Every year Father’s Day catches us off-guard. We obsess over Mother’s Day and summer plans, completely forgetting the holiday that acknowledges the difficulty of fatherhood, then hastily debate last minute gifts before resorting to a tie or some other clique. Luckily, this year MyPostcard studied gift ideas for Father’s Day on your behalf.

After researching, we found the perfect gift for the father in your life – a vacation. Fathers rarely truly leave the stress of work and/or family and you can give him that opportunity.

Before you freak out over the impracticality of researching and finalizing last minute plans and purchases in a week, we are not proposing you ensure father stays somewhere awesome on Father’s Day. Instead, we hope you give dad a tentative plan and the promise to take financial responsibility for a trip sometime soon.

When your dad escapes, make sure he takes pictures, ensuring that he can remember his vacation with a postcard from MyPostcard.

Watch and Listen Before Planning a Trip

Plan the trip and consider his hobbies

Before purchasing escapes for Father’s Day, consider what vacation dad would enjoy. Every father is different so every father’s trip should be different.

To decipher time restrictions, just ask your dad “how much vacation time do you have left and what do you plan on doing with it?” under the guise of planning your summer.

Figuring out what he appreciates is slightly more challenging. We recommend you start by watching and listening. Does dad look longingly at dessert as you walk by? Or, regularly search for a specific food item? Maybe he casually describes friends he hasn’t seen in a while or has a love of British history.

Then, remember dad’s commentary on previous trips. Does he favor nature or cities? Did he stay in bed before heading to the beach or did he wake up early to see everything? How long is he comfortable being away from home and work? Does he travel by himself or does he need some company?

Regardless of the answers, if you watch, listen, and remember, you are sure to pick up on clues that reveal your father’s travel preferences and tastes.

Destinations Around the World

Ideas for Father's Day - The best destinations worldwide
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You watched and listened carefully? Perfect, then with your dad’s desires in mind, let us pick a destination.

Dads who need adventure can…

  • Run with the bulls in Spain: Every year, from July 6th to 14th in Pamplona, folks enjoy the thrill of the chase.
  • Skydive in Australia: Technically, you can skydive anywhere but only Australia allows you to skydive over the Great Barrier Reef. Find 8 other cool destinations for skydiving here.
  • Surf in Bali: A prime location for novice and expert surfers alike.
  • Hike the Italian Dolomites: These mountains offer hundreds of trails of various lengths for biking and hiking to dad’s content.

Want other adventurous destinations? Check out our article on the Coolest Places on Earth.

Those stressing over various restraints hang tight; we’ll be giving you some local ideas for Father’s Day soon.

Dads who need relaxation can visit…

  • Safaris in Kenya: Where dad can enjoy complete isolation and animals in their natural habitat. Here’s some of the most remote African safaris.
  • Lake Louise in Alberta Canada: Close to Banff National Park, Lake Louise offers skiing, hiking, and canoeing or enjoying hot springs, visiting spas, and taking yoga classes. Canada has got it all.
  • Secret Lagoon in Iceland: Your father could go to the touristy, over-priced Blue Lagoon or to the Secret lagoon, a smaller, cheaper geothermal bath. It’s up to you but we know where we’re going.
  • Shima, Japan: Shima, considered the heart of traditional Japan, has shrines everywhere, perfect for fathers seeking peace.

Dads who enjoy entertainment can visit…

  • Las Vegas, Nevada: If your Dad gambles, Sin City has got him covered with over 100 casinos that specialize in everything from poker to food to slots to table games.
  • Jamaica: Jamaican rum, known as the only alcohol that can’t be drunk without a chaser, would reinvigorate anyone. Plus, dad can try some Blue Mountain Coffee, also enlivening.
  • Dublin, Ireland: Ireland lays claim to many whiskies and stout beers. If he loves beer, it doesn’t get better than this.
  • Monte Carlo, Monaco: For those who’ve got a little extra money on their hands, Monte Carlo provides high end casinos. And, for those interested in movies or royalty, Grace Kelly was buried here.

Local Suggestions

Ideas for Father's Day - Local suggestions
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Now, for local, close to home, gift for Father’s Day. Maybe you don’t have the money; your father wouldn’t enjoy solo worldwide travel; you don’t have enough preparation time; or, he doesn’t have enough free time.

Regardless, here are a few alternatives:

  • Spa/Massage day: Massages relieve mental and physical stress. Besides, no one deserves relief more than your dad.
  • Watching a game: Is dad nostalgic for the good old college/highschool days? Then take him to a sporting event. This one may be more pleasurable with people but you can collaborate with his friends to figure something out.
  • Hotel for the night: Maybe he can’t get away for a week but one restful night is better than nothing. And, a strange enjoyment accompanies spending the night in your town but away from home.
  • His favorite restaurant: Food is proven as the way to anyone’s heart; dinner will further engrain you in his.  
  • Explore his hometown: Depending on his hometown, this could be further than promised and it wouldn’t technically involve escape, but we love the idea of dad leading everyone to his old haunts.

Since we’ve given you some ideas for Father’s Day, it’s time to start researching. Or, you could check out even more cool destinations & things to do in our article on a New Zealand getaway. Either way, this year you will show your love with more than a tie, hopefully.

What do you normally give your father for Father’s Day? Do you have more gift ideas? Comment below.

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