Posing like a model looks pretty easy. Up until you’ve tried it and ended up feeling silly, confused, desperate and everything else in between. The good news is you’ll be posing professionally in no time with these tips for model posing as a womxn. Testing out a few facial expressions and placing your body in various angles, you can pose like a model without being one. If you are tired of taking mediocre photos, this post is just for you. 

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Model Posing  Tip #1
If you are going to slouch, do it right!

Two women show how to pose as model while sitting down

First, there is a difference between slouching and hunching over, don’t get it confused. Slouching helps you look as natural and relaxed. This can be achieved by putting uneven weight on your feet with the foot supporting less weight bent naturally and thus making you achieve a perfect pose.

As I said, you have got to do it right. This means that your head should be held high to make you look confident as well as to avoid a hunched back. Also, don’t lean back too much while slouching or else your stomach will appear bigger.

Model Posing Tip #2
Eyes off the camera

A model posing with eyes off camera and hand on neck

This may come as a surprise to you but looking into the camera is not always the answer to stunning photographs. When you look directly at the camera, it exposes your eyeballs increasing the amount of white in your eyes. For a dreamy look, follow your nose with your eyes or focus on any object that is in close proximity to the camera. The result will be great exposure for your iris and pupil with just the right amount of eyeballs.

While doing this, take note of sources of light around you this will help avoid casting a shadow on your face.

Model Posing Tip #3
Find something to lean on

Model posing against a wall

There are lots of model poses that you can do while leaning on an object like a sculpture or something more common like a chair. The essence of this is to make you one with your surroundings. It especially comes in handy when doing professional poses for adverts say a pose with a posh car. A bonus of finding something to lean on is that you will gain extra support for your body hence less straining which translates to a relaxed look.

Model Posing Tip #4
Your hair is also part of your body. Use it!

In black and white, a women with her hair hanging picturesquely over her face.

You often see beautiful shots ruined by wrong hair placement. You can style your hair to match the mood of the shot. Moreover, if you have unique hair – say it’s very long or beautifully curly or big – make this the focus of your photo by posing with it. Also, try to avoid covering your face with your hair, a common mistake committed by most subjects.

Model Posing Tip #5
I don’t know what to do with my hands!

Two models posing with their hands in movement

Have you ever prepared so much for a photo shoot and just when you thought you have the pose, your hands seem to be misplaced? Don’t worry, you are not alone.

Most subjects never know what to do with their hands either. The first rule of posing with your hands is to keep them off your face. Unless it is a commercial shot for nail polish, your hands on your face often depicts a lack of confidence or perhaps shyness. Instead, try the famous hands on hips, neck over shoulder pose. It oozes confidence and model-like poise. If this is too much for you, simple poses like pocketing or tagging on your belt are subtle but make good shots. The main point is to be relaxed and let your hands pose naturally.

The other thing you can try is being fluid in your movements to give you pose a different dynamic.

Model Posing Tip #6
A simple smile does it

Model Posing
Unless you are going for the fierce look, something as simple as a smile can make a whole lot of a difference in your photo. Other than lighting up your face, a smile naturally lifts your cheek bones giving you a youthful look. Your eyes also get narrower eliminating the excessive exposure of your eyeballs as we talked about earlier. The beauty of a smile is that it can be used to relay all kinds of emotions. Tilt your head sideways when smiling and you have care and love, the sideways smile is well known for giving you a sly look. Just make sure your other facial expressions are in tandem with whatever emotion you are trying to depict.

Model Posing Tip #7
Open your mouth just a little bit

A model sits posing with her lips slightly open

One other thing that you can do with your mouth when you are not smiling is to open it just enough to show the tips of your front teeth. This prevents your jawline from clenching which often gives you a harsh masculine look. Furthermore, slightly opening your mouth elongates your face and gives emphasis to your lips. Just make sure you don’t open too wide or end up looking silly instead.

It’s a wrap!

There are a whole lot of other rules and tips on posing like a model but the major takeaway should be to look and feel confident and relaxed. You can get this by dressing right and where you can, a little makeup wouldn’t hurt. Please don’t go too far with the poses, keep it simple to avoid looking silly or getting injured (I’ve seen it happen). I know these tips will give you and your photographer an easy time in your next photo session. Just remember to have fun while at it!


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