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Whether it is a pampered pooch, a feline friend, bird, fish, hamster or anything else, our pets are important members of our family. In fact, it is estimated that around the world, 57% of the entire population are pet owners.  While most of these pets are living their best life with their human, not every furry friend is concerned only with treats, walks and nap time.  Some of our furry friends have taken to social media and become instant Insta-celebrities. (And for good reason!)

Here is our top list of globe trotters have been hitting the trails, exploring the artic and flying the skies – and always looking super cute whilst doing it! Check out these global explorers to learn more about this new genre in the online world of influencers and social media. And give them a follow!

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Top pet influencers that travel…

1. Suki Cat

 Suki is an unfairly photogenic 3 year old Bengal cat, originally from Canada. She travels round the world with her human, Martina Gutfreund. Trips include a European exploration, where she visited 11 countries in 2 months, and a trip to Mexico. But this feline is also at home in the picturesque parks of Canada. Suki is one of the most popular pet influences that travel, with almost 2 million followers keeping up to date with her latest adventures. Are you one of them?  

2. Brody and Lulu

Loving nothing more than exploring the mountains, this doggy duo are the best of friends. Brody is a beautiful St Bernard and Lulu is a gorgeous little shih tzu. Brody’s best pal is Miss Sally, the family 96 year old neighbour is also a frequent guest on their Instagram, which has amassed over 57, 000 followers. Originally, Lulu’s best pal was Blizzard but unfortunately he has since passed on to doggie heaven.  However, you can still catch up with their adventures by checking out the Blizzard and Lulu book.

3. Miami Traveller                 

Miami is possibly the world’s most well-travelled pooch. This Italian-born Chihuahua is often jet setting around the globe and living the high-life with her owners.  Marianna Chiaraluce and her husband adopted Miami at just 7 months old. Since then, they have travelled to some of the most beautiful spots in the world.

4. Oliver the Travelling Pig

Oliver the travelling pig is a guy that loves to get out and explore. He certainly does plenty of that on the road. Enjoying the good life and sharing it with over 12,000 dedicated Instagram followers, he is living the dream. To date, Oliver and his owners have visited 28 states, with 22 left to go on his epic journey. Wow, not just an adorable pet influencer that travels, but also a pig with a mission!

5. Herbee the Hedgehog

Herbee (successer of Mr Pokee, may he rest in peace) is a tough little hedgehog who excels in being adorable. You’ll find him hanging around with his four best feline friends or posing with beautiful scenery in all corners of the world. If you’ve already fallen in love with him then welcome to the club… There’s around 1.8 million of us.

6. Willow the Travelling Cat

Another rescue cat, travelling pet influencer, Willow loves green trails, beautiful beaches and getting about down under. The adventures of this Insta-famous cat and her owner Rich East have amassed over 105,000 followers. Living and loving the van life, together they have travelled more than 50, 000 km around Australia, on average around 60 km per day.

7. Loki, the pet influencer that travels (with friends!)

Husky, arctic wolf and Alaskan malamute mix, Loki is certainly at home in the artic conditions. Loki and his dad, Kelly Lund, and brother Baily have been travelling around since 2013, gaining 50, 000 followers in their first year alone. You may even recognise this beautiful pup. As one of the biggest and most photogenic pet influencers, Loki has even worked with Mercedes Benz and REI.

8. Momo  

Momo began his life of fame among pet influencers that travel with Andrew Knapp’s fun idea of snapping images where this doggo is hard to spot. Knapp is a skilled photographer and it is always fun trying to find this beautiful border collie amongst the wilderness. The Ontario-based graphic designer and his four legged friend have even created several books, so you can play along with his Find Momo: A Photography Book, Find Momo across Europe or Coast to Coast.

9. Henry and Baloo, the pet influencers that travel – as an unconventional pair!

Traditionally, dogs and cats are not known for being the best of friends but these next two pet influencers that travel are certainly the best of buds. These rescue pets love nothing more than going on adventures in the great outdoors with owners Cynthia Bennett and Andre Sibilsky; except maybe getting home and sharing it with their many followers (or sleeping).

10. Miss Darcy, a posh pet influencer that travels

Miss Darcy’s Adventures is one of the UK’s top 10 Pet blogs, with thousands keeping up to date with Chelsea’s Miss Darcy, the cockapoo, and her owner May Wong. Found exploring the sights of London and further afield, this city girl is often accompanied by little brother George, a gorgeous recuse dog from Hungary. Two traveling pet influencers to follow!

11. Jasper Woof

Human, Jon, rescued Jasper from a shelter in Alberta and since then him and the Husky lab mix are often found exploring arctic like conditions and hiking through the beautiful Albertan outdoors. This photogenic pup currently has over 44.5k followers on Instagram and rising.

12. Maddie

Rescue dog Maddie rose to Insta-fame among pet influencers that travel due to her amazing ability to clamber on things, starting the viral ‘Maddie on Things’ craze. Often found in scenic locations, this two year old coonhound is the subject of a book and currently has over 180 000 followers on Instagram.

13. Laila and Riia from Long Haul Trekkers

Humans, Jen Sotolongo and Dave Hoch, are behind the popular travel blog, the Long Haul Trekkers. These two adopted dogs Laila (la Loca) and Riia are beautiful and love nothing more than travelling exploring the outdoors and living the van life. Their blog is also filled with tips and tricks for any outdoor loving dog owners, including gear reviews, camp recipes and so much more.

14. Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund

With over 4 million followers online, Crusoe and his friends are true internet celebrities and worthy pet influencers that travel if you are looking to follow. As part of the celeb lifestyle, he is often travelling the world, and this is a pooch that enjoys the high life. With over 3 million Facebook likes, over a billion total video views and 700 000 Instagram followers, this miniature pooch even has a  self-titled New York Times Bestselling book  and won the People’s Choice award for Animal Star.

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Did you have any favorite travelling pet influencers?

The struggle is real: every summer the coolest kids on Instagram post their picture perfect getaways on Social Media. Yeah good for them! But there is one spot that will make you the envy of everyone this year: It’s Positano, this little village on the Amalfi coast.

Never heard of it? No problem, let’s check it out together!

Arrival in Positano

Positano at the Amalfi coast - The arrival

Positioned between the mountains and the seaside there is a little city climbing up the summit with its bright pastel coloured houses. It’s hard to believe that this hot spot use to
be a fishing village.

The best way to reach Positano is flying to Neapel and renting a car. If you don’t drive or you want a more relaxed journey, you can always take the bus. From Neapel lay back and enjoy the beautiful 1-2 hour journey to Positano.

We always suggest taking the bus because… psssst… the Italian’s have a keen style of driving. Moreover the streets can be small and dangerous for people who are not familiar with the area. And don’t forget: the parking fees are very high in Positano (25-30 € per night). Money that would be better saved to spend on delicious food.

And in case you were wondering how to get from A to B, no worries: there is a cheap bus in Positano (1,70 € per person) . And because the village is pretty small you can reach anything by walking. So grab your walking shoes and let’s go!

You know what? If you’re feeling really extra (and you can afford the money of course) then you can come by boat from a few different directions, for example Amalfi, Capri, Sorrento or Salerno. All boats arrive in the Positano – Marina Grande, so you can enjoy the view of the beautifully coloured little houses and the church Santa Assunta from the sea.


Positano at the Amalfi coast - the accommodation

To get accommodation is no problem at all. There are a lot of hotels and apartments you can stay at. And moreover the view to the sea is pure magic.

The city center is just a few minutes away from the beach Marina Grande and the streets around the church Santa Maria Assunta offer a lot of shops. Positano is very popular with the rich and famous; all kinds of celebs visit simply because getting there isn’t as easy as it is a fairly remote location.

Feel free to choose another base location. Because the Amalfi coast is tiny you can reach every hot spot in 25 minutes. Other cities are Amalfi, Capri, Sorrent or Salerno so you can plan a day trip to Positano.


Positano at the Amalfi coast - Sightseeing

While visiting Positano you should see the church Santa Maria Assunta. The interior is from the 18th century and during the day it is flooded with light which reflects off the white archs and the dome with it’s spectacular golden detailing.

Back to the shopping you’ll definitely find many beautiful ceramic pieces and mediterranean fashion which has been made in Positano since the 50’s.

In general we can say that three nights are enough to discover this hot spot. But because of the beauty of the Amalfi coast you should plan two or three extra stops like Sorrento or Praiano.

Okay okay, but enough with an easy peasy sightseeing tour. Put on your hiking shoes, we have to discover the “way of Gods”! According to the legend the Gods who wanted to go to the Sirenes had to take this way to the water. The route is 10,3 kilometers and should be take you 5.30 hours. If you don’t feel comfortable to make this tour all by yourself grab a guide and let them lead you to this awesome view. It’s well worth the walk!

But the cheapest and best way of enjoying Positano? Take a sunbath or jump into the crystal clear waters. #beachday!

Day trips

Positano at the Amalfi coast - Day trips

Do you have a car or a bike? If not then get one! Otherwise you’ll probably miss something. For example a day trip to antiquated Pompeii. From Positano you’ll need about 1.5 hours to get there. The good thing: you’ll drive directly along the beautiful seaside. Pompeii is located at the foot of Mount. Vesuvius; this city was a busy city until the volcano exploded 79 AD. The pumice that rained down from the volcano covered the whole village, but it also preserved everything, so today it’s a famous place for both archaeologists and tourist from all over the world.

Pompeii is one of the best preserved ancient cities in the world! Entry costs 13 € or just 7,50 € with a student discount. It’s then up to you to decide whether you feel like discovering it on your own or in a group. See some beautiful and excellent preserved paintings on the walls.

Moreover book a tour to the Vesuvius Volcano. The tour starts at the National Park (Parco   Nazionale del Vesuvio) which was opened in 1995. Here you can find a lot of tours and hiking tracks. By the way I have to warn you: chances are if you’ve spent the day walking around Positano, you might have aching muscles. If that’s the case then book a car and drive up to the peak of the volcano 1000 meters above sea level.

And more importantly: Don’t forget to grab a jacket! It’s going to get very cold. But if lucks on your side you will have nice weather and an awesome view on the crater and the whole of the surrounding landscape.

For all the foodies

Positano at the Amalfi coast - For all the foodies

A typical breakfast means: Cappuccino and a croissant! If this isn’t to your taste then you can choose between a smorgasbord of fruit, vegetables and bread.

And OF COURSE: Don’t forget the pizza!

Just in case you didn’t already know it Italy has a lot of sweets to offer. Take a stroll down some of the small alleys to find a nice bakery.  

As for italian drinks: What about taking a sip of some delicious homemade limoncello while looking out across the crystal clear waters?

Pssst… fingers crossed you spot a celebrity in Positano!

Already dreaming about a trip to the Amalfi coast? You are not alone! Positano is so popular at the moment because a lot of stars and VIP’s are coming here. The reason it’s so huge is because of the privacy the location offers.

With a little bit of luck you can catch Celebs like Michael Jordan, Vanessa Hudgens or Jennifer Lopez.

Positano at the Amalfi coast - send a postcard with MyPostcard



Be sure, you’ll make a lot of photos in Positano! Because it’s a perfect Instagram Location. But don’t just upload your pictures in Social Media but send them as a real postcard to your friends and family too! How cool is it to use the own pictures and create your own cards?