They say you don’t truly know someone until you live with them. Well, scratch that. You don’t know your partner until you’ve taken a couple of romantic trips with them – and survived them! Travelling brings out the best in people as much as it does the absolute worst. True to this statement, many couples embark on a romantic trip and to their dismay, end up engulfed in arguments for the most part of the trip.  

So how do you travel with your partner without killing each other? By identifying common pitfalls in every romantic getaway and avoiding them. Read on lovebirds, you might just save your trip from going up in flames!

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Tips for Romantic Trips #1
Avoid the money fight

Avoid money fights on romantic trips

Even the best vacations can take a turn for the worst when money problems come creeping in. One partner feels like they are giving too much while the other feels controlled. This is when the bickering over expenses starts. Expectations are ruined, egos deflated, and before you know it, you are on the first plane home, not speaking to each other.

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To avoid the common money fight, proper planning is required. Instead of assuming and expecting your partner to provide for certain expenses, decide early enough (before you start the trip) how costs are going to get covered.  Break down the costs into groups such as transport, accommodation, food, and leisure; assigning each an estimated budget.

Tips for Romantic Trips #2
A little time apart is good for the soul

A little time apart is good on romantic trips

On normal days, gym, 9 to 5s, appointments and other obligations rob you and your partner of quality time together. This is the reason why you went on vacation in the first place, to get back lost time.

However, you didn’t anticipate spending every minute of every day with your better half by your side. You start noticing the little things, like how they annoyingly pick their nose or swallow loudly. Then, once again, day ruined!

While regaining your quality time should be a priority, you don’t have to be joined at the hip. Some time apart will give both of you a chance to be out of each other’s hair and hence avoid constant fighting.

Take this as an opportunity to engage in an activity that your partner will not be too quick to join in or if you are the social type, get a chance to meet fellow backpackers.

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Tips for Romantic Trips #3
Communication is the building block of every relationship

the basis for perfect romantic trips is communication

It is common for expectations to be high while on vacation. For one person vacation means staying indoors and ordering room service while the other just wants to explore the new town.

Once again, proper planning is called for before going on a romantic trip with your partner. Start by making sure that you are on the same page when it comes to the destination of your trip.

Afterward, you can get down to the details by agreeing on which activities should have priority while on your vacation. Count on websites such as TripAdvisor to plan your getaway as well as discover interesting things to do while on your romantic vacation.

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Tips for Romantic Trips #4
Take it easy on your partner

Take it easy on your partner on romantic trips

Sometimes even the best-laid plans can go awry. You may have done everything by the book and still end up sitting in different plane seats or worse, having a horrible room. Some couples end up fighting about this instead of working together to fix the problem – don’t let you guys be one of them! 

Sure, emotions are often high after spending hours on end on the road. However, instead of focusing on the one little bump on your road to a fun-packed vacation, be gentle with your partner and help straighten things out. This not only puts your plans back on track but also strengthens your relationship in general.

Tips for Romantic Trips #5
How long have you dated?

Romantic Trips - Lenght of your relationship

Like we said, traveling tells you so much about a person. Sometimes it’s not all good! True, a week-long romantic trip with your spouse earns you major points, but is your relationship mature enough to take it?

To play it safe, make sure the length of your relationship is proportionate to that of your trip. A two-month-old couple can survive a weekend getaway but anything longer than a weeklong vacation is stretching your luck! 

Some wise words inspired by How I Met Your Mother (shhhh, I have a life), are to double the length of your relationship and plan nothing further away than that. Been together 3 months, then don’t plan anything for after 6 months. But ultimately, you know your relationship best, so do what you guys think you can handle – Ted’s not exactly the best example.

Tips for Romantic Trips #6
Make the most of the vacation by focusing on each other

Take your quality time on romantic trips

It is easy to get so lost in touring and exploring that you forget the main reason you went on a romantic trip in the first place – to spend QUALITY TIME together. Take a day out of your trip and plan something sweet and romantic for your other half.

This works even better if the romantic gesture is a surprise. Make sure you remove distractions such cell phones to avoid ruining the moment.

While on the topic of romantic gestures, it’s worth mentioning that special dinner dates should not be on the first or second day of your trip. This is because at this time you are both worn out from the journey or still getting to know the place. Schedule them for the second last day or better yet, the last day. This is if you want to leave a lasting impression.

Tips for Romantic Trips #7
Forget your troubles and have some fun

Romantic Trips - Have some fun and forget all the troubles

It’s such a pity to let your relationship troubles ruin your hard earned romantic trip. For now, pause all the drama that might be going on between the two of you. Leave work and the children back at home and focus on getting the most fun from your vacation. Trust me; regretting not making the most of the trip will feel a whole lot worse than letting a silly argument go!

Last word

Any tips on how to avoid an argument while on a romantic getaway can only really be judged by you – after all, you know your partner best. Try to avoid anything that might spark a fight and focus on having fun. Meanwhile, you can share with us some of your experiences from past romantic getaways. What makes you guys argue? What do you enjoy most together?

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