The sun is up, the sky is blue; the weather in Singapore warms your skin – and heart – like never before. This fast-forward city may look small in the map, but once you step inside is an urban forest waiting to be discovered. Enjoy the city sights, the carnival rides, the gilded shopping streets and the melting pot of many Asian cultures that offer a tasteful feast in your tummy. If you’re looking for a quick, savory stop, here are some popular cafes in Singapore you don’t want to miss.

Interested in discovering the top ten café spots in the whole world..?

Cafes in Singapore

Populus rises up as one of the most-queued cafe, but it’s for a reason. It’s especially famous for a unique treat called Buckwheat Pancake, a soft and fluffy concoction that is glazed with berry fruit compote and drizzled with sour passionfruit. The finishing touch: maple syrup that smells like thyme!

Cafes in Singapore
Cafe Melba

Cafe Melba takes a page from Australian inspired industrial interiors which make up its laidback, rustic charm. Here, you can enjoy a mixing of bacon, smoked salmon and eggs which would definitely satisfy salt and herb fans.

Cafes in Singapore
Drury Lane

Drury Lane’s atmosphere is perfect for the creatures of comfort: muted-colored furniture, brightly colored ceramics and comfort food ready to fill your palette. Enjoy their special brew and baked beans stew, made in-house daily.

Cafes in Singapore
Common Man Coffee Roasters

Common Man Coffee Rosatser is an energetic brunch place found at 22 Martin Road, serving organic breakfasts paired with tender meat and a heaping of vegetable. Their artisan breads are nothing but gratifying and they tweak their eggs benedict with a personal rendition.

Cafes in Singapore
Forty Hands

Forty Hands serve up delicious, decadent meals around Tiong Bahru. The hipster culture will love its graffiti-inspired mural while the lush indoor green atmosphere lures one to enjoy the setting and eat some more. Why Forty Hands? The owners believe that it takes 40 hands to make a single cup of coffee, which is why they advocate coffee sustainability and appreciation.

Cafes in Singapore
Tollido’s Espresso Nook

Tollido’s loves to keep things simple and local. Try their Pandan Pancakes: a stack of green-colored fluffy hot cakes that simmers with the scent of pandan. It’s topped with syrup and ice cream for a sweeter thrill.

Cafes in Singapore

LoKal proudly makes their meals in-house with a clean slate. With fine attention to details, it is easily one of the most well-loved cafes in Singapore. For starters, its French Toast come with house-cured bacon, maple cream and sautéed apples.

Cafes in Singapore

Coffee Apothecaryis popular for its espresso shot poured inside a waffle cone line with chocolate and topped with a design. Not only is this IG-worthy, but there’s plenty of other extraordinary treats this store offers.

Cafes in Singapore
Toby’s Estate

Toby’s Estate is a franchise that comes all the way from Sydney. Known for its roasted coffee that can be bought off the shelf, the cafe is also a favorite breakfast spot for the youth.

Cafes in Singapore
Dutch Colony Coffee Co.

Durch Coony Coffee Co. radiates with an old-school style: wood and metal stools, chalkboard menus and delightful typography. With that, it also offers amazing eats; munch on a truffle egg croissant as you sip on your cappuccino as you head on your way to the bus stop.

Cafes in Singapore
Penny University

Pennys University is best known for their eggs; try Baked Moroccan Eggs paired with spicy beef chorizo and sweet tomatoes, laden with baked egg. Its Turkish eggs are perfectly poached, capped off with a sourdough toast topped Harissa sauce and oregano leaves.

Cafes in Singapore
Free the Robot

Free the Robot is nothing less than quirky; this place offers a relaxing escape for quiet hours while you enjoy brunch meals all throughout the day. Its burger stack overflows with cheese, and if you’re in the mood for drinking, its shelf offers and impressive array of liquor for you to ogle at.


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