Typically held around a month or so before she embarks on her journey up the aisle, a bridal shower is a celebration that is all about the bride. This party is filled with photo ops, but it can be difficult to ensure that you get every shot you want. For tips and tricks, keep reading our guide to the best bridal shower photography tips for making sure you capture every magical moment.

Before the bridal shower

A photo of the bridal shower cake

Preparation is everything, and some of our best bridal shower photography tips are things you can do ahead of the party starting. For example, we definitely recommend creating a list of pictures that you want to capture. This will help whoever is taking the photos to plan for the key moments of the celebration. However, bridal showers are full of surprises, so encourage the designated photographer to have a chat with the organizer, so you don’t miss any big moments.

Top bridal shower photography tip: Take lots of pictures! It is easier to choose an excellent one from hundreds compared to two or three. So, go crazy – you can always delete the not-so-flattering ones later.

Getting ready

Bridesmaids at the bridal shower holding their hands together to try wedding photography tips

Take your first pictures whilst everyone is getting ready for the big day. Whether it is preparing food, doing makeup, or putting up decorations, the pre-party moments can be just as special and help to narrate the event.

It is important to make sure that your camera settings are right, and the exposure is controlled. So breaking the camera out early can be a great way to test out the settings in the environment that you are in.

Capturing details

Decoration photography close up for the bridal shower including team bride signs.

At bridal showers, the beauty is often in the details, and this can be a great way to capture the unique vibe of the event. Take close-up pictures of decor such as the banners and balloons, and also take one of the invitations. Foodie lovers will want to get a picture of the fare, including the cake that typically takes center stage.

Top bridal shower photography tip: While you do not want to be all up in people’s faces, taking pictures as close as possible can help to capture the best quality.

Doing activities

A close up on champagne classes held by women in elegant dresses

Candid pictures are those that are taken while the subject carries on with whatever they are doing. They capture movement and personality and offer a more relaxed and natural vibe than traditional portraiture. For example, bridal showers are all about ‘showering’ the bride with love and gifts for her future. As a result, the gifts are an important part of the bridal shower, and some brides may want to capture the moment they receive them. Plus, there are usually games as well, which are perfect for shooting guests chatting and laughing while they play.

Top bridal shower photography tip: Make sure that your shutter speed is fast enough to capture the precise moment when dealing with moving subjects. Alternately, slow your shutter speed for a cool motion blur.

Gorgeous guests

A group of guests lined up behind the bride sitting down in beautiful dresses

Think about the composition of your photos and how the visual elements are arranged. For example, if you are taking portraits of groups of guests, try to organize everyone by height.

You could also include a photo booth or specific backdrop like a gorgeous flower wall. Alternately, go old school with disposable cameras left on tables and let guests capture their own magic moments or make up a unique wedding hashtag for people to share their photos on social media.

Top bridal shower photography tip: Think about the rule of thirds when setting up your pictures as a great way to ensure a balanced composition. This means separating the image into a grid and placing points of interest at the section where the horizontal and vertical lines overlap. Some cameras and smartphones allow you to place the grid on as an overlay to make this easier, 

The beautiful bride

the bride to be with balloons and pink flowers posing

A bridal shower is all about celebrating the bride-to-be! It is essential to prioritize her and ask her what photos she would like to capture of the event. Taking pictures of the bride at her wedding shower also allows the bride to practice her poses for the big day.

Top bridal shower photography tip: Get Creative! Push the boundaries when it comes to angles, play with your shutter speed, introduce props, stage poses, edit your photos, and so much more. Be careful when it comes to exposure, because if it is over or under, you may risk losing key features. Read more about wedding photography here.

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