Sure, you could pop your Christmas cards up on the mantelpiece, or show them off on your sideboard. But you could – hear me out – make them into festive wall decor! Much more fun, plus they’re easy to make, and easy on the eye. So here are four ideas to convince you…

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4 ideas for displaying your Christmas cards as well decor

A DIY crafts idea for an alternative Christmas tree made out of displaying your cards

#1 Create a Christmas tree of cards

Creating this cute little DIY Christmas tree of cards is super easy. All you need is twine, removable tape and some mini pegs – and of course your Christmas cards!

Arrange the twine on the wall with the help of your tape (or wall hooks) in the shape of a Christmas tree. Next, arrange your cards at intervals along the length of the twine and use the pegs to attach them.

Tip: To make your festive wall decor stand out a little more, add a bauble to the sides of your DIY tree.

A Christmas tree shape out of string decorated with Christmas cards

#2 Craft a Christmas mobile

Here’s what you need for this one:

  • A metal hoop
  • Twine
  • Baubles
  • Tape
  • Your Christmas cards

Ideally, get someone to hold your metal hoop, while you tightly wind the twine around the center of it until you’re happy. Knot to fix and add another piece of twine at the top of your hoop to hang from later.

Next, take your baubles and tie them to the twine at different lengths.

Attach more twine at various lengths to the back of your cards with tape. Intersperse them with your cards, and you’re ready to hang on your wall!

#3 Light up a fairy light Christmas tree!

Time to fish out those fairy lights! Use tape or wall hooks to shape the lights in a Christmas tree shape (or the shape of your choice!). Use mini pegs to attached your Christmas cards to your string of lights. Ta-da!

Fairy lights arranged in a Christmas tree shape on the wall, with Christmas cards hanging on it.


For this one, you’ll need:

  • Twine
  • A short stick (bamboo from your garden center or a twig you find on a walk in your winter wonderland)
  • Pegs or tape

First, take your bamboo stick. Wind your twine around a few times on each end, leaving enough slack in the twine to hang it later from your desired length.

At three (or move if you’ve chosen a long stick) intervals, attach more uneven lengths of twine to the stick. Use your tape or pegs to attach the cards down the length of the twine.

And hang on the wall!

Have fun getting crafty!

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