If you thought photography is just a hobby, you couldn’t be more wrong. If your photography skills are good, you can easily turn it into a career. You are probably thinking, “but photography jobs don’t pay well!” again, you are wrong. Depending on the field you chose to venture in, your skill level, the work you put in and sometimes, a little charm, you can actually pay your bills and then some! I should warn you though, some of these careers need skills other than photography. Such include forensic and medical photography to mention a few. That said, if you have been wondering what you can do with your photography degree, have a look at some of the most lucrative careers available.

Photography Jobs #1
A Photography Professor Or Teacher

Photography Jobs - Teacher
What better way to use your photography skills than to pass them on to the future generation? Teaching photography not only gets you paid but also express you to the creative minds of other photographers young and old alike. Depending on where you live, you mostly require only your certificates to allow you to teach. Universities may need a little more, say a master’s degree. Nonetheless, teaching photography is not just fun but has flexible working hours.

Photography Jobs #2
Forensic Photographer

Photography Jobs - Forensic
Remember those guys in shows like CSI taking shots of crime scenes? That could be you in real life! You can actually help catch “bad guys” thanks to your photography skills. Forensic photography not only requires great mastery of your camera but also a greater attention to detail. You will definitely require an education background in forensics or a related discipline such as law enforcement. Also, some departments ask for at least three years’ experience in photography. And as you would expect, brace yourself for some gory images. Despite the hurdles, forensic photography pays well more so if it is a private organization. It also gives your work great meaning!

Photography Jobs #3
Wedding Photographer

Photography Jobs - Wedding
Let’s move to something a little more jovial than forensic and medical photography. Wedding photography. This is a career that is quickly catching on in the photography world. Most people are realizing that hiring a professional photographer for your wedding (as opposed to a friend owning a camera) is a worthwhile investment. Hence, the demand for wedding photographers has never been greater. There is nothing to wedding photography. Just make sure you are fast enough to capture every moment and that your photos stand out enough to attract more clients. Social media usually works to your benefit. In this case, a website too wouldn’t hurt, in fact, it is better than a social media page.

Photography Jobs #4
Fashion Photography

Photography Jobs - Fashion
If you love fashion, then this is a field that can be really rewarding both financially and in terms of your fulfillment. Fashion photography is, however, a tough career to venture in since most designers have their guys. It is also not unlikely to be taken advantage of by the said designers in terms of taking free photos in anticipation of a job which might not even come. This often calls for you to get agent which is an added expense. To top this up, connecting with designers need constant attendance of fashion events and interacting with the models as well. Sometimes this is hard as most of such events are expensive or are strictly invite only. However, if you get your way into this career, be ready for loads of fun and a great pay check.

Photography Jobs #5

Photography Jobs - Journalism
This is another hard to penetrate field but once you are in, things get so much easier, fun and pay checks start flowing. Even better, your work will be all over magazines and newspapers and will involve all kinds of subjects ranging from sports to war photos. However, be prepared to start as a freelance photographer before any media house notices you!



Getting a job out of your photography skills requires your work to be noticed in most cases. This is of course with the exception of jobs that require other skills such as forensic photography. To achieve this, a lot of practice is required paired with the help of social media. Start a web page and let it speak for you. You will eventually attract clients!


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