Destination weddings take planning a fun, memorable ceremony to a whole new level. Not only does this mark the start of your married life, but it also gives all your guests and loved ones a chance to truly enjoy themselves.

A destination wedding is a reason to celebrate your special love and for everyone to get a mini vacation too. But, as worth it as it is to host, it takes lots of planning to pull off.

You have to get everything right – from blocking off rooms at the hotel to coordinating travel plans and ensuring everyone knows where to go once they arrive.

Even the design of your destination wedding save the date card matters!

To get this particular wedding detail sorted properly, and to do so in style, consider the ideas listed below.

Destination Wedding Save The Date Idea #1
An Airplane Outline

Most destination weddings are a plane ride away. They’re not something someone can hop in the car and drive to, at least not if they want a quick, easy trip.

As such, it’s a fun idea to make the postcard look like an airplane. This tells people you’re planning a destination wedding right off the bat, and it gets them excited to be part of the journey.

Destination Wedding Save The Date Idea #2
A Picture of a Suitcase

If an airplane sounds like a little much, try making the background of your save the date a suitcase instead. You can have tons of fun with this. Design a vintage suitcase with destination stickers and cool sayings or keep it classy and chic to give people a taste of what your wedding will be like.

Destination Wedding Save The Date Idea #3
A Map Background

Another cool idea to consider is a map design. This turns your destination wedding’s save the date into an adventure of its own!

The map can help people picture where exactly that tropical Caribbean island or European nation is and encourage them to start booking their flights there! It’s unique, informative, and goes with all kinds of wedding themes.

Destination Wedding Save The Date Idea #4
An Icon of the Destination

Maybe you live in a northern U.S. state and you love the thought of getting married at the beach on an island somewhere, or you have the beach in your backyard and would prefer going to the mountains to say your vows.

Whatever the destination that you’ve chosen is known for, incorporate a piece of it into your save the date. This tells people where you’re going in an entertaining, interesting way. It gets them picturing the tan they’re about to get or all the backpacking hikes they can go on while celebrating your special day.

Destination Wedding Save The Date Idea #5
Writing the Invite as a Riddle

Keep in mind that the visual aspect of your destination wedding save the dates is only one part of the creative process. The other part is what you’re going to say to actually invite everyone!

Consider writing a riddle – you know, treasure map style. Make it rhyme or give a few clues to play a little game with your guests as they read the card. Remember to keep it simple so people don’t accidentally book a flight to the wrong place, or at least put all the accurate details on the back or on the bottom.

Make Your Own Destination Wedding Save the Date

Ready to make some of these destination wedding save the date design ideas come to life? You’ve come to the perfect place!

It’s not enough to have a bit of inspiration. You also have to have the right tools to make the perfect postcard come together and, thankfully, we’ve got everything you need.

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