The full English breakfast, Israeli Shakshuka, Chinese congee: Breakfast can do more than bread with peanut butter (even if this is a classic!) and deserves more than the same meal every day. In this article we take a culinary trip around the world to the breakfast table with the typical breakfast in other countries.

Enjoy reading and bon appétit if you’re cooking!

Traditional breakfast in different countries

Ready to find out what people eat in the morning from England to China? Keep reading!

#1 The traditional breakfast dish of the UK? The full english of course!

Ein typisches Frühstück in England und erhaltbar in anderen Löndern - die Englisch Frühstück

You can treat yourself to this breakfast from time to time in many different countries. Crispy bacon, fried or scrambled eggs, grilled tomatoes, fried mushrooms, fat fried sausages and Heinz baked beans all packed deliciously on your plate. And for vegetarians, there are now some great substitute products for sausages and Co. in most British supermarkets.

#2 Typical for breakfast in other countries: Shakshuka

Eine Pfanne mit Sauce und Eier ist eine Option wie Leute frühstücken weltweit

Sunken eggs are eaten in North Africa and Israel. They won’t stay long in the sauce made from tomatoes, chillies, onions (and sometimes garlic) though, because the sauce is spooned away faster than you can say good morning. Or at least in my home.

#3 Chinese rice soup or Congee

In China, soup gets a spot on the table for breakfast time too. Sometimes sweet, sometimes hearty, sometimes with pasta, sometimes with egg. So your liquid requirements are covered for the whole day by congee! But if it’s not quite enough, a glass of soy milk is served with it.

#4 Breakfast on the go in Italy

Ein Cappuccino wird gegossen

Things are often expected to go fast in Italy – not just traffic, but breakfast too. A quick coffee while standing or on the go is quite enough. Dip a biscuit, cornetto or brioche into the coffee and the giorno can get started.

#5 Breakfast on the go in Portugal… as well

Breakfast in Portugal is not that different from breakfast in Italy. However, often a tosta or torada is snacked with the coffee. Basically buttered toast. Tosta or Torada tastes very, very good anywhere you go.

#6 Breakfast foods in Mexico

Eier auf Brot mit Tomaten darazf

As for breakfast in many other countries, in Mexico, eggs are usually on the table. But usually extremely varied preparation! Provided you not looking for vegan offerings, the names alone will make your mouth water.

A selection: Huevos revueltos (scrambled eggs), Huevos Rancheros (bean porridge, tortilla, fried eggs) or Huevos a la Mexicana (scrambled eggs with pieces of tomato, onion and pepper).

#7 Hagelslag in Holland

Brot mit Streusel darauf - eine traditionelle frühstück in manche anderen Ländern

You don’t put Nutella on bread in Holland. You put sprinkles on it! And they’re not limited to chocolate flavoured. There are also colorful sprinkles. You can experiment with the “base” for the crumble and choose from jelly, peanut butter, chocolate cream and everything else.

#8 A beloved breakfast in many other countries: Bagels

Bagels von New York mit LAchs

Bagels are most commonly associated with the USA and they’re served all over. New York is particularly famous for its intensely filled and coated bread rolls with little holes in the middle. Bagels are not only filled in different ways, they are also made from different types of flour and sprinkled with various seeds.

#9 Falafel for breakfast in Egypt

Falafel, das typisches Frühstück in viele anderen Ländern

Traditionally in Egypt, people eat falafel in bread together with a little egg. In addition, a bean pulp called ful Medammas is served with it. It’s nice that you can finally appreciate tasty basics like beans: D

#10 A typical breakfast in Jamaica

In Jamaica, stockfish lands on the breakfast table for breakfast. The salty main course is served with fresh fruit, sweet potatoes or cornmeal porridge.

#11 ‘Crispbread’ from Schweden

Knackerbrot aus Schweden mit Tomaten und Avocado

You must know it: Crunchy crispbread with Swedish-sounding names in a well-stocked supermarket. And in fact, the crispy roll is the breakfast base for all the toppings the Swedish heart desires: herring salad, cheese, ham or – quite classic – jelly.

#12 Gallo Pinto as breakfast in these different countries

Gallo Pinto is not only the favorite breakfast in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, but also the Costa Rican national dish. The fried rice pan with fresh lemon juice and beans will fill you up the whole day without straining and is also muy rico! A great one for Brunch inspiration!

#13 Served on ice in Greece

Teigtaschen mit Käse und Spinat ist ein Griechisches frühstück

In Greece you don’t usually drink a hot espresso, but an ice-cold one. If you are hungry, you’ll also get a savory pastry with a filling of your choice. Mostly, though, you’ll find it’s cheese, or cheese with spinach.

So..? What do you think about breakfast in other countries?

Regardless of what time you’re reading this, I bet all these suggestions not only made you hungry, but also triggered your wanderlust a little. So what are your plans? Do you want to try breakfast around the world or go to all the breakfast bars in your city first?

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