Long-distance relationships are notoriously known to be difficult, but not impossible! Having some strong strategies for dealing with your long-distance relationships can help – just because you’re not physically close doesn’t mean you have to feel emotionally distant.

Take a look at these strategies and ideas to help your long-distance relationship.

Fun strategies for your long-distance relationship

A man sits on the sofa talking to his long distance partner on the iPad as part of his strategies for the relationship.

#1 Surprise gifts

This one’s especially for those whose love language is gift-giving.

Who doesn’t like a romantic surprise? Sending a personal surprise gift like a photo frame or matching jewelry helps remind you both of your shared love.

Check out these fun and creative ways to celebrate birthdays from a distance.

#2 Joint movie/TV show night

Watching a new movie or a good old favorite is a great way for long-distance partners to bond. You’ll also have something shared to talk about. With premium subscriptions to streaming sites, you can watch the same movie/ TV shows at the same time on two devices.

Buy your favorite snacks, pop some popcorn, and settle in for a cozy and comfy movie night.

#3 FaceTime cooking night

Why not buy the same recipe book? You can each take turns choosing a recipe and cooking it at the same time. Pour a glass of wine and work through the recipe together. Plus, once it’s ready, you can sit down and have a romantic dinner together.

#4 A joint playlist

Creating a joint playlist is a super easy way to feel connected to your partner. With Spotify, you can make any playlist private and collaborative. Make a playlist that reminds you of special memories.

#5 Send a card

Sending a card by snail mail is a romantic and whimsical way to show love, especially in a long-distance relationship. If you’re looking for a little inspiration on what to write, here are a couple of suggestions for writing romantic messages for your long-distance partner.

Use the MyPostcard app to upload pictures and create personalized long-distance romantic postcards. We print and send the card to your loved one’s physical address for you. Easy peasy!

#6 Learn a new hobby together.

Long-distance can feel lonely. While friends are going out on dates, long-distance partners’ time zones may not even allow for frequent online dates. Choosing a hobby together can be a great strategy for keeping your long-distance relationship strong. For example, learning how to paint or putting together a jigsaw puzzle, is something you can do together on video or apart.

Logistics to consider in your long-distance coping strategy

An older couple talk on Facetime at a distance

#1 Trust is key to your long-distance relationship strategy

Trust, trust, and more trust. An essential part of your long-distance relationship strategies has to be simply to trust each other, establish shared boundaries and to stay honest. Talk about any feelings of fear, jealousy, and insecurities you may be experiencing.

#2 Communicate regularly

Communication is key in every relationship, but especially in a long-distance relationship. Sending voice notes and texts throughout the day, when you can, acts as a reminder they’re on your mind.

But, meaningful communication is of the utmost importance. Video phone calls where you can see your partner’s facial expressions when you have in-depth and meaningful conversations can help you read what each other is saying.

#3 All good strategies involve having a goal in mind

“How long are we going to be apart?”

What are our future plans?”

Asking these questions can be a little daunting, but they help in laying the groundwork for your long-distance relationship. So, make a timeline, and agree on the expected length of time apart. An end goal is helpful.

#4 Track time zones

Long-distance can stretch through different time zones. Making sure you know each other’s time zones will logistically help communication with timed phone calls and video chats. You can add time zone clocks to your home screen to make keeping track super easy.

How to stay close

A woman talking on the phone on a video call whilst lying on bed

# Get romantic

A long-distance relationship can sometimes feel as if your romantic partner is more a friend than anything more. It’s a slippery slope, so keeping the romance alive can really help your relationship thrive.

#2 Cherish moments together

When you’re able to see each other in person, you feel complete bliss. Hold on to these moments to remind you why you’re doing long-distance. Taking photos and sharing the best memories together can bring you peace when you’re apart and something to look forward to in the future.

#3 Go all out for occasions

Ensure your partner feels celebrated and loved by going all out for milestones and occasions. Sending flowers, planning a scavenger hunt, or sending pampering gift cards are all great ways to spoil your partner for their birthday or anniversary.

As it’s so important to make the effort and take the time to celebrate birthdays, sending a sweet and loving birthday message to your long-distance partner is the perfect way to add to your shower of love. Take a look at these long-distance birthday wishes for him and for her.

That’s it on survival strategies for long-distance relationships

We hope our survival strategies for long-distance relationships will help bring you and your partner closer than ever! Share the ways you stay close in the comments!


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