I’m all for moving forward with technology but once in a while, a little old school is good for the soul. Thing is, almost everything old school depicts, effort and most importantly, love. Think of record players, long detailed letters and of course, the postcard. I’m not saying you should stop sending emails and SMS messages. Go ahead and do your thing, they save time. But if you want to melt hearts and so much more, let me convince you why postcards should be your thing.

As I said, effort!

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When was the last time an email filled your heart with warmth or simply made you smile? It’s rare and even if it happens, you quickly forget it as soon as you ‘mark read’.

It’s a bit different with postcards. A person actually took time to think words through (you have one postcard so it’s got to be perfect). Sit down to ensure the handwriting is perfect probably threw in a bit of graffiti. And guess what, the stamp and choice of the photo had to be perfect too!

If this isn’t effort, I don’t know what is!

The middle ground between thoughtful and casual.

Postcards aren’t as long and formal as letters but they are also not as brief as emails. You get to choose a picture making it a whole lot more fun than a letter but showing the work you put into the whole process. The limited space for writing keeps you on your toes ensuring you get the words just right!

No deleting or spam!

I know, I know. This sounds like a stretch, but it’s actually not. There is no way you could easily destroy or delete your postcards unless you really want to. Emails, on the other hand, get deleted by accident on the regular. Even if you wouldn’t delete it, it can easily get lost among your piles of mail.

As for spam, we can all agree that missing an important email because it was held up in spam is no fun. Especially if it has an expiration date. You get no such worries with postcards.

You may just start a postcard sending chain.

Send A Postcard
Courtesy calls for a reply when you get a postcard. Well, it’s not a must, just courteous! Now picture this, you brighten up someone’s life with one postcard. They decide to send one back just because they are decent human beings. Before you know it, you are sending each other postcards every other month. Maybe every time you travel. Or perhaps just on holidays if you are busy. Doesn’t matter how often you do it.  Point is, someone is eagerly waiting for you to make their day with a postcard. And behold a postcard chain!

Frame it and hang it on your wall!

Send A Postcard
If you go for outstanding postcards, they will definitely be among those that get hung on the wall rather than stored in the postcard album. Thanks to amazing apps like my postcard, outstanding postcards are literally at your fingertips. You can use your own photos to make the postcards leaving their design totally in your control and to your imagination.

Last words!

I’m not telling you to write a postcard every week. Not even every month or every time you travel. I’m merely telling you to take time and brighten someone’s day. It doesn’t have to have a frequency or timestamp to it. Just as often as you are able to.


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