Instagram has a prediction to share with you: 2018 travel trends on Instagram will be an amalgamation of millennial explorers, eco-tourism and city holiday goers demanding an escape from the daily hustle and bustle. Budgets are tighter, but there more options are out there. Think about using Airbnb and Uber to cut a nice chunk off your accommodation and transportation expenses.

Travel Trends, Part 1
Where is everybody going?

Travel Trends - Where is everybody goingProbably somewhere they can experience something totally new. Travel trends on Instagram are predicting out-of-country holidays are being taken increasingly in order to experience something more experiential and epicurean. Thanks to loads of travel-review websites – cross-country trips now include stops at the country’s culinary highlights. Yes, this includes gastronomy tours and wine-tasting. How about sipping that flavorful bourbon where it was first conceived in Europe? Or streetfood from Thailand, in Thailand? Or delicious ramen varieties in the snow-draped Hokkaido?

Of course, none of this means that beachgoers won’t enjoy their yearly dose of sea and sun. But you could up your game a notch; head to Australia’s finest remote beaches and experience a thrilling diving adventure, or go whale watching!

If you’re looking for opinions about travel trends on Instagram, millennials have something to say. This demography, ranging from 18-to-35-year-olds, are the ones pining for new cultural experiences from the world’s top destinations. While you will still see them flocking over to lavish museums in the Netherlands, or nostalgic parks in Italy, the attention is now on the nostalgic pop culture.

Keep one eye on Japan: as the home of animation, comic books, and many video games, Japan is a place loud-and-proud nerds are eager to dive into. A stroll at the fashionable streets of Harajuku is enough to satisfy the stylish, and for those feeling more traditional, how about wearing a national costume while strolling around the majestic temples? Other places to go: the high-end city of Singapore, the brightly-lit city of Dubai, and the best sun-kissed beaches of Spain.

Travel Trends, Part 2
The unusual routes

Travel Trends on Instagram - Unusual RoutesNo buddies up for coming along? No problem. Solo trips are getting more and more popular as travel trends on Instagram – and without anyone raising an eyebrow. Thanks to the #MeToo movement, more and more women are overcoming fears or others’ prejudices and getting into solo traveling, taking part in activities alone, regardless of sex, including hiking, diving, kayaking and backpacking. Providers will lead you to the evergreen scapes of New Zealand, which is the home of many secret havens, or kayaking around Central America. The more personalized a trip is, the better. Ditch those travel itineraries made for others and decide on a wanderlust experience of your own! For a few more handy tips on traveling alone, hit up some of these bloggers’ sites.

Responsible-tourism is stronger than ever, thanks to the advent of sustainable living campaigns and a growing love of nature. New waves of tourists, instead of visiting high-end districts for pleasure, are now diving into small communities to immerse themselves in the locals’ way of life. They see this as a more authentic way to travel. Instagram posts are less about the picture, and more concerned with the stories behind it – and stories come from a rich, enjoyable experience that rings deep. Choosing locally owned accommodation comes as a part of this, instead of a distant B&B. Looking into local producers and community markets means having a taste of the country’s genuine cuisines.

Heads up! Joining a cruise may just be the best thing you’ll decide on this year. Companies have seen a growing travel trend in cruises, most specifically to South America and Asia, where ships offer shore excursions all along the way. Wouldn’t it be gorgeous to take a stop and gape at the wonderful temples of Burma and Cambodia while you enjoy a five-star menu? The nice thing is, river cruise companies are seeking quality, not quantity, taking in a crowd of 200 passengers or less at a time means that everyone can experience an intimate adventure. How about that for a change?

Travel Trends, Part 3
Travel Products to Watch Out For

Travel Trends on Instagram - Products to Look Out forNow before you pack your bags, make sure you’re not caught without these products. Some of these accessories are must-haves because of their function, and others – well, you know what Instagrammers are like – are about fashion. For accessories, here are some of the travel trends you need in your luggage:

  1.     Bags: If you’re heading to crowded urban spaces like Paris, you’ll want to carry an anti-theft bag, like this one from Travelon. This handsome body bag comes with a cut-proof construction that will protect your belongings as you view the paintings in the Louvre. With secret pockets, it holds everything you need, safe and sound. All you’ll need then, are some tips for packing light!  If you’re hitting the beach, you’ll be better off with a giant tote, perhaps something like this utility carry-on from L.L. Bean
  2.     Sleeping accessories: Plane journeys are much better when it’s quiet, and one of the best ways to block out the noise is by purchasing a pair of noise-canceling headphones. Most variants, like this one from Bose, come with an app to connect with your phone, so you can hear what you want as you snuggle on your seat for the long haul. To cover your eyes, this highly-crowdfunded modular eye mask from Kickstarter is one of the most useful items you could bring on your journey. Helping you sleep by blocking out unnecessary light, jet lag will be a thing of the past with this handy, versatile accessory.
  3.     Cameras: While high-powered cameras are still a big travel trend this year, ideally you’ll want something that’s slim, light and easy to take everywhere. Canon PowerShot G9X is a compact camera which comes with a touch-panel LCS and an f2 lens to sort amazing images of your beach trip, even with lowlights. However, you may still want to bring your Pentax with you; a tangible reminder of your travels is something worth keeping. One great alternative? Saving your pictures on your phone and sending them to your MyPostcard app to have them printed for you.
  4.     Style. Grab your straw fedora and oversized sunglasses as you head out into the sunny cityscape of Milan. You’ll be doing a lot of walking, but your comfy sneakers will do the trick. Slip a foldable pair of ballet slippers in bright colors to add some cheer to your mood. Don’t forget your hygiene and skincare essentials: mists, makeup and sunscreen are a must in every destination.

Each year…

…travel trends on Instagram continue to evolve as we gain more and more unique experiences during our trips. A great influence is.. you! – well, you on Instagram backed up by a few of your favorite hashtags. So, when you choose your destination, keep these handy tips in mind to keep yourself in with the Instagram in-crowd 😉 .

Of course, first thing’s first: learning how to take those dreamy photos! You can find some inspiration if you’re still feeling lost on any of the awesome Instagram accounts here. If you’re still looking to stock up on some more travel apps though, it’s definitely worth looking into these ten apps that no one should be on vacation without!

Have fun exploring new destinations and new forms of traveling…:)

All the best,
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