Have you accumulated family photos throughout this entire year and would love to make good use out of them? If the answer is yes, then it’s your lucky day! Forget the usual way of framing them and putting them up on your hallway!

If you’re looking for something a tad more creative than a classic framed photo, we’ve got the right craft idea for you. (No judgement, though – check out our personalizable framed photos available here). With this cute DIY idea, you will have all your precious photos in one beautiful memory book. It makes the perfect gift for your parents or grandparents! They will surely love it.

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What you need:

  • An old journal or photo album
  • Glue and scissors
  • Washi tape
  • Stickers
  • Pens, markers
  • Photo prints

Here’s how it works…

Step #1

Select all of your favorite family photos from this past year. If you already have them printed, that’s great! But if not, you can easily get all of your favorite memories delivered to your doorstep with MyPostcard.

Step #2

Have an overview of every photo you wish to include and start categorising them. Some ideas could be organising them by month, season or important holidays and birthdays!

Step #3

Grab your journal or old photo album and start placing the prints where you envision them. But don’t glue them just yet! Make sure everything fits into each category and there is enough space for everything you want to include or write.

Step #4

Once you have decided where everything should go, start putting the pieces together!

Step #5

This is the most fun part, time to decorate! You can go crazy with the stickers, glitter, washi tape etc. Get creative with it! If you wish to make it more personal, we recommend writing a small paragraph of what the photos represent or some memory from that special day.

We would love to see your creations

We hope we could inspire you into getting crafty this holiday season and make a member of your family happy with this thoughtful gift. If you want to share your beautiful DIY memory book on social media and have a chance of featuring on our page, don’t forget to tag us using #MyPostcardMoment. We hope you have lots of fun creating this easy DIY project with your old photo family prints! Give us a follow on Instagram for more DIY reels, tutorials and ideas.


Hiya, I’m Maud. I’m an English girl who's moved to Berlin - because who wouldn’t fall in love with a country which has words like ‘Kummerspeck’ hidden around every corner... I love traveling and finding out the quirks of each country - and what better way to remember them than on a postcard?

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