindsets and perspectives. Don’t spend any more time letting money stand in the way of life-changing experiences.

So when you are ready to take a trip, maybe check out this list of travel blogs first for inspiration and more useful tips!


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