Even as they stand looking smart yet adorable in a new school uniform two years too big for them and pose for a first day of school photo, your child could be feeling anxious or simply in need of a spot of good luck during this milestone of a day. Whether they are attending kindergarten, high school, (or even college or university), each new school represents an important marker in their educational journey.

If you’re looking to send a special child or young person in your life a greeting card to celebrate their first day of school, wish them luck, or give them motivation, get inspired by our selection of first day of school phrases, back-to-school wishes and more!

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First day of school phrases for Kindergarten and primary school

Back to school wishes on a pink and yellow background

If you are looking to send words of encouragement with your first day of school wishes for a young child, you could consider using a back to school phrase like:

  • Get ready to rock Grade 3! You got this superstar!
  • Your first day of school marks the start of a new adventure of learning, fun and education. Good luck!
  • Cheers to new friends and new adventures!
  • Go get ‘em, tiger! Hope your first day of school is as roar-some as you are.
  • Sending the very best first day of school wishes as you start kindergarten! You’ll be grown up before we can say ‘Elementary School!’
  • Welcome to the world of schooling! I hope that you have an excellent first day, week, month and year.
  • Just a little note to say, we are thinking about you on your big day at big school! You’ll rock it!
  • Get ready for fun, learning and friends.
  • Make sure that you listen to your teacher, try your best and always stay cool at school.
  • You are in school now, so always remember to live, love and learn!

First day of High School card messages

First day of school wishes - same text

Helping to prepare them for their first day at high school, a card is a cute way of letting a special person in your life know that you have got their back at this important moment in their life. It also helps remind them that not everything is riding on school – they already have people who love them.

  • You have grown up so fast and every day you get closer to adulthood! I hope high school is everything that you dreamed it to be.
  • Go you! I will always be cheering you on from the sidelines.
  • Congratulations on your first day at high school! Hope you have lots of fun, make great friends, and knuckle down with your studies.
  • As you take the next step to success, remember I am proud of you always.
  • I am so proud of all that you have accomplished so far and all that you will go on to achieve.
  • I hope this year is everything that you hope for and more!
  • Sending you first day of school wishes and lots of good luck for your first day at secondary school.
  • It was a very long time ago since I had my first day of high school, but it will always be one of the highlights. Wishing you lots of luck on your first day at school.
  • Hope that your high school experience is educational, fun and full of laughter.
  • Even though it is only the first day of high school, you are already on the track to success with so many A’s. Amazing, astonishing, awesome, academic, astounding and more!

Starting university good luck wishes

First day of school wishes on pink and blue background for university students

If you are looking to send a card with first day of school wishes for someone who is attending university or college, you could include messages such as:

  • Hope your university experience is everything that you wish it to be! Study hard, make friends for life, and enjoy every day. I wish you all the very best on this special day!
  • Reach for the stars, my academic superstar! Being a fresher is all about fun and focus, so if there’s one thing you remember, let it be this: Always party AFTER the deadline, not before.
  • Congratulations on making it into the university of your choice! Wishing you all the luck in the world as you take this next step.
  • As you take the next step on the pathway to success, try to remember it’s not all about friends, fun and food! You need to add some focus too!
  • I know that with a little hard work, some support, and lots of love, you will achieve your academic goals.
  • You have done so amazingly to get to this point. Hope many wonderful surprises and academic adventures await you.

Did you find a first day of school message you like?

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Sending a card to wish your school-starter good luck is a great way to celebrate this important day and remind them of what is important as they start their education. Don’t forget, you can send your first day of school wishes to anywhere in the world at MyPostcard. If you are looking for even more back-to-school inspiration, check out this article for first day of school traditions from around the world.


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