They say that we travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us. For those of us with the journey in our heads and wanderlust in our hearts, this resounding phrase makes a lot of sense.  Our carefully curated list includes our favorite top travel Instagram Accounts.

These are down to Earth people, who are pursuing their dream whilst sharing pictures, videos, memories, and #travelgoals with their followers.

20 Top Travel Instagram Accounts: Couple & Duo Accounts

Top travel Instagram accounts couple in Athens
Discover our top 5 picks for Instagram travel couples.

#1 @whatwegandidnext

Wife and wife team Whitney and Megan Bacon first began their relationship as a long-distance couple between Hawaii and the UK. It was then when they decided to create a luxury travel, lifestyle, and fashion brand; documenting their fabulous lives together. After their civil partnership in 2012, Wegan are now living and traveling together around the globe. Check them out on Youtube, Tiktok, Facebook, and Instagram.

Whitney and Megan also appear on our list of the top 10 LGBTQ bloggers in the travel niche.

#2 @handluggageonly


A grand total of 108k people follow Yaya and Lloydโ€™s adventures as they travel around the world. A project that first began when they were students at Cambridge University, these boys are filling our feeds with stunning architecture, breath-taking coastal shots, and snaps of them both #livingthedream.

Each post contains information about their current destination, and their informative blog is filled with travel tips and tricks. An added bonus? They’re really funny, especially during the pandemic – watch out for short relatable videos.

#3 @nomadicboys

After meeting in Londonโ€™s GAY bar in 2009, French/ Greek couple Stefan and Sebastien are the nomadic boys. After an 18 month sabbatical to Asia, they fell in love with the lifestyle, gave up work, and became full-time travel bloggers; beginning their blog in 2013. 

As well as capturing stunning pictures from around the planet, the boys also share their passion for LGBTQ+ travel and inspire their 131.8k followers with travel tips.

#4 @thecommonwanderer

TravMedia Blogger of the Year 2020, The Common Wanderer is an award-winning blog and Instagram channel. Sharing their adventures with 53.2k travelers Mark and Mim gave up the rat race in 2015, and have since visited over 30 countries together.

Promoting responsible travel, this gorgeous couple capture culture, landscape, and architecture from around the world.

#5 @funforlouis

Louis Cole is a travel vlogger who shares his adventures as well as his commitment to social change. An English filmmaker currently based in LA, his Instagram is jam-packed with eye-catching pictures from around the world.

Also check out his YouTube channel for his travel-related Daily Vlog or follow him on Twitter to discover more about his journey. Technically his counts as a solo travel Instagram account, but his partner Raya shares in many adventures.

20 Top Travel Instagram Accounts: Solo Accounts

A solo woman traveller from one of our top travel Instagram accounts leaps for joy in the valleys
15 top travel Instagram accounts by solo Instagrammers.

#6 @thesweetwanderlust

The Sweet Wanderlust is the ideal blog and travel Instagram for anyone who loves to explore and has a sweet tooth.  Brittany Kulick began her journey in August 2015, and she has currently visited almost 60 countries. Each of her posts has a delicious dessert theme from around the world, which she shares with 15.7k followers.

#7 @postcardsbyhannah

Voted travel influencer of the year by Blogosphere, 27-year-old Northamptonshire based Hannah has traveled all over the world.

Most at home amongst beautiful English countryside, her Instagram is filled with classic cottage inspiration, rural delights, and international scenery.

She shares her aesthetic with over 132k followers as well as over on her Postcards by Hannah blog.

#8 @black.kintsugi

Aiming to inspire her followers in the knowledge that traveling can be safe and easy, Pelumi is a travel influencer with style. So far she has been to 63 out of 193 countries, on a mission to see it all. Pelumi also has a podcast, in which she highlights her experiences and discusses the issues she has faced as a single Black female traveler.

We partnered with Pelumi to bring attention to the lack of diversity in the travel industry and its representation. Read Pelumi’s insights from her guest post on how anyone can be a good anti-racist ally to black people.

#9 @girlgoneabroad

As well as being an Instagram influencer, American Lauren Carey is a digital nomad; working full time, exploring the world, and sharing her travel stories online. She set up her brand after falling in love with traveling at the age of 20. Since she has amassed over 32.9k followers and has had the adventures of a lifetime – already!

#10 @paulodelvalle.

Paulo del Valle is a Brazil-based content creator, photographer traveler and designer. An award-winning influencer, he is also the co-founder of @thisiscraft. A commercial photographer by trade, his artistic aesthetic, and visits to top travel destinations ensure that he is one to watch.

#11 @road2culturedom

London girl, Jess loves to travel whenever she has the chance; aiming to inspire followers to learn about new cultures, appreciate the sights, and enjoy the nomad life. Collecting and sharing her experiences, @road2cultuedom has almost 3k followers, and her blog is filled with interesting articles and travel tips.

You can find Jess’ thoughtful guest article about passport privilege among black travellers here.

#12 @danielkordan.

To an audience of over 1.5m followers, award-winning photographer Daniel Kordon shares phenomenal images of landscape scenery. Originally from Moscow, Russia, he is inspired by nature and art. Although he originally studied science at university, he currently spends most of the year traveling the world and taking shots of remote locations.

#13 @thefisayo

Travel blogging superstar Fisayo Olayinka-Bello promotes African tourism by sharing stunning pictures of the most beautiful places on the continent to almost 7000 followers. Committed to tourism development, she aims to change โ€˜The African Narrativeโ€™ with her Instagram, YouTube channel, and podcast.

Fisayo wrote a piece for our blog about the things everyone should know about Africa and the racist stereotypes which need changing. Point number one – Africa is not a country and shouldn’t be treated as if it’s the same from one end to the other.

#14 @alexandr_ford

Seattle-based photographer, Alexandra Ford Hamilton is a travel, lifestyle, and fashion blogger. She is passionate about sustainability and the beauty of nature and this is clear in her aesthetic. Always on the go, Alex shares beautiful photos of the wilderness with her 83.2k followers.

#15 @theufuoma

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I like this girl.

A post shared by Jessica Ufuoma |Travel Blogger (@theufuoma) on

Nigerian born Jessica Ufuoma is passionate about all things travel. Currently living and working in Canada, she has visited over forty countries and lived on four different continents.  Sharing her journey on Instagram, Jessicaโ€™s feed is filled with tropical landscapes, famous landmarks, and spectacular scenery.

Jessica’s thought-provoking guest piece on the peculiarities of traveling while black (and how travel media could help) can be found here.

#16 @youngadventuress.

Liz Carlson is responsible for one of the worldโ€™s leading solo female travel blogs and shares her journey with her 202.3k followers on Instagram.

Declaring herself an โ€˜ordinary girl on an extraordinary journeyโ€™, Liz began her blog in 2010 when she first moved to Spain to teach English. Her pragmatic no filter approach meant that it was soon one of the top travel Instagram accounts around!

#17 @kirstenalana

LA-based traveler, Kirsten Alana is a travel photographer and gifted storyteller. An experienced wedding photographer, Kirsten decided to take the plunge when she was in her late twenties. With little experience in the traveling world, she set out on her journey and has never looked back.

#18 @travellingtuesdays

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Travelling during COVID meant: โ € 1. A new central travel fashion piece: the mask๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ˜ท๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ. Blue uniform on the plane, weekend casual wear everywhere else. โ € 2. The eternal baptism๐Ÿ˜Œ: Am I the only one who closes her eyes when sheโ€™s getting temperature checked? โ € 3. No more need for Google maps: floor arrows everywhere, STAY in your lane๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ’…๐Ÿพ โ € 4. Hotels going rouge๐Ÿค: they really donโ€™t want to be the reason why you catch COVID๐Ÿ˜ทVery limited and cold breakfast options and one place even refused to clean on a daily basis because too much contact with guests๐Ÿคข โ € 5. Everywhere was quiet…because they all went to Venice๐ŸŽญ: the popular places still felt a bit busy to be honest, but apparently theyโ€™re at 40% of their usual levels๐Ÿ˜ฒmore space for the paparazzi aka me๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ“ธ โ € 6. Shedding extra cash for exclusivity to your personal space๐Ÿค‘: Hotels over hostels, Uberโ€™s over public transport. Wanna follow social distancing on this beach? Gimme โ‚ฌ12 to enjoy a spaced out beach chair. ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿพโ€โ™€๏ธSure, much CHEAPER than the cash I would have spent on the cancelled Afronation that was meant to happen on this SAME beach๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜‚ โ € To be serious, things felt safer than at home.๐Ÿ˜…

A post shared by Abenaโ€ , Gen Z Traveller (@travellingtuesdays) on

Ghana-born 22-year-old Abena is a Gen Z traveler that shares her travel pics from around the world. She has over 3.5k followers and her inspirational Instagram account is filled with stunning landscapes, unspoiled beaches, and rich imagery, Abena is also a content creator on TitTok, where she has over 20,000 followers.

#19 @treyratcliff.

Aiming to spread consciousness and mindfulness, Trey Ratcliffโ€™s Instagram is filled with truly spectacular landscape photography. An American photographer and self-proclaimed old school gentleman, Trey also runs the number one travel photography blog, Stuck in Customs.

And the last (but not least) of our top travel Instagram accounts…

#20 @bemytravelmuse

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Being a woman online is means getting constant lectures and unsolicited advice from strangers. It's an occupational hazard, which I could make peace with, except…โฃ โฃ Itโ€™s fraught with girl-on-girl crime. โฃ โฃ It happens every time I post about body positivity, or really anything at all lately. I see it happen to my fellow female influencers who are willing to take on controversial issues. And Iโ€™m not talking about constructive dialogue, which I welcome. Iโ€™m talking about anger, lecturing, and unsolicited advice. โฃ โฃ I see too many women on Facebook and Instagram constantly ranting or taking each other down, and I wonder why. It feels like weโ€™re acting out a patriarchal objective and itโ€™s unfortunate. โฃ โฃ Itโ€™s been such a short time in history that women could have a voice, could hold higher offices, could make meaningful waves of change, and be CEO. In much of the world itโ€™s still a distant dream. Why not celebrate each other for that? Why not be united in the fight for equality? โฃ โฃ It is so easy to cast stones. It is so easy to be critical of another person without looking at the positive actions that *we* could be taking instead.โฃ โฃ Are we all supposed to agree on everything? โฃ โฃ Most influencers never take a hard stance on anything because they are afraid of the backlash. I get it, itโ€™s way easier to post pretty pictures and bask in the praise. โฃ โฃ The lectures and assumptions can hurt, and it took many sessions with my therapist for me to work through these rude comments. I know theyโ€™re not really about me, but we are evolutionarily hardwired to crave acceptance. So while I would love to not care what people think, it is a voyage.โฃ โฃ So shout out to my fellow queens who donโ€™t shy away from speaking their truth. I see you, I respect you, and I am cheering for you, even if I donโ€™t always agree with you. We get it way more than men do, and I know it takes double the strength to put yourself out there. โฃ โฃ Please list some of your favorite strong and brave women on this platform in the comments! I will too! โฃ โฃ

A post shared by Kristin Addis (@bemytravelmuse) on

A California girl traveling the world Kristin is a solo female traveler on a worldwide adventure. From hitchhiking across China, trekking in Nepal, and diving with whales in the South Pacific, she always travels off the beaten path. And all whilst sharing her journey with her followers on Instagram as well as the readers of her popular blog.

Did you agree with our picks for the top travel Instagram accounts?

Nominate your favorite travel Instagram account below!

Not ready to stop feeding your wanderlust? If you want to get lost in some travel blogs for a couple of hours, then you might want to check out the 9 best travel blogs.

So youโ€™re planning a trip to Berlin? Then what can we say โ€œWelcome to our awesome city!โ€. Maybe you just moved to Berlin and are eager to discover it, or maybe youโ€™ve lived here a while and feel pretty familiar with the city and have seen all of the main sites.

It doesnโ€™t matter if you just moved here, full of excitement and euphoria, or youโ€™ve slowed down a little bit. It is a fact that Berlin is one of the most awesome and exciting places in the world, it offers something for every taste, it is loud, tough, sparkling and grey all at the same time. And who knows the capital of Germany better than these cool TOP Berlin Blogger? Thatโ€™s right – Nobody! So check them out, and stay informed about the coolest spots and most thrilling activities.

But wait wait wait: before we begin our ranking I have two things to say:

#1: itโ€™s just a listing, not a evaluation.

#2: Yes, they are mostly English, but for you guys who wants to have big challenges: some of them are in German – I heard itโ€™s one of the easiest languages in the world ๐Ÿ˜‰

Berlin blogs #1
Stil in Berlin

Top Berlin Blogs ranking - Stil in Berlin

Iโ€™m totally fascinated by this blog and Iโ€™ll tell you why: Every year Stil in Berlin starts a competition aboutโ€ฆ bread! Bakeries are invited to send their best bread, so the Blogger can make a huge taste tasting (ummโ€ฆ where can I apply?). But that isnโ€™t all: These kinds of contests are not limited to just bread, but range from coffee shops and bars to restaurants. Letโ€™s take a look at the Best Of category – definitely the creme de la creme of Berlin!

But there is a lot more to discover than just bread (again… can I apply?!). Youโ€™ll find a huge smorgasbord of the the hottest locations in Berlin. Do you want to know where to find the coolest flea markets? and want to pimp your closet out with some fresh vintage items? or maybe after all that shopping youโ€™re feeling hungry, Stil in Berlin will help you find the most delicious food and drinks in the city.

Sounds like you could plan your city trip to the fullest with Stil in Berlin hm?! For all of you who are feeling a little bit lost (like any of us in a new city) I recommend the map tool. Take a look on the map and find Going-out spots, art, culture and wellbeing.

So how about this: stroll over to a flea market, browse through some vintage stores in Mitte and end the day with a super-duper delicious snack, of course recommended by Stil in Berlin. Sounds amazing, right?!

TOP Berlin blogs - die besten Cafรฉs in Europa



Do you love coffee? Of course you do! Why not try out the 10 coolest Cafeโ€™s in the world? Soooo…how deep is your love for coffee? An extra plus: youโ€™ll definitely get the perfect Instagram shoot.


Berlin blogs #2
Berlin Food Stories

Top Berlin Blogs ranking - Berlin Food Stories

The Berlin Food Stories blog is written by Per Meurling and it will be your #1 source for food inspiration. His motto is: โ€œLife is too damn short for a bad meal. Let everything you eat be delicious and extraordinary.โ€ Words to live by!

This traveler with a big heart for culinary delights has lived in Berlin for many years and his mantra for his foodie platform is โ€˜No bullshit, but fun and 100% independentโ€™. Look at his Top list category if you are craving something specific – German, Modern bistro, BBQ, Italian, Greek, everything in-between. Moreover Per created a foodie calendar with all the best events in Berlin.

But that isnโ€™t all: if you are a foodie #level3000 and you see yourself in joining the wonderful world of gastronomy check out Perโ€™s job category. Here youโ€™ll find a listing of all sorts of catering jobs. It doesnโ€™t matter what kind of job you have now. Go ahead and follow your passion…

If you feel excited about that, now you can book a ticket to a food guided tour through Berlin (4 dishes in 4 different locations). Here you can discover Berlin and German cuisine by taste. Go book your ticket now! Groups range from 10 to 12 people here (Link).

Berlin blogs #3

Top Berlin Blogs ranking - MyPostcard

OMG, who is this again? Just kidding, today we are listing ourselves, MyPostcard, too because – why not?

In our pretty cool office in the heart of Berlin MyPostcard is texting about traveling, photography and family. Moreover we monthly present the Blogger of the month and give you cool hints to TOP influencers in Social Media (wait what? Like this ranking?!?)

TOP Berlin blogs - MyPostcard

And another plus: We are texting about the postcard! A lot of course because we love it! I give you an example: Did you know that you have to pay almost 9 โ‚ฌ postage to send a postcard from the Maldives? From Malaysia you just pay 0,11 โ‚ฌ – that’s a difference ๐Ÿ™‚ See the postage costs of all countries here.

Berlin blogs #4
Awesome Berlin

Top Berlin Blogs ranking - Awesome Berlin

Am I allowed to introduce Berlinโ€™s biggest fan? Here we go: Awesome Berlin! If somebody from Awesome Berlin thinks something is totally awesome they will write about it. What does that mean? Everything youโ€™re reading is from personal experiences and recommendations.

Totally useful: the division in different districts. If youโ€™re interest in a special part of town you can search all locations and activities in that area separately. Youโ€™ll need it when you just moved into a new neighbourhood, or just arrived at your hostel. Discover your neighbourhood.

In my opinion I really like the guide for all newbies who are just in Berlin for 2 or 3 days. Awesome Berlin didnโ€™t choose the hidden areas and crazy places in Xberg or Neukรถlln. They wrote about the sights and Must-Sees in Berlin like Unter den Linden or the Brandenburger Tor. So they made it easy for you to plan an efficient tour through the capital city.

By the way: if you havenโ€™t found a place to stay during your trip Awesome Berlin can help with some Finding Berlin – of course always with style!

Berlin blogs #5
Finding Berlin

Top Berlin Blogs ranking - Finding Berlin

Exploring Berlin isnโ€™t difficult! But if youโ€™ve already explored a bit of the city you may have realised that discovering the real Berlin isnโ€™t quite as easy and takes awhile. Youโ€™re going to need more time than just 2 days.

Using the Blog – Finding Berlin itโ€™s a lot easier. And itโ€™s not just for tourists. Everybody who wants to see the real Berlin will find the information that they need. Other than that the blog offers a colourful bouquet of interesting stories and authentic photos.

Furthermore have a look in the Street Life category. Here youโ€™ll find little stories which could only be written about people on the streets of Berlin. The category Making Berlin offers a very different insight. Here youโ€™ll read about innovative products and gripping projects.

The most intriguing thing is the architecture category. Itโ€™s unbelievable how a somewhat mundane and overlooked building can take on a new sort of beauty in pictures. See them here and read the fascinating stories behind them and of course the fascinating history of Berlin.

Top Berlin Blogger - Deutschland



So if you are already in Berlinโ€ฆ why not making a sightseeing tour by bike? Find out the 9 best bicycle routes in Europe.ย 

Berlin blogs #6
Love from Berlin

Top Berlin Blogs ranking - Love from BerlinThese two expats, Rae and Aaron from Love from Berlin are totally focussed on lifestyle. Here youโ€™ll find the craziest information from art and culture to the โ€œBerlinterpreneursโ€ – sorry, what again? Love from Berlin presents the best freelancers from around Berlin, with their awesome ideas about industry experience and varying topics. You can read detailed interviews with young creatives, for example youโ€™ll find a talk with Domenico, who runs a unique magazine-shop in Prenzlberg. A great place to grab a cup of coffee, and take a browse through the coolest magazines from around the world.

TOP Berlin blogs - Love from Berlin
Source photo: www.lovefromberlin.net

Furthermore, use Love from Berlinโ€™s calendar to stay up to date with all cool art and culture events around the city.

Berlin blogs #7

Top Berlin Blogs ranking - Hauptstadtmutti

It can be tough being a mommy (and a daddy of course) in Berlin: picture this you are waiting for the tram and the tram has stairs. You have a stroller. Wow. These are the sort of problems that can annoy you all day long.

But here we go with Hauptstadtmutti: Isa and the other authors writing about being a mom in a big city like Berlin. You can read about style topics and interviews with moms (we love the #momcrushmonday). In the Berlin segment, they talk about activities on the weekends with your kiddies, about the best playgrounds, and exactly which events you need to visit with the whole family.

Attention: Hauptstadtmutti wrote a book about the 111 places you should visit with your kids. Go check it out now.

Instagram moms - lifestyle bloggers



By the way: the 20 best Mommy Blogger you find here in our ranking. Check them out, they are awesome!ย 

Which TOP Berlin Blogger we forgot?

Itโ€™s a fact that the people here in Berlin are as diverse as the city itself. There are so many experiences, stories, and tips, which shouldnโ€™t be missed. A great reason why you should write to us in the comments and tell us your tips and which blog we forgot.

It doesnโ€™t matter when you arrived in Berlin: in spring when people starting to creep out in their scarves and gloves, during summer when everyone is sitting on the banks of the Spree and canals having a beer. Or in autumn when people are standing atop the Siegessรคule taking photos of the beautiful yellow and auburn leaves on the trees. Or during winter when Berlin shows its beautiful, although tough icy face and leaves you craving a hot chocolate or coffee in a cozy cafe.

Discover your own Berlin – These TOP 7 Berlin blogs will help you on your own adventure.

TOP Berlin blogs - while discovering Berlin send a real postcard with MyPostcard


By the way: Because Berlin is so awesome and photogenic no matter what the season, youโ€™ll definitely take a lot of pictures. Send your most beautiful photos as real postcards to friends and family with MyPostcard. And letโ€™s be honest: how cool is a personalized Berlin postcard?!