Do you long to see the entire world but can’t decide where to start? Or do you stress over where you should actually spend your vacation? Luckily, MyPostcard has you covered.

People use the planets to understand their personalities, why not use them to determine travel plans? We’ve scoured the world and used what we found on both zodiacs and destinations to come up with the perfect spots for you.

Aries: Mexico

Aries: Mexico - Let your zodiac sign guide you

Aries are candid and “ram” into problems, thriving on adventure and thrills. With daring activities in mind, we found Mexico, here Aries can white water raft, zipline, explore Mayan ruins, and try unique food. Otherwise, they can spend their days sunbathing and their nights partying.  

Mexico has a beach Aries will love hidden within the Marieta islands west of Puerto Vallarta. The beach sports crystal clear water and white sand, all in a large cavern. Check out our list of the best beaches worldwide to learn more about the Playa del Amor.

Taurus: Iceland

Taurus: Iceland - Let your zodiac sign guide you

Tauruses enjoy relaxation and serenity. Iceland specializes in both: the island has got spas aplenty, need we say more. Temperature does not matter if Tauruses stay in hot springs. And, there are a large variety of luxury hotels that cater to those searching for nature and peace.

The capital city of Iceland, Reykjavik, is in the TOP children-friendly vacation spots worldwide, for Tauruses with children. Kids will enjoy the natural beauty of Iceland alongside you: northern lights, thermal hot springs, and whale watching!

Gemini: Hawaii

Gemini: Hawaii - Let your zodiac sign guide you

Geminis are inconsistent with dual personalities – what they do and say changes from day to day. Luckily, Hawaii has something for everyone: relaxing in clear water, hiking along waterfalls, and helicopter rides. Or, in other words, the islands have got all people and personalities covered.

If Geminis want to bring their Hawaiian vacation to the next level, they should skydive, especially since Hawaii has some of the best skydiving spots worldwide – Waialua and Oahu. 

Cancer: Paris, France

Cancer: Paris - Let your zodiac sign guide you

Cancers love art and water, thus Paris is perfection. Cancers can bask in over one hundred art museums and walk along the pretty streets to their heart’s content. Those wishing for comfort can take it slow on longs walks down the Seine with stops for pastries along the way.

You’re already on your way to Paris – okay, maybe only in your imagination. Regardless, here are 10 places to go in Paris.

Leo: California

Leo: California - Let your zodiac sign guide you

These kings of the jungle will love California, where they can be their fierce, loyal selves. In California, Leos can bask on the beach, surf, sunbathe, or swim. All in all, California is a place they can reconnect with their animal spirit.

Which area will Leos enjoy most? Definitely Carmel-by-the-Sea, a town ranked as one of the most romantic cities on Travel & Leisure’s list. This former artistic hub offers almost 100 art galeries!

Virgo: Italy

Virgo: Italy - Let your zodiac sign guide you

Health conscious, nature loving, and organized Virgos will love Italy. Their planning mindsets prepare them for making the most of the eternal city and the cradle of the renaissance. In Italy, they can find everything they desire: food, wine, museums, buildings, coastal towns, hikes, and art.

So many cities and so little time? There are A LOT of remarkable Italian cities and landscapes to see. We personally recommend Florence. There is a reason it is on our list of 10 most beautiful cities worldwide.

Libra: Costa Rica

Libra: Costa Rica - Let your zodiac sign guide you

The romantic and outdoor loving libras will enjoy Costa Rica. What could be more romantic than long walks during the sunset and exploring jungles? In this Tropical Paradise, Libras can discover nature, see various animals, and bond with their significant other.

Not convinced? Well, Libras who love being warmed inside and out should read this article about cafes worth planning a trip to visit.

Scorpio: Seoul, Korea

Scorpio: Seoul - Let your zodiac sign guide you

Passionate, honest, and assertive Scorpios need somewhere laden with change and movement. Luckily, Seoul, Korea has got them covered as one of the world’s rising cities. Scorpios can shop in one of the city’s large malls or visit historical palaces or try some rice cakes.

Spending the summer in Asia? Check out this list of other cities.

Sagittarius: Japan

Sagittarius: Japan - Let your zodiac sign guide you

Travel and freedom loving Sagittarii have probably already visited Japan. If not, Japan should be next on their list. Drawn to new cultures and experiences, Sagittarii will thrive in Japan’s palaces and shrines.

Capricorn: Baracoa, Cuba

Capricorn: Baracoa - Let your zodiac sign guide you

Responsible and self controlling Capricons need the occasional escape: Baracoa in Cuba allows these hard workers to relax. The beautiful, secluded city flows with color and energy. Travellers wade in crystal clear water, walk through cocoa plantations, and bike through the mountains, all calming.

Aquarius: Bora-Bora

Aquarius: Bora-Bora - Let your zodiac sign guide you

Aquarius will feel right at home in Bora-Bora. As fans of the intellectual, this unconventional and secluded place feeds their souls. They can take boat rides, swim with stingrays, or snorkel. Otherwise, visiting spas is always an option for the stressed.

Another Bora-Bora tip: grab a drink in the famous Bloody Mary restaurant! For this and other advice, discover our exquisite summer vacation spots.

Pisces: Australia

Pisces: Australia - Let your zodiac sign guide you

Australia, where Pisces can live up to their name and swim as long as they want. These artistic and fun loving folks can find entertainment amongst nature or cities. Australia has mountains and lakes or opera houses and views.

What should Pisces do in Australia? Visit Perth and Melbourne, drive down the ocean road, and pay a visit to the famous national park Kakadu. All these tips for an outstanding Australia visit are on our list of great travel tips for Australia.

We wish you well on your astrological trips! Do you have any other zodiac travel suggestions? Comment below.


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