Known as the “Spring Festival,” Chinese New Year is one of the most important annual events in the Chinese Culture. It occurs on the new moon between January to February, following the tradition of the Chinese lunar calendar. Here, the Sino culture pays respect to their ancestors, welcome good luck, and gather their family for a hearty meal. Wherever they are in the world, the Chinese celebrate in style, and you too can partake in this festivity by being in the know of when, where and how it is celebrated. So we show you how to celebrate Chinese New Year around the world!

Tip: When attending a Chinese New Year celebration, learn to greet “Gong xi fa cai!” (I wish you prosperity), pay respect to their tradition, and grab a photo of this memorable experience.


How to Celebrate Chinese New Year
In the US

The Californians hold an annual Golden Dragon Parade in line with its Chinese New Year festivities. Hawaii showcases traditional dragon dances with a Kung Fu exhibition to boot. Illinois, home to US’ largest Chinatown, invites locals dig into a heaping of Chinese cuisine, latch wishes on a monkey tree and enjoy the red lantern decorations on the street. Even New York holds its own Lunar New Year activities in its Chinatown.


How to Celebrate Chinese New Year
In Canada

Find yourself in the red-draped streets of Vancouver and Toronto, where Chinese communities hold performances of traditional music, dancing, and arts during the celebration. Most Chinese shops are closed during this day, but you can have a bite of their cuisine in food stalls within the event proper. At night, enjoy the amazing fireworks display while Chinese performers bid bad luck away with a dragon dance.


How to Celebrate Chinese New Year
In Australia

The Chinese community in Sidney holds the biggest Chinese New Year festival, gathering hundreds of thousands of Chinese and guests at the time. Traditional opera performances highlight the occasion, along with lion dances, costumed parades, and decorated streets. The market brims with Chinese cuisine and you can discover amazing eats as you wait for the lantern show that caps off the night.


How to Celebrate Chinese New Year
In Europe

London holds the biggest Chinese New Year in the continent. Expect crowds in Trafalgar Square, where communities sponsor parades and other events to strike the people’s interest in the culture. In Paris, join the Chinese Quarter in the 13th arrondissement for a carnival-themed celebration. Soak into their arts, lanterns, food, and costumes as you wait for the evening pyrotechnics to light up the night. Red lanterns cover Via dei Fiore Imperiali, mimicking Beijing’s atmosphere for its Chinese community.


How to Celebrate Chinese New Year
In Asia

Customs are kept by the Sino living all around East and Southeast Asia. In Taiwan, you’ll find them pasting couplets, wearing new clothes and giving flowers. Homes are cleaned anew to wash away the troubles of the former year and welcome the blessings of the new year. Hong Kong and Macau are in celebratory mode as establishments offer the best accommodation and views for the nightly fireworks. Celebrators crowd temples draped with red lanterns in Kuala Lumpur, while in Thailand, strong gold colors light up the street for their parade in full costume. Perhaps the biggest Chinese New Year Celebration happens in Beijing, where guests are treated to a spectacular show of fireworks as the bell rings in the local temples. The night ends in a similar way: families gather together for a festive evening while enjoying sumptuous cuisine. In the morning, locals attend the temple fair to pray for health and prosperity.



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