Winter is coming (said like a true G.O.T  fan)! But in all seriousness, winter is just around the corner. So here are some Winter photography tips! While this is a warning to prepare for the harsh winter weather, it is also a call to action for preparing for the spectacular evens that accompany this season. More so, if you are a photographer.

As an photographer, you don’t get to put down your camera and snuggle up by the fire just because it’s winter. You brave the weather, whip out your camera and go after the rare winter subjects. Have no idea what we are talking about? No worries. We give you all kinds of ideas on winter photography! Watch this space!

Winter Photography Tips #1
Focus On The Snow!

I mean Duh! It’s not winter unless there’s snow. So make sure you get some great shots of the snow. There are a couple of ways you can get creative with snow starting with macro photography.Winter Photography Tips

This comes in handy when you want to capture the much sought-after snowflake pictures. If your macro lenses don’t get you close enough, consider investing in an extension tube.

If snowflakes are a big challenge, try capturing the falling snow. For this, you can depict motion by blurring out your images using long exposure, a tripod here will help with stability. To freeze motion, fast shutter speed is the way to go.

Winter Photography Tips #2
Winter City Life

Winter Photography Tips
Urban photography is already amazing in itself but it gets much better during winter. This is because the whole scene has changed. Buildings and roads are covered in snow, making them a whole different subject. Guys are also looking different in their heavy winter coats and hats. Point is, everything changes. If you took a shot of the city before winter, go back this winter. Be guaranteed it will look much different. Here’s a tip, go for night photography in the snowy winter nights. They may be a pain to capture, but they are much more dramatic!

Winter Photography Tips #3
Winter Sunsets and Sunrise

Winter Photography Tips
You know what looks equally breathtaking during winter? The sun in the golden hours. During this time, the sunlight reflects so gracefully on the snow it just demands your attention. If you are a morning person, go for the sun rising, otherwise, the sunset is equally rewarding. While at it, look for an interesting background (or even foreground) to make your shots stand out. The ocean or a nearby forest work just fine!

Winter Photography Tips #4
Indoors Works Just Fine

Winter Photography Tips
If you are not for the idea of working in the cold, you can use indoor photography to your advantage. It so happens that one of the greatest holidays comes around winter. Yes, I’m talking about Christmas!

Stay in the house all warm but not too cozy to forget your camera! Take pictures of Christmas decor including up-close abstract shots. Better yet, use this as a chance to work on your photography skills by doing some reading on photography!

Winter Photography Tips #5
Winter Landscapes

Winter Photography Tips
As I said, everything changes during winter! Landscapes too! So, grab your camera and capture the snowy landscapes around you. If you live near a water body say a river, lake or even an ocean, this is your chance to capture it in a whole new light! Keep in mind that water often has glare so go ahead and use a polarizer when shooting; unless you want to include reflections in your shots then shoot without one. As for the snowy landscapes, a white vignette might help highlight the snow.

Winter Photography Tips #6
Capture The Frosty Mornings

Winter Photography Tips
Although snow is usually the highlight of winter, shots of frost can be quite captivating. The catch, however, is that you have to be up early before it melts away. You are probably thinking of capturing frost on landscapes right? This is a good idea but a great way to capture frost is by focusing on the usual stuff around you. Take for example leaves covered in frost, they make an interesting subject. Think out of the box and go for interesting subjects such as cobwebs covered in frost! Go ahead and take some close up pics and if you are bold enough, abstract shots will make amazing photos.

Winter Photography Tips #7
Unique Winter Portraits

Winter Photography Tips
Despite the cold, I’m sure you can take a chance and get away with some creative winter portraits. Winter shots are quite interesting since the white snow lights up your subject nicely. You also get the chance to take creative pictures in the snow. Try brightening up your photos with color by making your subjects wear bright eye-catching colors such as red, which contrast with the snow.  A word of caution though; avoid bright midday sun as it might cause glare in your photos. If you must work under such harsh, bright light, an ND filter will come in handy.

Winter Photography Tips #8
HDR and Abstract Shots

Winter Photography Tips
If you want surreal images, HDR and Abstract shots are the way forward. They truly make interesting shots especially relating to winter. This is especially when you keep getting dull photos of snow. Black and white HDR photos also make interesting pictures for those curious enough to try.

Last Word

I can spend all day giving you ideas on how to nail winter photography but at the end of the day, it all comes down to your creativity. Keep your camera close and an eye out for unique shots this winter. No matter where the winter catches you this year, I guarantee there is something to shoot!


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