One of the few pros of the COVID 19 pandemic was how it gave the world a chance to breathe. Air quality has improved around worldwide, water quality is also improving, and in some areas, wildlife has begun to flourish again – in part because us humans have not been able to travel.

But if you are anything like me, you have probably spent the last twelve months or so dreaming of when you can visit somewhere new. And when we do get back to traveling, lots of us are committed to doing all that we can to maintain these positive changes. We want to reduce our footprint on the world. Who better to learn from about how to travel sustainably than travel influencers and bloggers committed to green solutions?

To learn more about staying green on the go, check out my favorite 15 sustainable travel influencers who are committed to green travel.

Top 15 sustainable travel influencers picks

#1 Photographer and ambassador for veganism and sustainability: Ashley Renne

A woman has her foot on top of a pole and poses crouching down. The camera looks up at her and a big 'greetings from Knoxville' sign.

Professional photographer Ashley Renne from is dedicated to eco-travel as part of her passion for veganism and sustainability.  When she first became a travel influencer, it was all about the glamorous jet-setting lifestyle. However, she rebranded to show her passion for sustainability and smart home technology in 2018. Currently based in Atlanta Georgia, keep up with Ashley over on her blog, Insta, or Youtube channel.

#2 Where travel and sustainability meet: Bamboo and Backpacks

Promising to be the place where travel and sustainability meet, Bamboo and Backpacks is a sustainable travel blog. Caleb and Linda are traveling the world and taking pictures and making videos along the way. Over on their blog, you can find travel guides, tips and tricks and so much advice about how we can all make a conscious effort to be more green.

#3 Explore responsibly with help from: Brainy Backpackers

One of the top sustainable travel bloggers, Linn Hagland smiled over her shoulder at the camera, standing in a rocky landscape.

One of the most popular travel blogs, Brainy Backpackers is the brainchild of Norwegian sustainable travel influencer, Linn Haglund. Encouraging people to explore responsibly, Linn’s blog is filled with excellent advice and tips for seeing the world. You can also follow Brainy Backpackers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to discover more about their amazing journey.

#4 Avoid flying with solo sustainable travel influencer: Earth Wanderess

Evelina Utterdahl is dedicated to the planet and she is passionate about doing all she can. A solo travel blogger who is traveling full time without flying, this is an excellent blog for anyone who is looking for advice on getting around without using planes. 

#5 Budget backpackers and sustainable travel influencers: Green Mochila

A man and a woman stand together with one arm and one leg in the air to form a starfish. They're standing in front of the salt flats.

Budget backpackers Anna and Anthony are living the eco dream as they travel across South America and Europe.  Their responsible travel blog is filled with all the goods and tips for staying green on your journey, as well as incentives to. You should also follow them on Facebook for your fill of travel and sustainability.

#6 Digital nomads: Green Shoestring Travel

The Green Shoestring is an up-and-coming blog by couple Sam and Ashley, Originally from Colorado, they are digital nomads who work whilst traveling the world. Inspiring readers and Instagram followers to make travel sustainable, they first began their journey in 2015. Then, it was not long before they realized the impact that over-tourism was having on some of the world’s most beautiful locations.

#7 Hyping responsible wanderlust: Green Global Travel

Two sustainable travel influencers stand with their arms around each other in front of a green valley, with a river winding through it.

Created by sustainable travel influencers, Bret Love and Mary Gabbett in 2010, Green Global Travel is jam-packed with travel inspiration, responsible wanderlust, and outdoor adventures. Followed by over half a million, they keep their subscribers up to date as they trek the world whilst keeping green.

#8 Making a positive impact: Soul Travel Blog

Partners Ellie and Ravi are sustainable travel influencers with a mission. The blog was initially started by Elie during a six-month trip to Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, and India. Today, it is filled with tips and tricks on how to leave a positive impact rather than a negative one when traveling the world.

#9 Motto? Green is the new black: Stefania Guglielmi

A sustainable travel influencer originally from Bologna, Italy, blogger Stefania Guglielmi is dedicated to traveling green. Her motto for life is ‘green is the new black’ and she is certainly living the dream. Plus, her fashion background means that she keeps looking glam whilst on her travels.

#10 Make a difference for communities you visit with: Miss Filatelista

A woman looking back over her shoulder stands in front of a volcano foreground.

Lola Méndez is a freelance journalist and also pens the sustainable lifestyle and travel blog, Miss Filatelista. She has been on the road for a number of years and has visited 64 countries. A New Yorker with Uruguayan heritage, Lola is passionate about responsible travel. Her blog focuses on in-depth sustainability topics and features tons of ways that people can make a difference in the communities they visit.

#11 50 countries and counting: The Crowded Planet

Margarita Ragg and Nick Burbs are a husband and wife duo from Italy and Australia.

After meeting in London, the pair bought a one-way ticket to South America for an adventure of a lifetime. This is where they first created their popular travel blog, The Crowded Planet. They have since traveled to more than 50 countries in the last decade; promoting sustainable travel that avoids unnecessary flights along the way.

#12 Travel consciously with: The Mindful Mermaid

Promoting travel, lifestyle, and all things mindful, this aesthetic blog is filled with stunning imagery that will inspire wanderlust. Alex Schmidt is dedicated to conscious travel and sharing her eco-knowledge. As a result, she has been showcasing life on the road whilst working remotely as an SEO copywriter and Croatian travel agent.

#13 Speck on the Globe

A woman standing in front of a field of buffalo smiling.

Abbie’s account of her sustainable trip around the world, Speck on the Globe is a stunning blog that is filled with tips and tricks. Originally from Pittsburgh PA, Abbie has been working remotely and traveling since 2013.

#14 Always off the beaten track: Two Dusty Travelers

For anyone looking to go off the beaten track and explore the world, the Two Dusty Travelers is filled with informative articles and beautiful imagery. When they’re not busy being sustainable travel influencers, Emily and Aaron are a nurse and a teacher, exploring the world whilst ensuring travel that is ethical and sustainable.

#15 Eco-friendly vegan and yoga teacher from: Water Thru Skin

Eco-friendly vegan Valeria Hinojosa is 32 years old and from Bolivia. After leaving the world of private banking, she became a certified Yoga teacher and set up the WaterThruSkin travel blog. She is also one of the top sustainability influencers on Instagram with over 170,000 followers.

Three quick tips for easy sustainable travel

One of the easiest ways to make your vacations more sustainable is by exploring locally. With flights being a huge contributor to your carbon footprint, it’s not surprising that your local trip is greener. If you do choose to go further afield, another way to travel more sustainably is to carefully select your airline and pay attention to the aircraft that you’ll be on: Many airlines are taking card to cut down on emissions.

Sustainability doesn’t always refer to the environment. A big part of traveling sustainably is be being respectful to local communities and contributing directly to them. Spend your money on locally owned businesses, learn about local customs and respect traditions.

You can find more tips on how to support local businesses and become a greener traveler through our favorite sustainable travel influencers!

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