From fiction holiday to worldwide-known day of female celebration, Galentine’s day has become famous year after year with loads of women around the world celebrating their friendship. It all began in a 2010 episode of Parks and Recreation, where the protagonist Leslie Knope decided to throw her closest girl friends a party to celebrate them. This would be called Galentine’s Day, which takes place every February 13th, right before Valentine’s Day. To make things easier for you, we came up with a quick guide on how to throw your own party for all your girls too!

1. Consider a theme or dress code

We love a good excuse to dress up and feel extra gorgeous! Galentine’s day is the perfect occasion to come up with an aesthetic or color palette that all of your guests will enjoy. You don’t have to stick to the typical red and pink. Some nice theme ideas include:

  1. Y2K 
  2. Matching pajamas
  3. 80s vibes
  4. Hollywood themed
  5. Or even a 60s glam evening!
Girls sleepover night

2. Send out your personal invites

Don’t limit yourself to an email or text message. This is a great way to show your ladies some extra appreciation. There’s nothing more personal than a handwritten letter or a postcard! You can check out some of our available designs here. 

Valentines and valentines day postcards

Your invite should include date, time, the location you chose (we recommend at home to make it more cozy for everyone!), if they should bring anything etc.

Also – don’t forget to include your theme on the invitation, so your guests can come prepared. For example, if you’re hosting a sleepover, make sure your friends bring their pajamas, so that you can take the best group photos.

3. Decorate your home 

Since Galentine’s Day is all about showing your girl-friends some love, set up your home with fresh flowers, scented candles, cute heart shaped balloons, bowls filled with sweet treats and (if you want to make it a little extra) you can even get a banner to decorate your walls! Maybe this can even turn into all of your guests favorite selfie spots.

heart shaped balloon

4. Plan fun games and activities 

Although spending lots of quality time with your friends is already going to be very fun, you should still plan some nice activities to keep everyone entertained throughout the entire day (or evening!). Some ideas include:

  • Doing a Karaoke night
  • Having a spa theme
  • Doing each other’s mani-pedis
  • Assigning everyone a secret cupid (gift swap)
  • Having a rom-com movie marathon
  • Organizing some drinking games
  • Planning a fun themed photoshoot
girls singing karaoke

5. Organize a heart-themed food & drinks menu

Chocolates, strawberries, heart shaped pancakes or pizza. These are just a few ideas that come to mind when I think of Galentine’s day food. But we are sure that there are an infinite number of ways to make normal ingredients look cute for this special occasion! 

As for the drinks… we recommend some Rosé or sangria if you want to stick with the color theme. Strawberry and raspberry cocktails are also a good idea if you want to stay a tiny bit healthy! (But let’s be real – this day should be all about spoiling yourself and your friends!) If you want to make things look extra cute, you can arrange a small bar cart section in a corner of your living where everyone can mix their own drinks. 

valentines day food, heart shaped food

6. Blast your favorite girl power music

No party is complete without music from your favorite female artists. Set up a playlist in advance and ask all of your guests for song suggestions or to add their favorite music. Spotify has an option of creating a collaborative playlist, so you can easily send the link to your friends. 

Here are some song suggestions:

  • “Run the World (Girls)” by Beyoncé
  • “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper
  • “God Is A Woman” by Ariana Grande
  • “Wannabe” by Spice Girls
  • “Best Friend” by Saweetie (feat. Doja Cat)
  • “Dangerous Woman” by Ariana Grande 
girls having fun with music

Make it memorable

Now that we’ve walked you through the basics of planning your own Galentine’s day party, it’s time to get those invitations ready! We guarantee you this can turn into a lovely tradition for your friend group (even for the not-single ones!) 

If you follow all our tips mentioned above, you will be able to make all your girls feel special and appreciated. Make sure you take some notes of all the ideas we shared with you before you start planning for this special date and don’t forget to take TONS of photos for memories! If you share them on social media, please tag us! We would love to see how you celebrated this year’s Galentine’s Day!


Hiya, I’m Maud. I’m an English girl who's moved to Berlin - because who wouldn’t fall in love with a country which has words like ‘Kummerspeck’ hidden around every corner... I love traveling and finding out the quirks of each country - and what better way to remember them than on a postcard?

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