The beauty and sophistication of newborns is so compelling that we often find the urge to take pictures irresistible. However, infants are quite delicate, an issue that gives chills to even the most experienced photographers in the game. To top this off, if they are no napping, they are usually making a fuss which, to say the least, does not inspire any photogenic shots. Nonetheless, photographers both experienced and armatures have been able to capture heartwarming photos of these little bundles of joy. So, how do they do it? We let you in on the secret by giving you sure tips on infant photography.

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Infant Photography Tip #1
Be Safe, Not Sorry

Infant Photography
As I said, infants are delicate. Their tiny bodies need to be handled with utmost care when using them as your subject. One sure way of being safe is by ensuring they are as comfortable as possible. This means going above and beyond to ensure that everything and anything you do will not harm the baby in any way.

Start by ensuring your hands are squeaky clean since you are going to come into contact with the baby when shooting. Ensure that when posing the subject, you provide optimum support and balance especially for those unusual shots. Speaking of comfort, be sure to keep your hands warm to avoid upsetting the baby.

I can spend all day talking about safety and infant photography but to be honest, when it comes down to it, safety is all about using your common sense. Would you place your kid that high for a photo? No? Then don’t do it with any infant.

Infant Photography Tip #2
Come Prepared

Infant Photography
If you plan to show up at an infant’s shoot with just your camera, then you are in for a rude awakening. Infant photography requires you to pack a little extra especially if your style involves a lot of posing. Consider caring a swaddle for posing, you may also be required to have some props in some cases as they help tell a story. In short, pack depending on the items you want in your shots.

When packing your camera equipment, make sure you bring extra batteries since it may take some time to get a good shot. Bring along your macro-lens too, it will come in handy in this type of photography. I will be telling you how in a bit.

Infant Photography Tip #3
Abstract Shots Are Worth The Hype

Infant Photography
Alongside some great full body shots, abstract shots are really captivating especially when it comes to infant photography. After you are done getting your main shots, zoom into those pretty tiny legs and capture them. Perhaps you want a picture you’re the baby’s hands. Whatever you chose to focus on, abstract photos are quite enigmatic and a creative way to add variety to your photo album. While doing this, a macro-lens is invaluable equipment that you need to ensure you don’t leave behind.

Infant Photography Tip #4
Positioning And Posing

Infant Photography
As much as newborns are delicate, their soft body parts are easy to fold hence this can work to your advantage when posing your child. Their malleable body part can be posed in a number of unique ways that can work to your advantage in the quest for unique photos. Incorporate different clothes to go with your theme while posing.

It is important to note that the older the baby gets the harder it will be to try out the sophisticated poses that involve folding of limbs. While letting your imagination run wild is highly encouraged, don’t let it drive you over the edge resulting in your child’s injury.

For instance, you have probably seen the unique photos of newborns strategically posed on tree branches or any other interesting but risky areas. Most of these photos are not exactly as they seem since they involve a little Photoshop to give the desired effect. So, if you must have a unique but too crazy for an infant shot, I suggest you sharpen your Photoshop skills to be on the safe side.

Infant Photography Tip #5
It’s The Small Things That Matter

Infant Photography
You will hardly get any activity from infants as they usually spend most of their time asleep and when they are awake, they are either eating, pooping or crying. However, there are those once in a while moments where the baby will smile so slightly, yawn or any interesting expression your young one is accustomed to. Stay alert and ensure you don’t miss these moments as they make some of the best shots.

Also, focus on the unique features in your child such as dimples. I also find that infants eyes tend to add a whole lot of beauty to a shot so if you can capture your subject’s eyes while shooting it would be great.

Infant Photography Tip #6
Sometimes It’s About Choosing Your Moments

Infant Photography
If you have a newborn baby, you will notice that they can get excited on certain occasions. For instance, during shower time. This poses as a great moment to get some emotion into your shots. If the subject is your child, this will be a bit easier since you are accustomed to your child’s behavior.

Shots that include the parents are also encouraged since they often tell a story. Have the mom lay on her back with the baby beside her and take the shot from above. You can also go for the simple photo where the parents are both holding the baby. Simple, but at the end of the day, it tells a story.


Baby’s are truly a blessing, one of the best ways to appreciate your child is by capturing all the milestones in their lives. Infant photography is where the story begins hence the need for it to be done right. If there is any major advice to give on photographing newborns, is to be very careful throughout the shoot. Also, don’t be in a hurry as it may take time to get the right shot. Remember, you are working on the child’s schedule. If she decides to nap in between shots, deal with it.


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