We’ve all traveled, whether it be across the globe, a few states over or just a walk up to the park at the end of the street. (If you have not done any of these, get off your couch and go, explore!) Traveling is a way of life, a way to grow as a person, explore and learn. But what comes with traveling are expenses, itineraries, sending postcards and making memories. Some of you are total superheroes at traveling; some are still trying to figure out how to decide whether to turn left of right. Let’s explore the most common traveler stereotypes you will come across on your trips:

Traveler Stereotype 1:

Traveler Stereotypes: The "Go by the book"-type
Go by the book – always with a plan in hand/mind (Traveler Stereotypes, shutterstock.com)

Going by the book – okay not a bad idea and maybe I wish I would try choosing this method more. Read a few books, print out a few articles and follow the yellow brick road. These are definitely, maybe the smarter travelers. Doing research, seeing it all, they take the trip and throw it into planner with a buzzer going off when time’s up at each bullet point on the list of places to go.

Traveler Stereotype 2:

Traveler Stereotypes: The "call your parents twice a day" type
The “Call your parents twice a day” type (Traveler Stereotypes, shutterstock.com)

So I am possibly guilty of this one. But I swear my mom is better than Google sometimes. Those people who cannot decide whether to drink red or white wine at a beautiful vineyard in Napa Valley, so they call mom to ask her to decide. (One of each, please!) The ones who can’t decide between a King and Queen sized bed in the middle of making a hotel reservation, so they tell the hotel they will call back so that they can first call mom for her opinion. Moms know best, right mom?

Traveler Stereotype 3:

Traveler Stereotypes: the "Take a picture of everything" type
The “Take a picture of everything” type (Travel stereotype, shutterstock.com)

We are all guilty of Snapchat-ing or Instagram-ing at inappropriate times. Like when you are on a cruise with your boyfriend of 4 years and he is suddenly down on one knee about to propose to you, but you tell him to wait one second while you snap a photo and send it to your friends. Or when you spend 99% of your 4-hour beach day trip taking pictures of the seagulls, water, sand, crabs and the other 1% scrolling through them to pick the perfect one to post on Facebook and the like. Pictures are important, and so is bragging to your friends via social media, right?

Traveler Stereotype 4:

Traveler Stereotypes: The "Souvenirs are life" type
Souvenirs are life! (Traveler Stereotypes, shutterstock.com)

While taking a small piece of each trip with you is definitely a top priority, this type will pretty much flip the car over trying to make a last minute turn into a souvenir shop before even thinking about passing it up. Their entire wardrobe consists of that one shirt with “I <3 [fill in the city]” and finding their car key is like finding a needle in a haystack …of souvenir key chains. I mean, what better way to show off that you are totally great and have traveled the world?

Traveler Stereotype 5:

Traveler Stereotypes – "Let's wing it"
“Let’s wing it” (Traveler Stereotypes, shutterstock.com)

Why stress with a planned itinerary, just go with it. These are the one’s that decide to go on that road trip 3 days before it happens. They take the most recent car with an oil change, in hopes it will get them there – they don’t even consider flying, ever. They decide to road trip from New York to South Dakota for a concert but somehow on the way end up in Cleveland, Ohio. Or they decide to travel around the world – just like that. It’s more important to enjoy the moment and relax than to follow a certain path or succeed at crossing off an imaginary “to do” (to see, to go) list!

Traveler Stereotypes: Which type are you?

Whether you are one of these, a mix of them all or somewhere in between, we can all learn, grow and laugh at the wonders of the world through the art of traveling. Never stop exploring!

So, let’s find out which type of traveler you are. (Just for fun, of course.)

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