Kash from budgettraveller.org is THE expert on travelling in style on a budget. He recently visited us in our Berlin office and gave us an exclusive video interview, where he shared his tips and favorite things about travelling with us. He’s been blogging for a living since 2012, but he actually started way earlier than that – and for a very unusual reason: as a joke, being that he was an astonishing 60,000 pounds in debt. And we can definitively say: it worked out pretty well for him! 😉

In between working three jobs, blogging became a kind of therapy for him. And in order to be able to travel on top of all that, he had to be clever. And after all, necessity is the mother of invention. This is why we can all learn a lot from Kash when it comes to travelling on a budget.

In the meantime, blogging has become Kash’s job and h’s even begun writing books. His most recent one, which will be published in Autumn, is about Luxury hostels around the world. And as Kash says: Luxury is not about Egyptian cotton, it’s about the experience. The total package needs to include a good experience, great atmosphere, nice people, chats and so much more – after all, haven’t we all experienced what its like to feel at home in a place – when it had absolutely nothing to do with expensive champagne?

At any rate, Kash has a lot of stories to tell! Check out his blog at budgettraveller.org and find out where to stay or eat when you’re travelling on a budget amongst a lot of other interesting topics.


Here’s the whole interview with many more answers and stories from Kash that we haven’t even begun to touch on, among others – which countries should you try out McDonald’s food in…

Dear Kash, what’s your #1 travel tip?

My best travel tip for traveling on a budget would be visiting a country where your money goes the farthest. If you go to Thailand or Cambodia, you get a lot for a handful of Euros:

good accomodation, great people, nice food, sunshine and a lot of good cold beers – the perfect day to me! You can easily live off 20€ per day.

Who would you like to receive a postcard from?

Barack Obama, if you’re listening, please send me a postcard. I’d love to hear from you.


Check out the Instagram profile of Kash. Here he shows his daily life of traveling.

Blogger of the Month Kash Budgettraveller - sein Instagram Account

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