Spring is here and so does the wanting to go out. There’s the sun finally shining in all of its glory. While the chill of winter hasn’t entirely dissipated, the blanket of snow is gone, and the streets are free to walk on. Now is your time to live in the moment and get away for a weekend march vacation. But where to? Here, we’ve listed down the TOP 6 March vacation destinations – along with the events that coincide with the season. Get your bags ready, for you’re in for a spring that you won’t forget!

March Vacation #1
New York

This cosmopolitan paradise is a perfect blend of small-town quirks and the splendor of its extravagant skyline. As the Big Apple slowly stirs from its winter yawns, spring is just the perfect time to explore the city’s distinctive boroughs. New Yorkers celebrates the thawing season by taking their celebration to the streets; see them crowding Central Park or gloriously frolicking at the outdoor markets.

What to do during your stay? Linger around Fifth Avenue and purchase your dream suit before you head to the glitzy Broadway at night. During the day, cultivate your artistic senses as you take a stroll in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Rockefeller Center or the Radio City Music Hall. Walk like a local in the New York Times Square as the streets glow with the yellow-colored cabs. Before leaving, make sure you swing by the Empire State Building in Manhattan and explore the Grand Central Terminal while watching crowds head to their destinations.

Hot tip: If you’re in New York on St. Patrick’s Day, you’re in for a treat, as this city holds one of the biggest Irish-American communities in the land. Enjoy a revelry of food and drink during this annual event!

March Vacation #2

Philadelphia as destination #2 March Vacation
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A city rich in history and culture, Philadelphia is a thriving spring destination, thanks to its glorious dining scene, which of course includes the famous cheesesteak. Before you dig into your sandwich, you may want to drop by the Independence Hall, where America’s founding founders signed the Declaration of Independence. There are many other museums to take a jaunt to, such as the Franklin Institute, Mutter Museum, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. When it’s time to quell your hunger, drop by Reading Terminal Market which is a whole umbrella of different cuisines. Get your local dairy at the Bassett’s Ice Cream before experiencing fine dining at the Italian Ristorante Pesto.

March Vacation #3

Miami as destination #3 March Vacation

Perhaps the most popular among March vacations, Miami is a spring break favorite, thanks to its plethora of beaches, sun-kissed weather and affordable hotels. Down the city is the South Beach, a popular affluent neighborhood where high-end boutiques and decadent fusion restaurants line up the streets. You’d be staying in the Art Deco inspired hotels before you leave for the upscale nightclubs. If you’re looking for a more serene way to pass time, you can enjoy the architecture and art in nearby museums.

Hot tip: Miami is also the location of Calle Ocho Festival, often held on the Eight Street of Little Havana. Here, you can fill yourself with the enticing Hispanic cuisine served on the street-market. It ends with a dance party, lots of drinks and good company, something that will make your stay more memorable.

March Vacation #4
Washington, D.C.

Washington D.C. as destination #4 March Vacation

The heritage-rich city of Washington, D.C. carries a norther charm in a southern city, as described by John F. Kennedy. This east-coast destination shines with a plethora of famous museums and quaint neighborhoods, not to mention the burst of energy from its beloved Tidal Basin. March is just the perfect time to see its National Cherry Blossom Festival, where visitors are rewarded with the sight of pink blooms draping the white architecture. Absorb more historical knowledge by visiting the memorials or go nerdier as you drop by the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

To quench your hunger, enjoy a bite at the upscale Zaytinya or Oyamel Cocina Mexicana. Meanwhile, contemporary cuisine lovers can delight in the modern meals offered at Capitol Hill and Georgetown.

March Vacation #5

This sun-kissed paradise is warm and welcoming all year round, but March is a special season. Here, travelers get the chance to see humpback whales birth and breed by the sea. Another spring break favorite, you’d be treated to postcard-like panoramic sunsets (which you’d definitely love to take pictures of). Adventurers can get their share of thrill outdoors, as the wide-open sea caters to surfers, divers and parasailers. Island-style boutique hotels make your Polynesian vacation more interesting, especially when they serve you with an island-style gourmet intermixed with a melodious ukulele ensemble.

Hot tip: Take this time to drop by Oahu for their annual Honolulu Festival and the Annual Kona Brewers Festival at the Big Island, where you get a promising chug of beer, jazz music and amazing food!

You can find more romantic places here.

March Vacation #6

As winter seeps away, The Lone Star State is getting ready to dish out a bounty of offerings for its March tourists. During this season, Texas celebrates its annual Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, where the pros get together to challenge majestic horned beasts to a battle. Outside, the gardens are pervaded with brightly colored flowers, especially in the Tyler Azalea trail – one of the oldest flower trails in the state. In this place where country is a way of life, contemporary fun abounds. While you’re on vacation, get a lip-smacking taste of its local BBQ, and then replenish your sweet tooth’s cravings with a good PB&J. Experience a variety of cuisines by exploring the flavors served in many of the state’s food trucks. Take this time to explore national parks, historical museums, sandy beaches and graceful city life.

Hot tip: Schedule your visit during the South by Southwest, a conference which gathers thousands of registrants who share the same love for film and music which are showcased during the period.

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