What would you rather receive? A casual facebook message? Or a personally written card that someone went to the trouble of sending overseas just for you?

It’s true, technology can’t replace the feeling of holding a postcard or letter in your hand from someone you love. In fact, when you send a postcard or letter instead of a casual digital message, it really shows that you care.

But how can you go about it when you’re abroad? Sending postcards internationally is easy. Read our quick guide to find out how you can do it.

Sending Postcards Internationally

If you’re sending a postcard from abroad, you should do your research. For instance, what will the price be? Where is the post office located?

In some countries, it may just be best to ask the locals. However, in other countries, you may be able to find all the information you need online.

If you are worried about heading off the beaten track and going in search of a post office, you could always ask your hotel. Many offer postal services for a small charge.

Letters vs. Postcard — What’s the Difference?

A standard letter requires an envelope and the price of the postage is based on the size and weight. But a postcard is in its own category.

A postcard is a rectangular card which isn’t folded or put into an envelope. They are designed for short and sweet messages, which is what makes them so great for when you’re traveling.

A Standard Postcard

To qualify for the standard rate when sending postcards overseas, the Universal Postal Union says that the card must be:

  • Rectangular in shape
  • Between 140 and 235 mm in length
  • Between 90 and 120 mm in height

The card itself also needs to be stiff in order to withstand the journey.

If your card is too small, they will not mail it. Whereas if it is too large, it will be classed as a letter and you will be charged more.

When you’re traveling around, you’re sure to find souvenir shops and even regular post offices that have pretty postcards. You could even make them yourself if you can’t find anything you like.

Get it Right

Generally, the message is written on the left side of the postcard and the recipient’s address goes on the right along with the stamp. Some postcards might be the other way round, it’s not an issue as long as the address is clear.

When sending postcards internationally, carefully write the recipient’s name and address in English. You must include the zip code or postcode if possible. And whatever you do, don’t forget to add the name of the country!

If you are adding a return address, print it on the top left half of the postcard. This means you’ll have less space to write, but at least you’ll get it back if it can’t find its way to the recipient.

Try a Digital Postcard

But why head to a post office when sending postcards internationally can be so much easier with a few taps on your smartphone?

Here at MyPostcard Printable Photo Cards, we turn your digital photos into real life postcards by using our postcard app or website. With over 8000 designs, you’ll definitely find something to suit the occasion. Just pick a design, upload your snaps and we do the rest of the work.

Once your design is complete, we will print your designed postcard and mail them to your desired location — literally anywhere in the world!

Sending postcards internationally has never been so easy. So what are you waiting for? Get designing today!


Hiya, I’m Maud. I’m an English girl who's moved to Berlin - because who wouldn’t fall in love with a country which has words like ‘Kummerspeck’ hidden around every corner... I love traveling and finding out the quirks of each country - and what better way to remember them than on a postcard?


    • Maud Arnold Reply

      Hey Rob,

      If the person you’re trying to send a postcard on behalf of is unable to send a postcard themselves, of course you could help them set up an account on MyPostcard. You would of course need to ask their permission. Is that what you meant? Cheers, Maud

  1. Nancy Weary Reply

    Can I use American postage stamps when mailing from abroad?

    • Maud Arnold Reply

      Hey Nancy, unfortunately no. You must find stamps from the local area. If you’re having trouble finding them, or they’re expensive, check out MyPostcard. We print and send your personalized postcards (with your own photos!) for you, saving you the trouble of finding stamps and a mailbox.
      Best wishes,

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