Father’s Day is a day to celebrate the dad figures in our lives, to show them how much we appreciate them, and to thank them for everything they do for us. Whether you want to plan a fun activity, make a homemade gift, or surprise your dad with something special, the most important thing is showing him how much he means to you. So this year, take the time to celebrate your dad with one of these awesome Father’s Day ideas!

When is Father’s Day 2023?

The USAJune 18thJune 16thJune 15th
CanadaJune 18thJune 16thJune 15th
The UKJune 18thJune 16thJune 15th
AustraliaSeptember 3rdSeptember 1stSeptember 7th

Sweet and caring Father’s Day ideas

Sometimes, the simplest gestures mean the most. Here are some sweet and caring things you can do for your dad on Father’s Day.

A father and son have a sweet moment with the dad holding his son on his shoulders - Father's Day ideas

#1 Create a photo album or scrapbook 

Gather some of your favorite family photos and create a personalized photo album or scrapbook for your dad. You can also use an online service like MyBestPhotoBook to create your photo book and have it printed and sent to you.

#2 Treat him to a Father’s Day meal

Another idea is to have a special Father’s Day meal. You can cook your dad’s favorite dish or even have a family barbecue if you have a backyard or balcony. Make sure to decorate the table and create a festive atmosphere to make the day feel extra special. Alternatively, take him to his favorite restaurant!

#3 Design a personalized mug 

Buy a plain white mug and decorate it with Sharpies or acrylic paint. You can write your dad’s name, draw a picture, or write a special message.

#4 Write a heartfelt card 

Did you know that Father’s Day is the 4th largest card-sending occasion in the US? Write a card to your dad expressing how much you love and appreciate him. You can share your favorite memories together, or thank him for his support and guidance over the years.

Need a little help writing your Father’s Day card this year? We’ve got you covered with a guide and even some copy-paste quotes on how to write your Father’s Day card

Fun and active Father’s Day ideas

Father’s Day is a great opportunity to spend quality time with your dad and create new memories together. If you’re looking for something fun and active to do, here are a few ideas.

Active ideas for Father's Day father and son hike.

#1 Go on a Father’s Day hike 

Go on a hike or nature walk: Spending time in nature is a great way to bond with your dad and get some exercise at the same time. Find a local trail or park and go for a scenic walk or hike.

#2 Organize a sports day 

If your dad is a sports fan, plan a day of playing his favorite sports together. You can play basketball, football, or even go bowling or mini-golfing.

#3 Sign up for a cooking class

If your dad loves to cook, sign up for a cooking class together. You can learn new recipes and cooking techniques while spending quality time together.

Is your partner the absolute best dad out there? Let him know with one of these sweet, funny, and emotional Father’s Day messages from partners.

Virtual Father’s Day ideas 

Father’s Day is a special day to show your dad how much you care. Even if you can’t be together in person, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate and make the day memorable.

A laptop showing a video call with a dad on Father's Day

#1 Host a movie marathon

Have a family movie marathon. Pick out some of your dad’s favorite films, stock up on snacks, and spend the day virtually watching movies together. 

#2 Run a games night

You can also have a family game night, where you play board games, card games, or video games together. Of course, it’ll all be on Zoom, but after the pandemic, there’s an abundance of games you can download and play together. 

If you’re looking for more suggestions for virtual Father’s Day ideas, check out our article for more ideas. 

#3 Send a care package 

Put together a care package filled with your dad’s favorite snacks, some books he’ll love, or other gifts. You can also include a heartfelt note or a homemade gift.

#4 Order a meal delivery 

Order your dad’s favorite meal and have it delivered to his house. You could also send him a gift card to his favorite restaurant.

Father’s Day surprise ideas

If you want to go the extra mile and surprise your dad with something special, here are some ideas.

A father holding two kids in a field of flowers while a third runs ahead.

#1 Plan a surprise party

Get your family and friends together, and plan a surprise party for your dad. Decorate the house, prepare his favorite foods, and invite all of his loved ones to celebrate with him.

#2 Plan a weekend getaway

Choose a destination he’s always wanted to visit, and plan a fun itinerary with activities and restaurants he’ll love.

#3 Hire a personal chef 

If your dad is a foodie, hire a personal chef to come to your home and cook a gourmet meal for him and your family.

Creative ways to celebrate Father’s Day

Finally, if you’re looking for some truly unique and creative ways to celebrate Father’s Day, try one of these ideas. 

father's day ideas for city tour - a man carries his child on his shoulders with a city backdrop.

#1 Plan a scavenger hunt 

Create a scavenger hunt for your dad with clues and puzzles that lead him to a surprise destination or gift.

#2 Take a special city tour

You can stop at his favorite landmarks and restaurants or even take a scenic drive through the countryside. Alternatively, a food or beer tour is always fun!

#3 Host a game show 

Create your own game show with fun and silly games. You can even invite friends and family to join and make it a group activity!

Sending messages and gifts to your dad isn’t limited to one day. Here are some cute, funny and meaningful compliments to send to your dad any day of the year. It’ll make them feel special and earn you some brownie points! 

Happy Father’s Day to all the incredible dads out there!


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