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2022 is a special year, considering how the largest benefic of them all, Jupiter, is traversing his evening domain (Pisces, where he feels great), thus bringing wonderful gifts to everyone.
Saturn is still in Aquarius, and this is great news because Saturn is prone to intellectual wisdom and foresight in Aquarius, this is also a very good omen for 2022 and travelling.
Find your Zodiac sign below and discover what dream destination should you visit in 2022.


For feisty Aries, the best way to wind down, relax and let the cosmic energy flow in 2022 is to let go and just give in. The best place for this to take place is Anguilla. It’s a paradise island with sandy beaches, azure coastlines and colorful sky. Here, dear Aries can unwind, relax and get in touch with their inner calm and wisdom. Especially if they decide to bring along their family with them for that extra grounding effect.


Turks and Caicos turquise waters from abov

For sensual and pleasure-seeking Taurus, this year brings focus on abundance, spiritual exploration and body mindfulness. The best destination to explore all of these goals for 2022 would definitely be the Turks and Caicos Islands. This destination offers scenic retreats, sapphire waters and white beaches coupled with fresh air, sea breeze and exquisite service. Getting in touch with healing, crystal clear waters can bring a lot of positive things for Taureans in 2022.


For cheerful and curious Gemini, 2022 brings an exploration of the new horizons, new business opportunities and a lot of adventures. This is why the perfect (dream) destination for 2022 travel (for Gemini folk) is Maui in Hawaii. Maui offers a lot of fresh greens and deep blues. It’s also has a majestic wine and food festival that will be of peak interest for extroverted Geminis. Maui can offer a chance to meet new people and explore not just the magnificent land of Hawaii, but also its culture and cuisine.


A sunset picture of a house on the coast of Maine

For the brave and adventurous Cancers that bear most of the emotional weight at all times, the year 2022 brings emotional exaltation, sunny skies and a clear horizon in sight. Because of this great mood, they should go out, into nature and explore the outside world while their inner world heals and recuperates. This is why coastal Maine and its plethora of amazing national parks is the perfect choice for 2022 travel for Cancers.


Strong Leos are going to fulfil their travelling dreams in 2022. This is why it’s a perfect time for Leos to make a vision board that includes all of their top destinations and adventures. This year’s recommendation for courageous Leos is the Golden Zone in Mexico. This place has everything Leo needs – magnificent service, extravagant interior and beaches, and a lot of extracurricular activities such as festivals, street performances and cuisine.


Santa Barbara at sunrise, view of rooftops

For overthinking Virgos, 2022 has prepared a lot of challenges and obstacles, but blessings come in the form of a partner. Spending time together and indulging in romantic activities is the way to go this year, for Virgos. This is why our recommendation is Santa Barbara. This destination has it all – aesthetic, neatness, gyms, but most of all – clean air, relaxing landscapes and a lot of outdoorsy romantic options.


Libra needs a lot of emotional balance and harmonic relationships in their personal life and space in order to operate smoothly. The previous period wasn’t too kind on gentle Libras, but 2022 promises a lot of relaxation and much better health. The perfect place for them to regain their inner balance and mindful harmony is Pismo Beach in California. This place is a mash-up of cosmic energies that combine all four elements, providing soft Libras with an external balance that can help them regain their inner one.


For private Scorpios 2022 offers fun, excitement and joy. It’s a great year to make up for the previous years and lack of proper vacation. There’s also a lot of romance in store for Scorpios this year, and they should make the most out of it. The perfect place to ignite their intimacy and passion would be Finnish Lapland and igloo cabins. They offer private space and coziness, while still providing a lot of majestic starry night views with daily adventures. Since the weather is cool and there’s a lot of snow, Scorpios will feel right in their element.


A seal poses in the Galapagos islands

For the insatiable explorers and world trotters – Sagittarius, 2022 brings a lot of monetary and residential blessings. This won’t affect their thirst for travel and hunger for new experiences. This is exactly why the Galápagos are the perfect destination to test their fiery mettle in 2022. These islands offer not just scenic routes and landscapes, but also a plethora of adventures and outdoor activities that will stimulate Sagittarius’ inquisitive senses!


For the experienced Capricorns, this year offers necessary unwinding, a lot of short trips and getting familiar with their neighborhood. You would be surprised at how active and outdoorsy sturdy Capricorns are. This is why the best place to visit in 2022 for them is Reno-Tahoe Territory. The landscapes are like from a good mystery novel, the four main elements are all present and interacting with each other, and there are a lot of adrenaline-spiking activities for them to partake in. Perfect choice!


The Aurora, green over the skies of Alaska

Quirky Aquarius navigates all situations and murky waters like a pro. This is because they have a mind that resides in the future, and they observe all possible outcomes. 2022 will bring a lot of money and increase in finances their way, this is why it’s a perfect time for them to go out into the world of their own and relax. The best place for them to do so is the Alaskan winter camp where they can retreat into their own world, enjoy the Aurora Borealis and have their own fairy tale vacation that they deserved.


Empaths of the zodiac couldn’t have had the time of their lives in the previous 2 years, this is why Jupiter has blessed them the most this year. Pisces should have the time of their lives and enjoy this year to the utmost extent. The best place to regain their hope in the future is to visit a place that is both fairy tale-like and filled with a heroic past – Ireland, the land of myths and fairies. This is the top pick destination for dreamy Pisces for 2022.

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