One of my fondest moments of the holidays is lining up the holiday postcards our family receives from all the lives that have passed through ours. Sometimes it’s someone we haven’t heard from in years – by sending along a photo and a note of what they’re up to, we know that they’re still thinking of us and they’re still well.

We also get great responses to the cards and notes we send out. We get calls from old friends and opportunities to catch up and recall old memories in the most nostalgic time of year.

Keep reading for even more reasons to keep up old-fashioned holiday card traditions.


Holiday Postcards Make Great Holiday Decor

Holiday Postcards

The dozens of beautiful, holiday-colored cards that come in the mail every year can be used as part of your seasonal decor.

You can:

  • Use cute clips to string them up on twine on your wall
  • Make holiday garlands
  • Turn them into tree ornaments
  • Put them in a basket
  • Hang them around a doorway with a garland
  • Put decorative tree branches in a jar, then hang them from the branches

Post-holidays, you can also use the cards to recycle into other projects. They make great paper ornaments or you can use the pretty papers to scrapbook about your holidays.

They also can make for adorable gift tags, or be used as ways to punch up gift wrap.


They’re Better Than Social Media

Scientists and citizens are all beginning to realize that social media actually makes us feel lonelier and more isolated.

You may see what others are up to, but it’s distant, and there is no concrete foundation to your friendship. Physical effort is one way to bridge that distance.

Plus, since there are plenty of people who recognize this and don’t spend that much time on social media, you are missing out on interactions with friends who don’t use it. Think about it – what friends are you not up to date with because they don’t post very often? Holiday postcards are a way to reach out.


They’re More Affordable Than Full-Sized Cards

Holiday Postcards

Holiday greeting cards can be expensive – go to the store and basic cards cost almost three dollars! On top of that, you will have to pay postage, which is forty-nine cents right now. If you’re sending a lot of cards, it adds up.

If you want to send custom cards – forget it. The cost shoots up.

It’s understandable why people get frustrated and decline to send postcards at all.

Using MyPostcard is way more affordable. For less than two dollars, including postage, you can send a custom postcard. Even better, each postcard is totally customizable.

You can send a different picture to Grandma than to your college drinking buddy, which is a relief.

If you want to send the same postcard to everyone, you can order them in bulk, which makes it even cheaper. You can get two hundred for sixty cents apiece.


Make Clients Feel Appreciated

Friends and relatives are not the only people who can receive your holiday postcards – clients can receive them too. Whether you’re a vet office or a party planner, a postcard to your mailing list will add a personal touch to your business.

After all, using the personal touch in your business can go a long way. Establishing human relationships make people feel connected to you. Those connections will make people keep returning, overriding factors like cost or even distance.

A lot of business send form emails. But these emails are really easy to dismiss because people get dozens a day. A card in the mail is hard to miss – or forget.

Holiday postcards are a common and easy way to reach out to clients to remind them that you’re thinking of them and that you exist. They might have forgotten to schedule their annual dentist appointment – but your holiday card is a subtle hint to do so.


It’s an Opportunity for a Family Project

Because pictures are so easy to take and upload, there aren’t a lot of opportunities anymore to take a formal family photo. It’s nice to have photos where everyone is dressed their best and looking photogenic.

Also, it means everyone can be in the photo. When you’re taking photos on an everyday basis, it means that someone is also missing in the photo – the person behind the camera phone.

Although families often do things together on a day to day basis – like make dinner – sometimes you don’t get to escape the routine very often. Sending out holiday cards is a way to get everyone in on a unique project.

Everyone can help pick out outfits, where to take the photo, and select the final picture. You can also get together to address envelopes.

It’s also a great time to talk about the importance of human connection and keeping in touch with friends and family. By following your example, kids will learn the importance of those connections. This kind of project can help them create rewarding friendships for years to come.

Plus, family involvement, in general, can have a lasting and positive impact on childrens’ growth. Sending holiday cards can become an annual family bonding ritual.


Now Go Send Your Holiday Postcards

Holiday Postcards

Sending holiday postcards doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Turn it into a lovely evening with your family with holiday cookies and eggnog. Make it into a nice ritual.

So many people give up on holiday cards because of the stress, but it can be so much better than that. Bring back the nostalgic, caring experience of holiday cards.

Remember that it’s an opportunity to preserve your mental health by connecting with family and old friends, make the people and clients in your life feel appreciated, and display holiday decor that will make your house feel extra warm for the winter.

Don’t worry – maybe it’s a little cheesy, but the nostalgia is good for you, especially this time of year.

Check out the blog at MyPostcard for more tips on sending cards or to place an order for your custom holiday postcards today.


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