Cheap Save the Dates – Your wedding may be one of the biggest parties you’ll ever throw. You are ready to party with your spouse and celebrate your love. All of your family and friends will be there celebrating with you. Not unless you’ve let them know what the date is. Notify them months in advance with the proper save the date so they can plan accordingly.

There is nothing worse than finding out about a wedding with too little time to prepare. Doing a destination wedding? You need to give people ample time to save for their flights or accommodations. Regardless of where you are having your magical day, avoid giving your guests a hurried, stressful booking frenzy.

What’s more, as wedding costs add up for you, you’ll be looking to save money somewhere. Consider cheap save the dates as a great place to start.

We’ve done the research for you and have created a guide to the best options that will look high in style but will remain low in cost. Read on.

Postcards, the Ultimate Cheap Save The Dates

Keep your save the dates smart, chic, and sleek with postcard save the dates. They can come in folded card style or in postcard travel destination themes. Postcards are a fantastic way to get your dates into people’s calendars without spending an arm and a leg.

Postcards can be relatively inexpensive and you can design them to your liking. Consider choosing your favorite photo of you and your future spouse either in the destination where you are planning on having your wedding, or use a photo from one of your favorite travel trips.

Simply upload the photo(s), design the template how you like it, add the date. The best companies will print and have them shipped to you in no time. A postcard is one of the best cheap save the dates because you can entice your guests by making it seem like your wedding will be the destination of a lifetime (and maybe it will be).

Get your guests excited about traveling to your wedding whether it is in your hometown or in an exotic location by sending them postcards. Postcard save the dates are the kind of item that people will put up on their fridge all the way up until your wedding date.


While these cheap save the dates will be a little more expensive at around 30 cents to $1.60, these will truly stay in your guests face up until your wedding day. Magnets can be an unexpected and fun route to go when it comes to cheap save the dates.

The costs of the magnets can vary based on type and customization. You may need to keep fancy photos, personal photos out of the equation. To keep the costs down, you can also consider choosing magnets there small in size and won’t cost much to ship.

At the end of the day, guests need to know the information. There’s no need to go crazy with special designs and themes. Just throw the date on the magnet with your names and send them out.

The Digital Option

There is absolutely no shame in not sending out something tangible to your guests for the ultimate cheap save the dates. After all, they are something that most people receive in the mail, look at, write down the info, and then throw away.

It’s also an extremely green option. Help the planet out and save some trees with the digital road.

There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars and extravagant save the dates. From the parchment to the design, save the dates can start to add up. Want to send a photo of the beloved couple with the date?

Get ready to pay almost as much as your wedding invites might be as you start considering all of the extras. Save yourself from the physical sending mess by sending out a digital save the date.

Gather all of your guest’s e-mail addresses and use one of the many online options for sending your save the dates. Through a simple process, you can upload a photo and the appropriate information and send it through an E-card directly to your guest’s inboxes.

You might think this seems like cutting corners, but it is an effective way to save money while getting the necessary information out to your guests. You can purchase templates online or create one of your own and send them yourself.

Match Books

Everyone loves a set of matches. Consider using a company that can customize small matchbooks with your information on them. Use a witty phrase on the matchbooks that says the date, your names, and something like “to ignite the fire” or “to see sparks fly”.

Guests will use the matches for lighting candles in their homes while constantly being reminded of your upcoming event. Matchbooks can be an affordable option. It’s also an option that will be unique because not many people do it.

Things To Remember

In 2017, embracing the digital world will help you save both money and time. Simply uploading a beautiful photo of you and your future spouse to any online design forum can help you create a beautiful and cost-effective save the date.

Remember to do some research and scout out all the best deals when looking into your cheap save the dates. Every season brings different discounts and deals from different companies. Nothing is worse than missing an opportunity to save a little money on your save the dates

DIY what you can and keep things simple. Many brides like to send out things that are tangible when it comes to cheap save the dates and weddings, but don’t be afraid of the digital options.

Choose options that won’t break your bank when it comes to postage. Keep your save the dates light and travel-savvy. Personalize your save the dates and highlight the proper information and you’ll be sure to get every desired guest at your wedding.

When you’re ready for the best save the dates or wedding invites, upload your favorite photo here and start designing them!


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