As we come up to travel season, and fingers crossed, lockdown is coming to an end in most places, we finally have the excuse to get dressed up once again (or down!). With this, comes the perfect opportunity to snap selfies of us and friends feeling and looking on fleek. However, taking the perfect selfie can be a little time-consuming and a challenge to get it right. If your selfies are more so-so than so sexy, check out our guide to sexy poses and a selfie that get all the likes.

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8 tips on taking sexy selfies with the right poses

Did you know? Taking regular selfies can actually be a boost to your self-confidence and self-esteem! So, put aside the selfie shame and get snapping! Just make sure it makes you feel happier and not anxious! If you want to get some of your snaps on paper, make sure to use the MyPostcard app to get your photo print selection professionally printed and sent to you!

Sexy selfie poses tip #1: Embrace you!

What makes us unique is that what makes us beautiful, and confidence is key for any sexy selfie pose. If you aren’t feeling too confident, try faking it. Think back to a time in your life when you were feeling your most confident and try to recall how it made you feel. Remember, you do not need to show anyone the shots that you don’t like; so go all out with some sexy sultry poses. No one is watching! Let yourself go and pose like a supermodel strutting down the runway during London fashion week.

Here are some poses where the subjects are shining confidence – give them a go!:

Tip #2: Express yourself

When taking a selfie, your face is usually center stage. Show off how you are feeling and play around with different expressions. Apparently part of taking a sexy selfie is all in the mind. Whether you are looking for something sexy and sultry or a more doe-eyed princess, think about what you are trying to communicate. Some people even suggest that you should look at the lens like it is the love of your life.

For a sexy selfie expression, you could:

  • Show off your natural smile (but try to avoid it coming off as fake).
  • Pout like a princess by saying ‘prune’ just before you take your pic.
  • Go for an open mouthed look by inhaling.

Give these sexy selfy poses a go:

Tip #3: Love lighting

If you are looking to pose for a sexy selfie, think about your lighting and shadows. Good lighting can be the difference between a pic that never sees the light of social media and your new profile picture – regardless of the pose in it!

Taking sexy selfies outdoors:

A woman poses with her arm in hand in up on her hair and mouth slightly parted for a sexy selfie.
Try pose with your face towards a natural light source, but away from direct light. This model shoots during the golden hour for attractive lighting.
  • Try to position your picture so your head is blocking any direct sun. Facing the sun will make your face all scrunched up and you will find it difficult to see your phone.
  • Take pictures in the shade where possible unless the light is very soft – in the sunset, you could try for a trendy golden glow in the sun.
  • Time your photoshoot well! Try to aim for the golden hour and avoid taking pics when the sun is high in the sky

Maximizing sexy selfie poses indoors:

  • Try to avoid bright white fluorescent lighting wherever possible 
  • Stand near a window for natural lighting
  • Invest in a selfie light or turn up the brightness on your phone
  • Candlelight is perfect for creating drama and ambience

Top Tip: To illuminate a sexy selfie if posing with just your face in the shot, you can also try holding a piece of white paper or a mirror under your chin for a natural bounce of light.

Top #4: Play with angles

By changing the angle of your camera, you can completely change the way you look.

There is an old saying that the camera never lies, but in fact this is not true at all. The camera lies frequently and our perceptions change depending on the angle that we are looking at something.

A camera looking up will make something appear bigger, looking down smaller, and a selfie that is taken face on can actually make our noses look bigger and flatter than they are. Think about what poses make you feel sexy when taking your selfie and adjust the angles to get it just right.

Tip #5: Consider your background

A woman standing in a pink room with a punk crop top on takes a sexy selfie, posing with her hand in her hair and mouth parted.

Whilst this guide is more for taking selfie shots of your face, it is still important to think about your background. Consider the effect that you are going for, the colours surrounding you and the best place to position your shot for the light. If you are not quite sure or want everyone to focus on you, you could also use portrait mode, which is available on some smart phones. This camera mode focuses on the person and makes the background blurry for a professional effect that will place you centre stage. Alternative, go for a plain, block color background like this example you see above.

Tip #6: Practice your pose

Take that selfie that makes you feel like a superstar by practicing your pose in good time. Many people tend to already be aware of which side is their ‘good side’. However, you can also think about how you place your hands. Check out poses online, think about what part of your face or body you want to emphasise and practice in front of a mirror. You can try using props, bright colors or techniques like making your hair wait. Drawing attention to lips and eyes often makes for s sexier selfie pose. Get inspired by these poses:

Tip #7: Take lots of pictures

One of the most effective ways of finding the perfect sexy poses for you is by taking lots and lots of selfie pics. You can always delete the ones you don’t like later! Make sure the camera is focused and change your position, pose and expression slightly each time. Another excellent trick to make a selfie video instead. Film yourself for a couple of minutes and then flick through the frames of the video to find a picture you love. No one will know the difference!

Tip #8: Have fun!

A woman poses holding a camera up to take a sexy selfie in her room on the floor. She wears headphones and is sticking out her tongue

Most importantly, have fun and enjoy taking selfies! Selfies should never be stressful and you should never feel pressured to take them or share them if you do not want too. If you want to capture your beautiful self, we advise that you have fun with your selfies! Play around with clothes and make up, include fun props and make silly expressions that show off your playfulness.

Need more selfie game changers or tips on posing in general?

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