While we have yet to go on a camping trip all together, our travel-enthusiast team have submitted their personal camping blog favorites. Here are our top twenty camping and RV-themed blogs from around the world. Check them out for tips, tricks, camping hacks and so much more!

Time to get away from the busy streets and back to nature with a camping trip in the wilderness. These top camping blogs are still keeping us entertained through lockdown, and are great for planning future trips.

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Top Camping Blogs

REI Coop

A premier outdoor brand, REI Coop is filled with more than just products. Promoting sustainability, the Leave No Trace principles, extensive DIY camping, how-tos and more, this is a blog written by experts with advice you can trust.

Camping with Style

The blogger from the camping blog, Camping with Style
Copyright: Shell Robshaw-Bryan / campingwithstyle.co.uk

Inspiring you to fall in love with the great outdoors, Camping with Style is a travel and outdoors blog based in the UK. With travel tips, campsite reviews, gear reviews, guides and so much more, this popular site is ideal for anyone who has a passion for the great outdoors.

50 Campfires

Portrayed as the camping authority, 50 Campfires is an excellent blog and magazine that is aimed at American’s car and family campers. Considered to be one of the best in the USA, there are tons of articles, tips, tricks, an extensive destination guide, and a vast array of easy to follow camping recipes.

The Outdoor Adventure Blog

Rob from the camping blog, Outdoor Adventure Blog, standing in a snowy wood
Copyright: Rob Haggan / theoutdooradventureblog.com

A UK-based website, The Outdoor Adventure Blog is filled with everything that you need to know about camping and outdoor life. Outdoor enthusiast Rob Hagan is passionate about hiking, camping, running, and UK adventures. You should also check out the Rainy Day Reads section for some excellent reads to keep you entertained on those indoor days.

Camping Blogs for Families

Beyond the Tent

Created by Ryan Cunningham in 2015, the Beyond the Tent blog encourages everyone to get outdoors and fall in love with camping. Ryan’s a family man, so there’s plenty of tips and tricks for keeping the whole clan entertained on the road. You can also find gar guides, camping recipes, how-tos and more.

The Wanderpreneurs

The Wanderpreneur camping blog family  sit on a picknick blanket in front of their caravan
Copyright: Lauren Grijalva / thewanderpreneurs.com

Aaron and Lauren and their children Casen and Calista from The Wanderpreneurs are living the dream. After giving up the rat race, the family started to travel full time since November 2018 and have since documented every step of their journey. Check out Lauren’s recent guest article about travelling during Coronavirus for the low down on life on the road during a pandemic.

Get Out with the Kids

The family from this camping blog sit on the shore of a small river mid-forest.
Copyright: Gav Grayston / getoutwiththekids.co.uk

The Get Out with the Kids blog is perfect for anyone with children who are looking to make the most of the great outdoors. It encourages families to prioritise time spent together in nature, with guides, tools, tips and more. This parenting, photography, travel and lifestyle blog also has a YouTube channel and posts regularly on Instagram.

Caravanning with Kids

This Australian site is an excellent resource for anyone looking to learn more about the great outdoors or the camp lifestyle Down Under. Awarded in the top 8 of Caravan blogs worldwide, this small family run business has been dedicated to informing and educating.

Top RV Camping Blogs  

Tails of Wanderlust

Cass from Tails of Wanderlust camping blog stands on car roof with a camera
Copyright: tailsofwanderlust.com

Solo female traveller Cass works from the RV as she travels the world with her dog and cat, Jasper and Napoleon. Their blog tells of their uplifting journey. Plus it is full of tips on how to travel with pets as well as the cutest photos of these adventure animals


Outdoorsy is an RV rental company in the states and their blog is ridiculously useful. With road trips planned, a breakdown of thousands of campsites and a wealth of interesting articles, there is bound to be something for every happy camper here.

In Pursuit of a Dream

Deb and Steve from the RV blog stand in front of a mountainous landscape
Copyright: Deb and Steve Ludford / inpursuitofadream.com

Steve and Deb are seasoned caravaners travelling around the UK and Europe. After they reached their 50th birthdays they decided to travel 50 days in Europe In Pursuit of a Dream… Since then they have kept their blog updated regularly.


Follow Cherie and Chris’ epic RV adventure as they embrace the Technomad lifestyles. Defining this as being a technology-enabled nomad, the techy couple have been on the road since 2006; sharing their nomadic life with their many followers every step of the way.

Best Survival and Wilderness Camping Blogs

A couple hang in two hammocks in the woods

Survival Cache

If you are looking for gear reviews, food recipes, packing lists and so much more, Survival Cache is the blog for you. It’s aimed at survivalists and preppers, and it includes lots of ideas for camping in the wild.

Snowy’s Blog

A father throws his little boy in the air next to the family tent on the lakeside
Copyright: Oztent Australia

This Australian outdoor and adventure blog provides the first-hand experience of camping in the bush. Follow the adventures of the Todoing Family, check out gear reviews, and learn more about the best places to stay in Aus. Furthermore, it is filled with survival tips and advice for camping in the Australian wilderness.

Big Man in the Woods

A scout leader’s blog, Big Man in the Woods was recently declared a top 10 UK camping blog.  As well as the chance to learn more about camping in the UK, this blog also provides lots of information about the scouts and what they get up to. Plus, they have even been doing online games and quizzes to keep you entered throughout the lockdown.

Best Glamping Blogs

Inspired Camping

This is the ideal blog for those who enjoy camping but do not quite wish to give up life’s little luxuries.  As well as tips for choosing the best glamping spots, they also have a wide array of resources aimed at glamping business owners.

Nelson Treehouse

Judy and Pete stand in front of one of their treehouses from the Nelsons' camping blogs
Copyright: Pete and Judy Nelson / nelsontreehouse.com

Join Pete, Judy and the rest of the Nelson family over at their fabulous treehouse. Featured on the Animal’s Plant TVC show Treehouse Masters, this blog promotes a glamorous version of camping that even the least outdoorsy people can appreciate.

Best Food Camping Blogs

 Fresh off the grid

A woman holds a plate of hotdogs fresh from the camping grill
Copyright: Megan McDuffie / freshoffthegrid.com

This camping and hiking blog is food-related and it is jam-packed with yummy recipes that would be ideal for your trip.  Making sure your al fresco dining is simple, easy and delicious, Fresh off the Grid is one of the most popular food camping sites on the web.

 Camping for Foodies

As well as amazing recipes for every meal, Camping for Foodies promises ‘Camping and Cooking like a Boss!’  Created by passionate cook and camper Kim Hanna, you can find one-pot recipes, Dutch oven delights, snacks and more.

Trail Cooking

Trail Cooking was created as Sarah, Kirk and the rest of the family developed their method of freezer bag cooking. Aiming to address the issues of delicious food in the go, this blog contains recipes, gear reviews, tips, trips and more.

The best 20 camping blogs… Do you know any that deserve to rank?

So those are our combined favorites as a team that one or other of us catches up with before going camping. I’m a back to basics style happy camper myself!

Have we missed any of your favorites off?

– Maud ?


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      Hey Madeline, really glad you liked it! Thank you for the lovely feedback!

  4. Great stuff. I like the “beyond the tent” Growing up went camping all the time and still in my 40’s I love it. I appreciate the solitude of it more today.

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      Hey Ethan, pretty much same story for me! Glad you found some inspiration!
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