Anyone who finds themselves asking how exactly bloggers get into their profession and what they did before their career as an influencer often get the same monotone answer which somewhat lacks authenticity. A glimpse behind the facade is hard to come by, despite the fact that many bloggers are constantly taking their followers with them on their travels.

We’ve been busying ourselves with exactly this – taking a peek behind the scenes. We wanted to find out what one of the coolest and most talented travel and lifestyle bloggers, Thomas Banik, did before Instagram and Co. We even picked up some tips on how you can grow a successful social media business as a blogger.

Thomas is a proper globetrotter. On his Instagram profile, in particular, he is always showing what’s currently in the pipeline for him and what’s keeping him busy. However, he also keeps a Blog which he fills with colourful and interesting content; his speciality is travel videos (so make sure to take a look at his Youtube Channel!).

We are really excited about having met Thomas at the ITB and to have talked about postcards, personal life and being spontaneous with him.

You can watch the complete interview with Thomas Banik right here 🙂

Hey Thomas, as a social media pro, we would obviously love to hear your top secret to having a good and successful Instagram profile. What do you think – what do you need to keep followers entertained?  

The most important thing, is that you have fun doing it! I don’t know anyone who has loads of followers and says, “I did it all to become a blogger”. You’ve just got to do something that you can do well or something that you love, to be able to do it long-term. So basically be active in what you upload, it should be really good or special in some way (…). And stay with it!

Culinary treats are certainly a part of travelling. But have you ever tried anything kind of disgusting or really unusual while travelling?

Yes, cockroaches for example – in Thailand! But it wasn’t that horrible. But yeah… they look disgusting and feel it too at first.

Who would you love to receive a postcard from?

Leonardo DiCaprio! Because he’s the best actor in the world.

Blogger of the month in Instagram - Thomas Banik
Source: Quelle: Instagram / thomasbanik

Take a look at Thomas’ Instagram too.

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