There are roughly 7,000 languages spoken around the world; shared amongst almost seven billion global citizens. Whether you are looking for inspiration to get motivated or simply beautiful words that signify that thing that you can’t quite think of the word for, check out this list of inspirational words in other languages and phrases to keep you energized.

These words don’t have a direct translation in English making them all the more inspiring and beautiful

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Inspirational Words for Success in Other Languages

These inspirational words in other languages are all linked to success, resilience and motivation!

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#21 Fargin

Fargin is one of our inspirational words from other languages, in this case Yiddish

Verb: This Yiddish term means to be wholeheartedly appreciative of someone else’s success in life.

Origin: Yiddish

#20 Sisu

Sisu from the Finnish is an inspiring word for sustaining courage

Noun: This inspirational word in another language, namely Finnish, pertains to a stoic concept associated with grit, determination and resilience.

Origin: Finnish

#19 Esperto or esperta

Esperto or esperta are two inspiring words in other languages (inlcuding Portuguise and Mexican) here meaning quick witted

Adjective: This refers to someone who is quick-witted, intelligent and on-the ball. However, it can also be used with negative connotations to mean something close to cunning.

Origin: Portuguese

#18 生きがい (Ikigai)

Ikigai from Japanese is an untranslatable and motivational word referring to life purpose

Noun: Ikigai is a Japanese concept which indicates your life purpose. It is that what motivates us and provides us with a reason for being.

Origin: Japanese

#17 Mít kliku

Mit kliku meaning luck is on your side in Czech

Verb: Literally translating as to have a door handle, this Czech verb means to have luck on your side.

Origin: Czech

#16 जिजीविषा (Jijivisha)

An inspirational word from the Hindi language: Jijivisha meaning a desire to achieve the maximum

Noun: This inspirational Hindi word translates as a strong wish and is indicative of an intense desire to get the most out of every day.

Origin: Hindi

#15 μεράκι (Meraki)

From the inspiring Greek language meaning to pour your soul in to each task

Verb/Adverb: This beautiful verb is ideal for those working in the creative field and it refers to the process of pouring yourself into your work or a task (although usually a creative one!)

Origin: Greek

#14 Desvelado

From the Spanish, Desvelado describes a vigilant wakefulness

Adjective: Desvelado literally means ‘awake’ and comes from the verb desvelar, which means ‘to reveal’ or ‘to keep awake’.

Origin: Spanish

#13 تراض (Taarradhin) 

Taarradhin, an inspiring word from a different language  meaning a happy compromise

Noun: This Arabic word is similar to compromise, to some extent, but it refers to a situation in which everyone is more than happy with the outcome.

Origin: Arabic

Motivational Words from Around the World

These inspirational words in other languages offer beauty and mindfulness and speak of community and humanitarianism. They include:

#12 しょうがない (shoganai)

Shoganai translates roughly to inspirational words in other languages about how some things are inevitable

In summary, this phrase simply means that what troubles you cannot be helped and it is mostly used for those inconsequential things that happen in life that can sometimes block our flow.

Origin: Japanese

#11 Ailyak

Ailyak is taken from a Bulgarian concept of doing things calmly and purposefully

Adjective: Ailyak is a beautiful Bulgarian term for the subtle art of doing everything calmly and without haste. It is similar to the famous Swahili idiom ‘Hakuna Matata’

Origin: Bulgarian

#10 Lagom

Describing something that's 'just right' this inspirational word in a different language is lagom

Adjective: This Swedish and Norwegian word is similar to being  ‘just the right amount’, and it is very much influential in Scandinavian way of living. This is particularly apparent when it comes to achieving balance and maintaining a harmonious equilibrium.

Origin: Swedish

#9 भव (Bhava)

A motivational concept, bhava refers to the process of working together for a common good.

Noun: A Buddhist abstract noun that refers to a mental state of bliss, peace or enlightenment.

Inuktitut, Canada- Piliriqatigiinniq

Verb: Indicative of community and togetherness, this word refers to the process of working together with others for a common good.

Origin: Sanskrit

#8 Hoʻoponopono

This Hawaiian word is a noun for the practice of reconciliation - an inspiration word in other languages

Verb: Although literally translating as correction or to bring about rightness, hoʻoponopono also refers to reconciliation and self-forgiveness.

Origin: Hawaiian

#7 Waldeinsamkeit

This foreign German word describes the feeling of etherial aloneness you get while alone in nature

Noun: Meaning to be alone in nature or the woods, this unique German term is reminiscent of a solitude that is spiritual.

Origin: German

#6 φιλότιμο (filotimo)

'A love of honor' - these inspirational words are described by one, filotimo, in another language

Noun: Also spelled as Philotimo, this Greek word is almost impossible to translate but can be summed up as ‘love of honour’.

Origin: Greek

Beautiful Phrases in Different Languages

Sometimes a single word is not quite enough so we have also included some of the most beautiful phrases in different languages from around the globe. We may not have a direct translation of these inspirational words in other languages, but they describe concepts and feelings we are familiar with.

#5 Hakuna Mutata

As beatiful phrases go in different languages, hakuna mutata is probably the most famous, meaning no worries

Literal translation: No worries!

Meaning: These inspirational words in another language, namely Swahili, probably make up one of the most famous and beautiful phrases. That’s right, Hakuna Mutata, popularised by a certain lion cub and his meerkat and warthog friends in the Lion Kind, is pretty similar in meaning to ‘no problem’ in English.

Origin: Swahili

#4 Кто не рискует, тот не пьет шампанского

This beautiful and inspirational Russian phrase essentially means fortune favours the brave

Literal translation: He who doesn’t take risks doesn’t drink champagne

Meaning: Fortune favours the brave

Origin: Russian

#3 Miecz przeznaczenia ma dwa ostrza. Jednym jesteś ty.

These inspirational Polish words refer to the idea in other languages that you must shape your own destiny

Translation: The sword of destiny has two edges. You are one of them.

Meaning:  Fate can only go so far, hard work and determination are also essential components of success.

Origin: Polish

#2 Deuparth gwaith yw ei ddechrau

This beautiful phrase in a different language means finding the motivation is two thirds of the job

Translation: Starting the work is two thirds of it.

Meaning: The motivation we need to begin can often be the hardest to find.

Origin: Welsh

#1 A-ți lua inima în dinți

This motivational Romanian phrase in a different language refers to doing something with particular bravery

Translation: To take your heart in your teeth

Meaning: To do something particularly brave or daring, this is a phrase for those looking for courage in the face of fear.

Origin: Romanian

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