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The holidays are here. I repeat, the holidays are here even though it may not feel like it! This year is certainly one for the books. 2020 has brought about the cancellation of events, weddings, and a very long period of separation from family and friends in order to keep everyone safe. It’s been a tough year for everyone and as we head into the holiday season, with restrictions still in place and COVID cases rising, we are all feeling a little less festive than past years. It’s leaving many of us asking ourselves how we can possibly get in the holiday spirit with so many unknowns.

Well I am here to give you some extremely simple ways to get in the holiday spirit despite social distancing and restrictions on gatherings and travel. Just because COVID has ruined this year so far, we don’t need to let it ruin our holidays too.

How to get in the Holiday Spirit this Year

#1 Decorate 

One big way to get myself and my family into the holiday spirit is by decorating and decorating early. Throw up those trees (artificial; since as my husband says a real one would be a fire hazard by the time Christmas gets here), garland, lights, decorations, yard inflatables, whatever gets your Christmas juices flowing. It’s hard not to be cheerful when you’re looking at pretty twinkling lights.

#2 Stay Connected

Mother and todler laugh at something on the laptop

This is a huge piece that I think the majority of people are struggling with during this time. Trying to stay connected to their loved ones especially during a time when you are normally coming together. Traveling may be difficult this year but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay connected to your loved ones. Technology these days makes it nearly impossible not too. Text, e-mail, video chatting and good old fashion calling are great ways to stay in contact with those relatives on the other side of the country.

So hop on a video call to bake cookies with grandma or zoom with your cousins while drinking a bottle of wine and caroling. However you need to stay connected do so. You may just be able to spread some holiday spirit to your loved ones who may be a feeling lonely especially this time of year.

#3 Send Cheer

Laptop showing MyPostcard site as a way to stay connected at Christmas

Just because you can’t visit doesn’t mean you can’t send cheer to your loved ones in the form of presents and cards. Hello, Amazon but don’t forget about MyPostcard. It’s so simple to send a card with the MyPostcard app or on your computer. Just head into the app or to the website; pick your design; add a photo and send. They will take care of creating, addressing and getting it to its intended recipient. A super easy and inexpensive way to spread cheer and the holiday spirit.

MyPostcard has over 50,000 templates and designs including many holiday ones to chose from, sending a postcard or card to family and friends is a great way to stay connected and spread cheer this year. You can chose from their photos or add a personal one of your own as well as a personal caption to brighten someone’s day.

#4 Get Outside

Dress yourself and the kids up warm and head out to look at your neighbors’ lights and outside decorations. Find local places to go that are having fun events outside. One of my favorite things to do during the holidays that makes my holiday spirit skyrocket is going to our local botanical gardens when they decorate the gardens with millions of bright lights. This year they transformed the event into a drive through.

So make sure you check out your local holiday offerings, it may surprise you what is out there.

#5 Hold a Holiday Movie Marathon

Nothing screams holiday more than watching two people fall in love on Christmas Day with every Hallmark movie ever made, or watching Kevin fight off the home invaders or Clark attempt to blind the neighbors with his impressive home light display. So grab some hot cocoa, some cookies you baked virtually with grandma and a blanket to settle into a day, or weekend, of watching non stop holiday movies.

Don’t worry, there are many options out there for the kiddos as well. Some of our family friendly Christmas movies are a Christmas Story, The Grinch, the Christmas Chronicles and Elf.

#6 Play Christmas Music

Christmas cookies in a reindeer shape

It seems as soon as the turkey has been carved on Thanksgiving, the Christmas music starts, which has always seemed a little too early for me. But this year I will allow it. If you want to start playing your Christmas music now then have at it.

Except for that hippopotamus song, please for the love of all that is good, let’s skip that song this year.

#7 Stay Optimistic

It’s hard to see the good especially when there has been so much bad this year. Seeing all the good in a time when everything has gone wrong is hard to do, but can help you stay more cheerful this time of the year.  Also, did you really want your mother in law coming to your home and critiquing your cooking and cleaning skills or a house full of children running around while your brother gets drunk off of spiked egg nog? As nice as it is to have a big holiday celebration, it’s also nice to not have to put pants on and be able to eat your ham in peace. 

It’s easy to sit there and be upset and frustrated over what you can and can’t do right now, or who you can and can’t see, but by staying optimistic in a situation that you have absolutely no control over, it will help you be able to keep that holiday spirit flowing. 

Merry Christmas!

Mother helps toddler decorate the tree to get in the festive spirit

I know this is hard and I know while my suggestions may promote holiday cheer, it is not the same as being able to see and spend time with your loved ones like you normally would this holiday season. Despite the restrictions, limitations and all the unknowns, I truly wish you all a very happy holiday season this year.

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