Were you slowly getting less and less motivated to work throughout the past year? Do you not feel drawn to sit on your desk and have a productive day anymore? Then your work from home space is probably in need of a little makeover. Don’t worry! We’re here to help.

Finding the right furniture

Sometimes, we just start using what we already have to save up some money. But if you spend most of your time working from home, then it makes sense to invest in a space that will make you feel good. Maybe you need a more comfortable chair or a bigger desk, or extra drawers for organising your documents! Whatever it is, treat yourself to it. It doesn’t have to be expensive, we recommend checking out sites like eBay or Facebook Marketplace if you want to stay on a budget but still find something unique!

Adding the right elements

Do you like having an empty clean desk? Or do you like decorating the space with your favorite things? Think about having useful things around you, like a pencil holder, notebooks, sticky notes or journals! Maybe even some scented candles to lift up your mood? Or some pictures of your loved ones in a frame that’s right infant of you. Add anything that you think is either useful or will bring a smile to your face!

Have motivational posters or quotes

Let’s be honest, not everyone is motivated to be productive 24/7. So having a good old motivational quote in front of your desk area is always a good idea! Maybe you’re into vision boards, or pictures of dream holiday destinations that will get you on the right track to boost your performance at work. Think of what will help you the most, print it and add it to your wall. A good and easy option to get this done is via the MyPostcard app, where you will find tons of motivational quotes in postcard size to make a collage on your wall that will help you stay motivated every single day!

Add a touch of green

It’s been scientifically proven that plants are good at improving your mood, reducing fatigue, lowering stress levels, and improving performance and focus. Sounds great, right? So why not adding them to your work area? Besides providing you with all of these amazing benefits, they will also look great by your desk!

Keep it clean and organised

Now that you’ve got your dream set up, don’t forget to keep it clean! We recommend having a weekly routine to avoid dusty corners, and overall having a fresh smelling workspace. If you need some extra organisation hacks, get some drawer organisers or extra shelves, boxes for storage. Label things as much as possible so you never get your items in the wrong place and can easily find everything you need.

We want to see your WFH spaces…

We hope you could get inspired to give your workspace a little makeover for the upcoming year! You deserve to have a nice and motivating are to get things done. If you follow our recommendations and want to show off your results, feel free to tag us on social media! You can check out our Instagram for more inspiration and use the hashtag #MyPostcardMoment for a change to get reposted! Happy new (productive) year!

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