How do you get everyone excited about a baby when they’ve seen countless baby announcements online? Status updates are okay, but if you really want to grab their attention you have to personalize the message. If you’re thinking baby announcement cards, then you’re on the right track!

Now, take the traditional and formal greeting cards and transform those into personal, completely customized, and clever announcement cards that will receive way more replies, shares, and comments. Creating your own cards is easy with the right tools and a little inspiration.

To get you started, we’ve collected ten of the best baby announcement card ideas on the web and reveal how you can pull them off.

P.S. Check out this guide on throwing a fun (and safe!) gender reveal party!

Baby announcement cards Idea 1
House Blueprints

Find the blueprints to your house, get them scanned, then hire someone to edit one of the rooms to include a crib, playpen, toy box, and etc.

You can always use a generic blueprint image if you can’t find it or, even better, the blueprint of your future home that you’ll be moving into to accommodate the new person in your life.

Try not to make the blueprint edit too obvious, make the recipients of your baby announcement cards stumble upon the meaning of this obscure drawing. You can hide the baby’s due date underneath the crib for the final touch.

Baby announcement cards Idea 2
Sonogram Premier

For something less subtle, but more artistic, take your sonogram pictures and produce a “Coming Soon” movie poster of epic proportions. Have some fun with all the movie tag-lines, production credits, and etc.

This might be something that you can pull off by yourself using free online photo-editing tools, like Photoshop Express, but it should be cheap to do with a freelance graphic designer.

Baby announcement cards Idea 3
Hamburger Bun

This timeless baby expression makes for the perfect baby announcement cards. Just take a hamburger (or hot dog) bun, put it in the oven, shut the door and turn the oven light on.

Nothing else needs to be done, the picture is beautiful, cute, and hilarious, everyone will love it.

Baby announcement cards Idea 4
“Not the Baby.”

This phrase can hit hard for the unfortunate youngest child to find out that they are no longer considered “the baby”, even when they’re already grown into an adolescent.

Simply get a custom T-shirt made with the phrase “Not the Baby.” on it, with maybe a little subtext below it that says “anymore” or something along that idea.

You should include the due date so that there’s a 0% chance that your baby announcement is misinterpreted or skimmed over.

Baby announcement cards Idea 5
Stretch Pants

Go out and buy your new mommy some over-sized stretch pants, so that she can pose in them to demonstrate the new clothes she’ll be wearing.

Shoot her from the side with the pants on, using just a thumb to stretch out the new space that will be occupied in just a few short months.

Baby announcement cards Idea 6
Reserved VIP

These next baby announcement cards can be used in a variety of situations. The idea is to create a reserved seat for your newborn, whether that is at the dinner table, in the car (using a car seat is perfect), or at a favorite gathering.

Just make a cheap sign for the VIP member’s date of arrival and you’re set!

Baby announcement cards Idea 7
It’s Someone’s Birthday!

Create a special birthday party invite–starring the baby who has yet to celebrate it! These baby announcement cards are all about celebration, excitement, and wonder!

Just play with the details a little bit, make your card seem ambiguous, but give all the details of the expected due date.

Describe the types of entertainment and gifts to be expected and that all of this can be done from the comfort of their own home since all of it will be done in spirit of the arrival.

Baby announcement cards Idea 8
Click Bait

You know those news headlines that hint towards something exciting, controversial, or amazing, but when you click it, the story is not what you expected?

Send them a baby announcement card that shows you inheriting something valuable or experiencing a major change in your life.

Then, hit them with the reveal on the back or in small text down below about becoming parents with the expected due date. It’s the good kind of click bait!

Baby announcement cards Idea 9
Cover Girl

Turn your newly pregnant mommy into a superstar! Have her shoot some beautiful modeling photos, but with a twist. All photos must focus on the belly.

Awkward posing and sticking the stomach out for no good reason are all encouraged. Try to toe the line between cheesy and classy.

I suggest researching celebrity photographers to nail the aesthetic, then applying said poses for the best effect.

Baby announcement cards Idea 10
Celebrate the New Grandparents

This last tip is a great way to surprise their friends and family and also give thanks to their awesome parents.

Grant part of this special announcement the opportunity to share the stage with the grandparents.

Just create a congratulations card to your grandparents on their new grandbaby-to-be. Send it out to everyone on the same day or, if you’re lucky, time this celebration with the national holiday (September 9th in 2018).

The Easiest Baby Announcement Cards

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