When we think about Greece, mostly citiies like Athens, Mykonos or Santorini pop in our minds. However, there is so much more to discover in this beautiful country filled with hidden gems everywhere you look at. For example, the Island of Rhodes. To be quite frank with my readers, I decided to book this destination because at the time there were little to no flights available to the above mentioned preferred cities. But this was a decision I will surely never regret! If you are however still interested in the many other wonderful cities this country has to offer, check out our Greece Travel Guide. I am certain that after you read this Rhodes itinerary, you will be booking tickets for yourself in no time! So let’s get started, shall we?

Our top places to visit while in Rhodes

Kallithea Springs 

Once a thermal spa and now a gorgeous beach with ancient architecture! This one is a complete must. With crystal clear waters, surrounded by nature and a restaurant overlooking the ocean, you can’t go wrong here! We recommend at to visit in the morning since, they close around 4pm due to it also being an event location for weddings and other ceremonies. If you got any spare time, make sure to also visit the Kallithea cats! A cat shelter just 5minutes away from the entrance, welcomes tourists every morning and donations are always welcome! 

Valley of Butterflies

Unless you rent a car, the only other way to get to the butterfly gardens is by the tours offered in Faliraki. A bus will pick you up from your hotel and drive you there and back for only 15euros! Make sure to reserve a full morning there since the travel times cannot be changed. If you love butterflies it is well worth to check out.

Lindos Bay 

If you still want to get that typical “I’m in Greece” feeling of being surrounded by white greek architecture that is famous because of Mykonos and Santorini, then Lindos is the place for you! Make sure to reserve a full day for this one since it is further away from most places in the island and taxis can get pretty expensive. So we recommend either renting a car or taking a tour. Most boat tours will take you there, let you have 4 hours to explore around and enjoy the beach and then will take you back to your hotel at the end of the day! If you prefer sandy beaches then this is one to check out for sure.

Red Sand beach 

If you’re the type to rent a boat and explore around the island on your own terms then this hidden beach should be added to your list! The shore is covered in red sand and it is only reachable by water. Enjoy a private day (or as private as it can get) laying by the colored sand with nice ocean views!

Anthony Quinn Bay 

This has got to be one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever visited in my entire existence and no, I am not exagerating! Also, I know I mentioned crystal clear waters before but these were even more! If you are planning to spend a full day at the beach just relaxing and enjoying breath-taking views, then this is your spot! However, make sure to arrive early in the morning between 9-10am since it gets full around noon. If you are a big fan of hiking, right around the corner before finding the stairs leading to the beach there is a hiking path/trail. You will end up at the top of one of the mountains surrounding the bay and once you go down, you can access the other (less crowded) side of the beach. 

Food recommendations

Once you’ve loaded up on vitamin D and need to recharge your energies, why not go back up and enjoy some typical greek food while hanging on a swing! Yes, you read that right. Just above Anthony Quinn bay, you can find Kounna Beach & Resto Bar overlooking the beautiful turquoise sea. We tried the chicken gyros tacos and their zaziki plate, a solid 10/10. Another restaurant recommendation (gladly shared to us by one of the locals!) is Manoli’s in Faliraki, a very cozy restaurant for the night time with delicious food!

We hope we could inspire you to visit Rhodes! 

If you end up following our itinerary, make sure to send a postcard to your family, friends and loved ones! Or if you prefer to stay digital, feel free to tag us in your social media pictures using #MyPostcardmoment, we would love to see you having fun in Rhodes! Just don’t forget to pack your sunscreen!


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